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What Is Trina Braxton's Net Worth - The Path To Financial Prosperity

In the end, the sisters' record was canceled, but Toni Braxton, the eldest, went on to have a prosperous solo career. Throughout the 1990s, the surviving members of the group known as The Braxtons released a number of singles and performed as Toni Braxton's opening act and support vocalists. In this article, we delve what is Trina Braxton's net worth, exploring the various facets of her career that have contributed to her financial success.

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American singer-actress Trina Braxton is well-known on television. Trina and her four sisters earned a record contract with Arista Records in the late 1980s. Unfortunately, the group's first album failed to take off, and Arista was unsure of how to properly promote them due to the members' diverse ages.
In the end, the sisters' record was canceled, but Toni Braxton, the eldest, went on to have a prosperous solo career. Throughout the 1990s, the surviving members of the group known as The Braxtons released a number of singles and performed as Toni Braxton's opening act and support vocalists. In this article, we delve what is Trina Braxton's net worth, exploring the various facets of her career that have contributed to her financial success.

Quick Facts About Trina Braxton

Date Of BirthDec 3, 1974
Height 1.68 m
ProfessionActor, Presenter

Early Years Of Trina Braxton

On December 3, 1974, Trina Evette Braxton was born in Severn, Maryland. Her father, Michael, worked for a power business and was a Methodist priest; her mother, Evelyn, was a cosmetologist, minister, and former opera singer. Growing up, Trina has sisters Toni, Traci, Towanda, and Tamar as well as a brother, Michael Jr. She also spent her early years singing in the church choir.

Career Of Trina Braxton

Trina Braxton at an interview
Trina Braxton at an interview
When the Braxton sisters got a record deal with Arista Records in 1989, they released the song "Good Life," which peaked at #79 on the "Billboard" Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart the following year. After Toni's record label parted ways with the Braxtons, she signed with LaFace Records as a solo artist. In addition to featuring in Toni's "Seven Whole Days" music video, Trina, Tamar, Towanda, and Traci joined her on her debut U.S. tour as backup vocalists.
In 1993, the Braxtons signed a record deal with LaFace Records, but A&R Vice President Bryant Reid took the group with him when he departed for Atlantic Records. After Traci quit the band, it became public in 2011 that her pregnancy prevented her from signing a record deal with the company. The album "So Many Ways" by The Braxtons was released on August 13, 1996.
It peaked at #2 on the Heatseekers Albums chart and #26 on the "Billboard" R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. In 1998, Tamar Braxton opted to go solo, and the Braxtons broke up. In 2004, Braxton portrayed Tracy Stevens in the Tyler Perry drama "Meet the Browns" and Deena Jones in the film "Dreamgirls." She starred in two movies in 2005, "Jail Party" and "The Walk." 2009 saw Trina rejoin Tyler Perry for a cameo in his movie "I Can Do Bad All By Myself," and she also took on the role of lead singer for the wedding band Simply Irresistible.
The Braxton sisters debuted in 2011 as the main cast members of "Braxton Family Values," the top reality show on WE TV during its debut season. As of this writing, Trina is an executive producer on the seven-season series, which has broadcast 148 episodes. In 2012, she secured a record deal with Soltri Entertainment and started her solo career.
Trina Braxton smiling
Trina Braxton smiling
She appeared on Tamar's 2013 album "Loversland" song "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)" and released the songs "Party or Go Home" (2012) and "Game Time" (2013). The Braxtons' album "Braxton Family Christmas," which debuted in 2015, peaked at the top of the Heatseekers Albums chart. Trina had appearances in the play "Head Over Heels" and on Traci's single "Broken Things" in 2018. She also appeared in the BET network series "Hip Hop Holiday" in 2019.
In addition, Braxton made appearances in the television movies "Where's The Love" (2014) and "The Soul Man" (2012) as a guest star. After competing on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" in 2013, Trina, Towanda, and Traci raised $25,000 for the anti-bullying organization "Saving Our Daughters."
Additionally, Braxton has made appearances on a number of television shows, including "The Talk," "The Mo'Nique Show," "The Arsenio Hall Show," "Bethenny," "The Wendy Williams Show," and "The Real." In 2015, the Braxton family participated in "Celebrity Family Feud," where they defeated Anthony Anderson's family and raised money for Lupus LA (Toni was diagnosed with the disease in 2008).

What Is Trina Braxton's Net Worth?

Trina Braxton waving
Trina Braxton waving
In 2023, Trina Braxton's estimated net worth will be $2 million. Her involvement in the music industry, her acting career, and her appearances on reality television series are the main sources of her riches.

Trina Braxton Husband's Net Worth

At the time of his death in 2018, American software developer Gabe Solis had a $500 thousand net worth. Gabe Solis, a Georgia State University alumnus, also spent four years in the US Air Force.
He was once married to singer Toni Braxton's sister, Trina Braxton, and made an appearance on the reality television program Braxton Family Values. Additionally, Trina used to be a part of The Braxtons. In addition to performing in Tyler Perry shows, Ms. Braxton is a model, singer, and actress who has supported her sister vocally. Gabe Solis was raised in Palacios, Texas, as a software developer by Mexican parents.

Trina Braxton Property

In the spring of 2019, Braxton paid $660,000 for a 6,071-square-foot house around one hour outside of Atlanta. There is a guest house and a saltwater swimming pool on the property in addition to the main house, which has five bedrooms and five bathrooms.

