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Veronica Roth Net Worth In 2022, Birthday, Age, Husband And Facts

What is Veronica Roth net worth? Veronica Roth is the well known American writer. As of 2022, her net worth is $36 million.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
May 19, 2022
Veronica Roth is a well-known American writer. Her divergent trilogy in the novels is preferred by millions of young fans across the globe. The novel sets up the stories that are having coming age unfolds. As an avid reader and best writer, she had lived an inspired life. Let’s take a closer look at the lifestyle of Veronica Roth.

Veronica Roth Personal Life

She grew up in Barrington. Veronica visited a high school to become and practicing Christianity. Roth was born on 19 Aug 1988, of American origin. Now she is a well-known short story writer.

Veronica Roth Career

She is well known for all the trilogy novels which are available all around the globe. In the winter vacations of last year of her college, she has written her first book- the divergent. On the other hand, her novel was printed in mid-march 2011. On the Divergent Series to Summit Entertainment, Veronica Roth was having all the rights. This is the film based on the novel Divergent.
As of 2022, Veronica Roth net worthis estimated at $36 million.

Veronica Roth interview

Net worth$36 Million
ProfessionAuthor / Actress
Birthday19 August, 1988
Age32 years old
BornNew York, America
Heightsix feet tall
HusbandNelson Fitch
FatherEdgar Gustave Roth
EducationCarleton College and Barrington high school
Real nameVeronica Anne Roth
MotherVeronica Roth
zodiac signLeo

Veronica Roth Biography

Veronica Roth is the youngest writer born in New York. She was graduated with a creative writing degree from northwestern university. “Divergent” is the first book that Roth wrote in 2011. However, the novel is divided into five factions. It is having each dedicated cultivation of the particular virtue.
“Insurgent” is another short novel story that was written in 2012. The novel taught young readers the lessons on forgiveness, identity, loyalty, politics, and love. In the year 2013, she had written “Allegiant.” This is the novel of single revelation, like having a single choice.

Veronica Roth Age

Veronica Roth is 32 years old. But she started writing short stories and novels at the age of 22 years. She has more popularity than the people would have in their life in this short lifetime.

Veronica Roth Birthday

Veronica Roth was born in New York, America, on 19 August 1988. At her birth, she was given the name veronica by her mother.

Veronica Roth Born

Veronica was born in New York on 19 August 1988. She is a born writer who is having a love for writing short stories. However, with this, she has young fans all over the globe.

Veronica Roth Height

According to the size of her character and heart, Veronica Roth feels to be seven feet tall. But in reality, she is just six feet tall.

Veronica Roth Occupation

She is a well-known writer and actress. However, she is good at writing short stories based on adult life. Before the age of 22, she got all the novel publishing and the summit rights based on the law.

Veronica Roth Nationality

She is American life in Chicago, New York.

Veronica Roth Education

Veronica has her education from the north-western university. She had a bachelor's in arts degree in the creative writing field. She also went to Carleton College and Barrington high school.

Veronica Roth Earning Source

She had her earning source from her novels and short stories. Her book sales are the major source of earning for her.

Veronica Roth Salary

Her net worth is $30 million annually, and she is renowned as one of the highest paying authors.

Veronica Roth Earning

She has started earning with her first novel with a net worth of $30 million earning. After that, she started earning $30 million annually with short stories and novels.

Veronica Roth House And Residence

Veronica Roth is someone who lived in New York, America. The house gives an impressive look to the visitors. She lives in Chicago with her loving husband.

Veronica Roth’s All-book List And The First Book.

The author Veronica Roth has written many books. Some of the novels that she has written are carved the mark, the fates divide, insurgent, shards and ashes, and many more.
Veronica Roth’s first book was released in 2014. The book was “divergent.” This novel is a trilogy based on electrifying decisions. The book is having unexpected romance and stunning consequences, which young readers love.

Veronica Roth Awards

She has received many awards for her writing. Veronica got Goodreads Choice Award in 2012 for best Goodreads author for her book Insurgent. Along with this, she received Goodreads choice awards for the favorite book- Divergent, in 2011.
She was also awarded as the youngest short stories author and actress by Goodreads choice awards.

Veronica Roth Regions

Roth is a writer who belongs to New York, America region.

Veronica Roth Husband

Veronica is having a lovely husband named Nelson Fitch. Veronica and Nelson are blissfully attracted to each other. The husband’s great job is to read novels and short stories.

Veronica Roth Movies

She has various movies, such as divergent the divergent series: Allegiant and Insurgent.

Veronica Roth Mother

Barbara Ross is the mother of Veronica Roth. Living in Barrington, she is a well-known painter.

Veronica Roth Family

Veronica has a mother father named Barbra Ross and Edgar Gustave Roth. She has three young siblings. Among them, she has 2 sisters and a brother.

Veronica Roth Father

Edgar Gustave Roth is the father of Veronica Roth. He and her mother separated when she was five years old.

Veronica Roths Mothers New Latest Book.

Her mother inspired Veronica Roth for the latest novel or short storybook called “Carve the Mark.”

Veronica Roth Religion

Veronica is a Christian living with her loving husband in Chicago.

Veronica Roth Full And Real Name

Her full name is veronica Anne Roth. She is also is known as young author veronica Roth.

Veronica Roth Sister

She told in her interview that she has one sister.

Veronica Roth Zodiac

Leo is the zodiac sign of veronica Roth.

Veronica Roth Facebook

She has her bestseller novels Facebook page, which is having millions of likes.

Veronica Roth Twitter

She is also active on her Twitter account, and there are millions of fans who are sending reviews on the books that she has written.

Veronica Roth Wikipedia

In Wikipedia, she is the best short story writer who is a well-known youngest writer in America.

Q: What Inspired Veronica Roth?

Family is her inspiration.

Q: How Much Is Veronica Roth Worth?

Her net worth estimated is $30 million annually.

Q: How Old Is Veronica Roth?

32 years old

Q Where Did Veronica Roth Live?

Chicago, America

Q: What Religion Is Veronica Roth?


Q: Who Is Veronica Roth Married To?

Nelson Fitch

Q: Does Veronica Roth Have Siblings?


Q: When Did Veronica Roth Get Married?

In the year 2011

Q: Who Are Veronica Roths Siblings?

She has 3 siblings. One brother and two sisters

Q: Where Did Veronica Roth Write Divergent?

In north-western university, new york, in the winter holidays.

Q: Has Veronica Roth Won Any Awards?


Q: How Old Was Veronica Roth When She Wrote Her First Book?

32 years old, and her first book was divergently published in 2014

Veronica Roth 5 Facts

  • Her mother was a painter.
  • She has a brother and a sister.
  • Veronica is Christian; she lives in Chicago.
  • She has an interest in biology and theology.
  • She is the best adult novel, writers
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