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Victor Voronov Net Worth - $2.5 Million, Husband And Everything You Need To Know

Most of our readers are familiar with the Olympic winner, but few of you are aware of his better half's relationship and struggles. We'll tell you all you need to know about this person right here. Here is everything you need to know about Victor Voronov net worth.

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Victor Voronov may not be a familiar name to our readers, but Johnny Weir certainly is. Johnny is an Olympic gold medalist in ice skating. They were in a nice place with each other.
Most of our readers are familiar with the Olympic winner, but few of you are aware of his better half's relationship and struggles. We'll tell you all you need to know about this person right here. Here is everything you need to know about Victor Voronov net worth.

Early Life And Education

Voronov Alongside His Ex-Husband
Voronov Alongside His Ex-Husband
Victor is one of the gifted persons that grew up in a pleasant environment. Despite the fact that we have no information on his parents or siblings, we can confidently state that he had a happy upbringing and the flexibility to pursue whatever vocation he desired. He was a single kid, yet he had a delicious and healthy upbringing.
Victor's educational history, on the other hand, is that he was a political student at Emory University in 2001.
Voronov had a 4.0 grade point average when he graduated in 2005. Following graduation, the lawyer enrolled at Georgetown University Law Center to enhance his education.
Voronov's upbringing was a formative period in terms of his educational preferences, and he went on to earn a number of degrees.

Victor Voronov Career

Victor Voronov With His Ex-Husband
Victor Voronov With His Ex-Husband
Victor Voronov was born in Russia on America's Independence Day, July 4th, 1984. His nationality is Russian, and he is claimed to be of Russian ancestry.
There has been no information released about his parents, upbringing, or if he had siblings or was reared as an only kid.
Records of where he attended high school, or secondary school as it is called in Russia, are also missing from what is publicly known about him.
His undergraduate and postgraduate courses, on the other hand, revealed a lot more about him.
In the year 2001, Voronov was accepted to Emory University as a Political Science/Business Administration student.
He stood out for his character and learning, winning and receiving several accolades and prizes.
He was on the Dean's List, received the Presidential Education Award for Academic Achievement, was a member of Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, and served as President of the Russia Student Association and The Chess Club, among other accomplishments. He had a 4.0 cumulative grade point average when he graduated in 2005.
Victor Voronov went on to Georgetown University Law Center in 2005 to pursue his education.
In 2008, he received his Juris Doctorate. In the course of his studies, he once again distinguished himself for brilliance, as one would anticipate.
In May 2007, he started working as a corporate lawyer at Chadbourne & Parke LLP. Voronov represented multi-national firms on difficult cross-border corporate transaction challenges in both the firm's New York City and Moscow locations.
Mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, private equity, initial public offerings, tax, and incorporation concerns were also on his plate. Before leaving in December 2009, he worked here for 32 months.
Voronov worked as a media lawyer in the Greater New York City region from July 2010 until January 2014.
He assisted a number of customers by developing, evaluating, and modifying contracts that were relevant to their needs.
He also acted as a middleman between his clients and companies, establishing corporate partnerships and securing brand sponsorships.
In March 2014, he started the next part of his career, which lasted until February 2015. He worked on high-profile cases including same-sex marriages, domestic abuse, celebrity goodwill, marital troubles, divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, wills, trusts, and estates during this period.
Following that, Victor Voronov worked for a corporation in Michigan as a Real Estate Investor.
He continued to amaze by growing the company's business by over 140 percent in only six months (March to December 2015).
The Russian-born American lawyer has been practicing law in the Greater Detroit Area since January 2016. The Flint Water Crisis Class Action Lawsuit is one of his most notable cases.

Victor Voronov Husband

Voronov Smiling
Voronov Smiling
Victor's connection is one of the many things that are well-known and significant about him.
Voronov is homosexual, which isn't such huge newssince his personal life is running nicely. This person formerly had a connection with Johnny Weir.
They met in 2011 and married the following year. They split up in the year 2015 due to their job and personal disagreements.
Following his divorce from Johnny, this lawyer went on to meet ice dancer Joti Polizoakis.
Many people were surprised to learn that they got along well and were engaged in December 2015, after his prior separation.
But, like with most good things, August 2016 was the year when his life was destroyed once again. He's having a good time being single at the moment.

Victor Voronov Net Worth

Victor Voronov With Johnny Weir
Victor Voronov With Johnny Weir
Victor is a Russian-born American lawyer who has had a successful career and has witnessed the highs and lows of success. This lawyer's net worth is $2.5 million as of 2019.
All of this is a consequence of my legal profession and my unwavering commitment to it. There is no information on the yearly income or the assets possessed other from that. But if anything comes up, we'll let you know.

Victor Voronov On Johnny Weir

People Also Ask

How Old Is Victor Voronov?

Do you have any idea how old Victor Voronov is? We've included all of the pertinent facts regarding his birthplace and birthday below.
According to our study, the birthdate is July 4th, 1984. Victor Voronov is now 38 years old. He was born in Russia, according to our study.

Where Is Victor Voronov From?

Victor Voronov was born on the 4th of July in the year 1984 in Russia. He is now 38 years old. On July 4th, he celebrates his birthday.
His zodiac sign is Cancer, which he was born under. He is from an upper-middle-class household. His parents raised him as their only kid.
We might presume that he had a happy upbringing in Russia and that he was free to spend his life as he pleased.
Voronov has a nice and kind heart. He is of white origin and possesses Russian citizenship. He, too, is a follower of the Chrisitan faith.

Where Did Victor Voronov Go To School?

Voronov received his basic education at Atlanta's Emory University. He received his bachelor's degree in political science in 2001.
Aside from that, he graduated from Georgetown University Law Center with honors. He is an economics student.

How Tall Is Victor Voronov?

Victor is a tall man, standing at 6 feet 0 inches. Similarly, according to his height, his total body weight is roughly 65 kg. His eyes are dark, and his hair is black.


Voronov Happy With Weir
Voronov Happy With Weir
It is anticipated of a lawyer who has worked in many roles and served several multi-national organizations to have a substantial net worth, which he has. The Russian-born American lawyer is reported to have a net worth of $2.5 million.
When one door shuts, a new one opens. In 2014, Victor Voronov met ice dancer Joti Polizoakis in an Atlanta airport.
After that, the two started dating and became engaged in December 2015, but while we were all waiting for their wedding bells to ring, they split up in August 2016. Voronov is not known to be involved in another relationship at this time.
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