Trina Braxton Sons Biological Father

Trina Braxton, a member of the Braxton family known for their reality show "Braxton Family Values," has two sons, Eric and Caleb. Their biological father is Trina's ex-husband, Gabe Solis. Trina and Gabe Solis were married, but they later divorced. Gabe Solis passed away in December 2018 after battling cancer.

Hobbies And Interests

Trina Braxton wearing a black dress
Trina Braxton wearing a black dress
  • Music -Trina Braxton has a strong background in music, having been part of the family group "The Braxtons" along with her sisters. Her involvement in the music industry includes both group and solo projects.
  • Reality Television -Trina gained widespread recognition through her appearances on the reality television series "Braxton Family Values." Her involvement in the show showcases her interest in sharing aspects of her personal life with a broader audience.
  • Acting -Trina has explored acting, taking on roles in theater productions such as "Meet the Browns" and "Tyler Perry's I Don't Want to Do Wrong." This suggests an interest in the performing arts beyond music.
  • Entrepreneurship -Trina co-owns Bar Chix, a sports bar and restaurant in Atlanta. Her venture into the business world highlights an entrepreneurial spirit and interest in the hospitality industry.
  • Family -Like many individuals, Trina places importance on her family. Being part of a close-knit family, as depicted on "Braxton Family Values," suggests that family is a significant aspect of her life.
  • Fashion -Trina Braxton has been seen with a stylish and fashionable presence, indicating an interest in fashion.
  • Advocacy -Trina has been open about personal challenges, including her experiences with divorce. Her willingness to share personal stories suggests an interest in advocacy, particularly in encouraging conversations around relationships and personal growth.

Charity Work Of Trina Braxton

  • Health-related Causes -Trina has shown support for causes related to health and well-being. This may include initiatives focused on raising awareness about specific health issues or supporting organizations working towards medical research and treatment.
  • Community Outreach -Trina Braxton has been actively involved in community outreach programs. Her engagement in these initiatives often aims to empower and uplift local communities, particularly focusing on women and girls.
  • Mentoring -Beyond financial contributions, Trina has been a mentor and supportive figure, both to her own family members and to young talents. Mentoring programs can play a crucial role in guiding and inspiring the next generation.
  • Women's Empowerment -Trina's involvement in philanthropy extends to causes that promote women's empowerment. This could involve supporting organizations that work towards gender equality, education, and economic opportunities for women.

Interesting Facts About Trina Braxton

Trina Braxton wearing a red dress
Trina Braxton wearing a red dress
  • Trina Braxton is a certified life coach, demonstrating her commitment to personal development and helping others navigate life's challenges.
  • She has a background in radio, having hosted a show called "The Trina Braxton Show" on BLIS.fm, where she shared insights and engaged with listeners.
  • Trina is an advocate for health and wellness, and she has been involved in fitness initiatives, promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
  • Before her music career took off, Trina worked as a real estate agent, showcasing her versatility outside the entertainment industry.
  • Trina Braxton is a talented percussionist, showcasing her musical versatility beyond her vocal abilities.
  • She is passionate about cooking and has shared her culinary skills on various occasions, expressing her love for creating delicious meals.
  • Trina has a love for travel and has shared glimpses of her adventures on social media, exploring different cultures and cuisines.
  • She is an avid reader and has recommended books on her social media platforms, indicating a love for literature and learning.
  • Trina Braxton has a playful side and has participated in charity basketball games, showcasing her sportsmanship and athleticism.
  • She is a motherly figure not just to her biological children but has also been involved in mentoring and supporting young talents.
  • Trina has a deep appreciation for the arts, including painting, and has shared her artwork on social media platforms.
  • She has collaborated with her sisters on a cookbook titled "Braxton Family Values: Seasonal and Holiday Cookbook," showcasing her culinary skills.
  • Trina is actively involved in community outreach programs, particularly those focused on empowering women and girls.
  • She is a fan of classic films and has expressed her admiration for iconic movies from various genres.
  • Trina Braxton is known for her infectious laughter, which has become one of her signature traits, bringing joy to those around her.

What Is Trina Braxton's Net Worth - FAQs

What Is Trina Braxton's Musical Background?

Trina Braxton, along with her sisters, formed the musical group "The Braxtons" in the late 1980s. She has also pursued a solo music career.

Has Trina Braxton Been Involved In Acting?

Yes, Trina has explored acting and has taken on roles in theater productions, including "Meet the Browns" and "Tyler Perry's I Don't Want to Do Wrong."

Has Trina Braxton Been Involved In Any Philanthropic Activities?

Trina Braxton has been involved in philanthropy, supporting causes related to health and well-being.

Final Words

In conclusion, Trina Braxton stands as a dynamic figure in the entertainment industry, celebrated for her contributions to music, reality television, and entrepreneurship. From her early days as a member of "The Braxtons" musical group to her solo endeavors, Trina's journey is marked by talent, resilience, and a commitment to authenticity.
As a reality television personality, Trina's presence on "Braxton Family Values" has endeared her to audiences, showcasing not only the highs and lows of fame but also her relatability and humor. Beyond the screen, she has ventured into acting and demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit with the co-ownership of Bar Chix, a successful sports bar.
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