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YG Net Worth In 2022, Birthday, Age, Height, Weight, Kids And Girlfriends

How much Yg net worth? YG is a US-based rapper who has been active in his occupation since 2009. In his career.

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YG Net Worthis a US-based rapper who has been active in his occupation since 2009. In his career, YG has released 2 studio albums and 17 singles. He has also worked as an actor, and he rose to prominence with the song name- Toot it and Boot it. To CTE world of Young Jeezy, he was signed in 2013. In 2012 he made his film debut. Maybe you know something about it but not everything. He is a short biography prepared which covers all important information about it.
As of 2022, Yg's net worth is estimated at $7 million.

Yg Early Life

His actual name is Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson. He was born on 9-03-1990 in California’s Compton. YG is the short form of Young Gangster. At early, he used to perform in the club. He had tough kidhood days and was also involved in thefts. In 2012 while shooting for the music, shots fired were there into the studio. In 2015 he was in the studio city, California. Though the injuries weren’t spiteful, he was unhelpful with the authorities. The following day, YG was backed to the studio.

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Yg Career

In 18 years, he dropped his first mixtape named- 4Fingaz. After the release of some singles in 2009, YG’s breakthrough came with the launch of Toot it and Booted it. By 2012 he had created some taste in music. The same year he began following it further and worked with existing artists for releasing the first album. Until 2013 he hadn’t launched the album as he moved around various labels for the record contract. Finally, the production house got agreed to release the album. By the time t5he title had changed to My Krazy Life from I'm 4rm Bompton. His album was launched in 2014. After the release, he began working on another album, and the release had raised his popularity.

Yg Wife And Girlfriends

YG is unmarried, but he had dated many ladies. He has been in relationships with Keke Palmer, Catelyn Sparks, and Kehlani. He is now separated and isn’t in a relationship with anybody.

Yg Kids

He had two daughters with his girlfriends. He had his first daughter named Adeya Nomi, with his girlfriend Kahlani and Vibe Jackson with Catelyn Sparks, another girlfriend.

Yg Parents

He was raised in his place of birth along with his grandparents. YG’s father served time in prison for tax fraud, and his mother, Shonee Jackson, worked at a renowned fast-food company named McDonald’s.

Yg Siblings

He doesn’t have any siblings, and he’s the only child of his parents.

Yg Personal Details-

  • Birthday- 9-04-1990
  • Age-30 years
  • Height- 1.78m
  • Weight- 68Kg
  • Birthname- Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson
  • Nickname- YG
  • Born place and residence- Compton, California, US.
  • Religion- Christian
  • Citizenship- American
  • Nationality- American
On October 28, 2019, He faced disagreement after kicking out Austin Joyner, a 17-year-old fan, at his concert after the fan refused to curse out on the stage- Fuck Donald Trump. The fan was pushed by the rapper and was called racist. On 23-02-2020, Turning Point, the USA interviewed the fan, revealing that he was celebrating his birthday with acquaintances and that he was apolitical. After being thrown out, he was asked to leave due to YG putting a mark on his back. Joyner established attention online from social media and newspublications. On 24-01-2020, he was arrested at his Southern California home on theft charges and was held on bail by paying $250,000 at the Men's Central Jail.

YG Discography

YG's discography, an American rapper, consists of 5 studio albums, 54 singles, and 9 mixtapes. His debut studio album, My Krazy Life, was launched on March 18, 2014. On 17-06-2016 Second studio album, Still, Brazy, was launched.
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