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Zack Bia - Know The Rumored Boyfriend Of Grammy Winner Olivia Rodrigo

In recent days, rumors have been circulating about Olivia Rodrigo's new love interest. On the evening of April 25, photographers caught the musician and none other than DJ Zack Bia exiting Bar Pitti as they walked the streets of New York City.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jun 09, 2022
A set of unanswerable mysteries has inspired human art and philosophy for millennia—the questions that creep into your mind as you stare at the ceiling on sleepless nights, the enigmas that bring your brain ever closer to the void.
The question of whether or not God exists comes to mind.
Is the concept of free will a myth? Who is Zack Bia?
There are numerous threads about it on Twitter and on the hypebeast forums, as well as an upcoming podcast about it.
Bia's sudden ubiquity in the intertwined and online fashion and music worlds has sparked the question, not his reclusiveness or desire for privacy.
Even in a time when 15 minutes is no longer the amount of time we'll all be famous, Zack Bia emerged as a fully formed It Boy in a short period of time.
An anonymous L.A. student one day becomes Drake's confidante the next, and a new club-kid becomes Kylie Jenner's maybe-boyfriend in an instance.
According to sources, that rumor made it to TMZ, but it was quickly disproved.
To Olivia Rodrigo's new love interest is also mentioned.

Who Really Is Zack Bia?

Zack Bia putting his fingers on his ear and phone on the other ear
Zack Bia putting his fingers on his ear and phone on the other ear
According to People, Zack Bia is a 25-year-old DJ from New York City.
After his parents divorced when he was nine, he moved to Los Angeles with his mother, who had taken a job in the city.
According to an interview with Complex, Zia said in the interview that his father was abusive and that the two of them no longer communicated.
He went to Beverly Hills High School and the University of Southern California for his high school education.
In his early days, he was mistaken for a member of Fetty Wap's entourage and signed on to promote a club.The founder of the H.Wood Group, John Terzian, was impressed by Zia's work and offered his assistance in hosting large-scale events that attracted notable celebrities.
Co-founder of Field Trip Recordings in addition to being a DJ.
As part of the Grammy's Next Up Ambassador program, he had also worked with the Grammys.
Only that he appeared to be close to Drake emerged from his Instagram handle.
Zack Bia had numerous photos of him and the Grammy-winning rapper.

Zack Bia Early Career

Bia was born on June 9, 1996, in New York City.
Despite spending his "formative years" in Los Angeles, his "New York foundation" can be traced back to the city.
He has made it clear that he does not have a relationship with his father, and there is little information about his family.
According to PEOPLE, he graduated from Beverly Hills High School and then attended a community collegefor a year before transferring to USC as a sophomore.
During his junior year, he dropped out of school to pursue a career in the film industry.
Bia's dreams came true when he met Fetty Wap on his 19th birthday at a nightclub.
Bia started getting paid $100 a week to promote the club after a promoter asked for his number, thinking he was with the rapper.
The young hustler was eventually hired by H.Wood Group founder John Terzian, who began throwing parties and hosting dinners, where his connections continued to grow.

He Runs In Some Famous Circles

Zack bia and drake smiling
Zack bia and drake smiling
The Weeknd, Luka Sabbat, and Doja Cat are just a few of the celebritiesyou'll see on Bia's Instagram page.
According to an interview with GQ, he considers Drake to be a "big brother."
They first appeared in a photo together in 2017, and since then, Bia has appeared in many of Drake's videos, including "Money in the Grave," in which he appeared, and "No Stylist," on which she was mentioned in Drake's verse.

Olivia Rodrigo Is Rumoredly Dating Zack Bia

Buckle up, because these photos will require you to use your driver's license.
Olivia Rodrigo, 19, and Zack Bia, 25, were photographed leaving New York City's Bar Pitti on April 25 and smiling for the camera, fueling rumors that the two musicians were romantically involved.
The couple dressed casually but stylishly for their dinner date at the renowned Italian restaurant.
She accessorized her look with black patent leather pumps, a quilted crossbody bag, and shades.
Zack dressed casually in a cream hoodie, cargo pants, and white sneakers.
A source close to Zack exclusively revealed to E! Newslast month that the two had been "seeing each other" more frequently since February of this year, which was around the time of the Super Bowl.

Zack Bia's Previous Relationships

Zack Bia and Madison Beer behind him
Zack Bia and Madison Beer behind him
This wasn't the first time Bia had been associated with a famous person.
He's been romantically linked to singer Madison Beer in the past.
They were rumored to have been dating for a year starting in 2018 before calling it quits in 2019.
Outer Banks actress Madelyn Cline had previously been linked to him, but he quickly dispelled the reports.
They were just hanging out, he said on the BFFs With Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards podcast.

Zack Bia Net Worth

His alleged net worth is $3 million, as reported by the media.
Since he does so many things, like—he serves many fashion stocks via his social media — he has a wide variety of income streams.
He also makes money as a DJ and runs a fashion website.
That's why he makes a sizable sum.

Zack Bia Social Media Presence

Instagram star Zack Bia is a well-known fashion and social media influencer.
He has over 460,000 people following him on Twitter.
Zack's Instagram handle is @zackbia, and he frequently posts to the site.
In addition, he frequently features Smokepurpp, John Terzian, Bella Hadid, Drake, Khalid, Jaden Smith, Fai Khadra, and Luka Sabbat in his Instagram photo streams.
In addition to Winnie Harlow, Kaia Gerber, and Charlotte Lawrence, Takashi Murakami also appeared in the film.

People Also Ask

What Is Zack Bia Famous For?

An American entrepreneurand DJ, Zack Bia (real name: "Zack Bialobos") was born on June 9, 1996, in Brooklyn, New York.
He is well-known on Instagram and other social media platforms for his work as a director and a DJ.
As the creative director of a hospitality company called 'The H.,' he is well-known throughout the country.

How Long Did Zack And Madison Date?

In the year 2019, Zack and Madison will be married.
After a year of dating the club promoter/entrepreneur, Madison broke up with him.
Officially ending things in 2019 didn't appear to be the best way to go out.

Did Zack Bia Go To College?

Bia attended a community college for a year after graduating from Beverly Hills High School before transferring to USC as a sophomore.
In order to pursue a career in show business, he continued his education for one more year before dropping out in his junior year.

Who Has Zack Bia Been With?

Bia and Madison Beer had a whirlwind romance that ended in March of this year.
Bia's first high-profile potential partner is not Rodrigo.
Madison Beer was Bia's girlfriend for nearly a year until March of this year.


To begin with, Zack Bia worked as a club promoter and DJ, where he made friends with people like Drake.
Yes, that's Drake.
In the present day, he runs his own record label, Field Trip, and boasts an Instagram following of 529,000 people, many of whom are celebrities, including Dominic Fike, Drake (obviously), Winnie Harlow, and Doja Cat.
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