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Yelawolf Net Worth In 2022 - Birthday, Wife, Kids, Girlfriend And Tattoos

How much Yelawolf net worth? Yelawolf is an American multitalented personality. He is an American TV star, actor, rapper, and singer.

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Yelawolf is an American multitalented personality. He is an American TV star, actor, rapper, and singer. He is widely known for his album named Radioactive.
He had worked with many well-liked singersand artists, including Ed Sheeran, Eminem, and so on.
Though he is a well-liked rapper and singer, his career isn’t limited to music, and he had worked in many TV shows and programs, and also he is a good skateboarder.

Yelawolf Early Life And Education

Michael Way7ne Atha or Yelawolf was born on 30th December 1969 in Gadsden in Alabama in the U.S. Very few people are aware of the bitter fact that when his mom was just 15, he was born.
And that’s the main reason he admires his mother a lot and believes her to be the biggest inspiration. And this mother raised him and took care of him so that he can become a celeb. He calls her mom a rockstar, and this shows how much he loves his mother.
After he was born, his family shifted to a different place, and he got the chance to head towards many new places. He attended the school and was a bright student there and was a focused student.

Yelawolf Reflects On Career, Biggest Disagreement W/ Eminem & Making LA Reid Cry W/ A Rap Verse

Yelawolf Musical Career

When the subject comes about singing and music career, it began in 2005 with the show named The road to stardom with missy Elliot. Unluckily he was thrown out, and after that, he planned to produce and launch his solo album.
His solo singing career was successful, and he becomes popular in less time. It took him several years to become a highly acclaimed singer, and he got the chance to work with popular singers.
In 2011 when Yelawolf was seen with Eminem and his first album was radioactive, it got a good hit and blew his haters. He produced many albums and never looked back.

Yelawolf Wife

His wife Felicia Lily Dobson is a Canadian singer and songwriter born in Toronto, Ontario. she started performing during her teen days, and she received and refused an offer from Jive Records for a recording contract. Her net worth is $1 million. They broke up in 2016.

Yelawolf Kids

Yelawolf presently is single, but according to the sources, he was once engaged to Sonora Rosario, and he had three kids with her. He has 3 kids, including the songs phoenix and Tariq.

Yelawolf Parents And Siblings

Yelawolf was born on 30th December 1979 to Cherokee (on his father's side) and White American descent. His mother, Sheila, whom he claims were a "rockstar," gave birth to him when she was just fifteen years old. His siblings are Amy Atha Edwards, Coty Atha Domian, Jazmen McMurry, and PJ Atha.

Yelawolf Girlfriend

He dated Fefe Dobson, his first wife, and Sonora Rosario, his second wife in his life.

Yelawolf Personal Details

  • Birthday -30th December 1979
  • Age -43 years
  • Height -83M
  • Weight -76KG
  • Birthname -Michael Wayne Atha
  • Nickname-Yelawolf
  • Born place and residence -Gadsden, Alabama, U.S.
  • Religion -Christian
  • Citizenship -American
  • Nationality -American

Yelawolf Tattoos

A picture posted by him on the blog of his two new ink jobs and one says "Lily" and is positioned right below his eye, and the other reads Slumerican, which is scrawled across the hairline of his forehead.
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