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Tony Berlin - How Is His Life With His Famous Wife

Since 2003, Tony Berlin has been married to Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner, a public relations specialist. Two years after they married, Faulkner joined Fox News.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jun 09, 2022
Tony Berlinis an American anchor, host, reporter, producer, public relations (PR) professional, and entrepreneurwho was born on December 9, 1968, in Los Angeles, California. Berlin, a seasoned journalist with three decades of expertise, has worked for several of the country's largest networks. He's worked for CNN, NBC, and CBS, but most people remember him as the anchor of ABC's "Good Morning America."
He hasn't been on television as often in recent years, owing to the fact that he has taken on various projects of his own. Berlin Media Relations is, without a doubt, the most important of these. He is also noted for being the adoring spouse of Harris Faulkner, a well-known FOX Newshost, and anchor.

Tony Berlin - Early Life And Career

Because his parents split when he was young, Tony grew up with only his mother and sister. He had a keen interest in reporting and being in front of the camera at a young age.
In 2002, he enrolled at the Poynter Institute to study reporting after graduating from high school. However, before finishing his studies, he transferred to Occidental Collegeand majored in political science, earning his bachelor's degree there.
While finishing his education at American University's School of Communication, he worked on their hourly news shows as an intern for PBS News.
He went on to earn his master's degree, but one of his first full-time professional positions was with ABC's "Good Morning America," a morning show that contains news, weather forecasts, feature segments, special interest stories, and interviews.
Human interest stories, pop culture, leisure, and entertainment are also included. Since 2012, it has been the most-watched morning program in terms of total viewers.
He concluded, however, that after some time, he may obtain additional experience working for other organizations.
Tony Berline standing in a blue button down shirt with crossed arms
Tony Berline standing in a blue button down shirt with crossed arms

Wife - Harris Faulkner

Harris Kimberly Faulkner is the anchor of "Fox Report," co-anchor of "Outnumbered," and host of "Outnumbered Overtime" on Fox News Channel. She began her career as a freelance business journalist for "LA Weekly," then moved to television, interning at KCOP-TV in Los Angeles before going to North Carolina to anchor for WNCT-TV. In the following years, she worked at numerous local stations until joining "A Current Affair."
Harris moved to Fox News and presented top updates on "Fox News Live" She also substituted for "The Fox Report" and hosted "Fox News Extra" segments. In 2014, she co-hosted "Outnumbered" with Greg Gutfield. Three years later, Harris became the anchor of "Outnumbered Overtime," a factual news program.

Tony Berlin And Harris Faulkner's Relationship

There is no information regarding Tony's love life other than his present wife. While both were working at ABC, he met Harris Faulkner in a karaoke club in Minneapolis. They started dating in 1999 and married on April 12, 2003, in a private ceremony in Rio Rico, Arizona, near Berlin's birthplace of Tucson.
Berlin and Faulkner relocated to New York Metropolis two years after their wedding and began their professions in the big city. Bella, the first of their two children, was born a few years after the couple moved in 2007. Three years later, their second kid arrived.
Maintaining a positive image in the media is one of the finest things Berlin has done in his dating life. To this day, there has been no rumor or controversy involving him.
Tony Berlin holding hand with wife at the sea shore
Tony Berlin holding hand with wife at the sea shore

Is Tony Berlin On Social Media?

He uses a variety of social media channels. Berlin uses Twitter to update his fans on the latest news while also marketing his public relations agency. Nearly 2,000 people follow him on Twitter.
He also has an Instagram account, where he posts photos of himself, his wife, and their children traveling around the United States. He has nearly 500 followers on his Instagram account, which is private. His wife, on the other hand, is a frequent Instagram user with over 100,000 followers who post images on a weekly basis.

Net Worth Of Tony Berlin

Have you ever wondered just how wealthy this well-known anchor and reporter is? According to reliable sources, Tony Berlin has a net worth of $5 million as of late-2019, which he has amassed via numerous professions around the country. His stint as the host of "Good Morning America" provided him with most of his early earnings.
Instead of settling for a monthly wage, Tony started his own public relations agency, which brought him a slew of wealthy and prominent customers. Given that he is still a journalist and the CEO of Berlin Media Relations, his net worth will almost certainly increase in the near future.
Tony berlin and harris faulkner sitting together in a yacht
Tony berlin and harris faulkner sitting together in a yacht

Interesting Facts About Tony Berlin

  • Tony is a popular television personality who has previously hosted a variety of programs.
  • He is 52 years old and was born in the year 1968. The month and day of his birth are unknown.
  • Tony Berlin married his wife Harris Faulkner in 2003, and the couple is still together and enjoying their marriage.
  • They had a happy marriage, and they produced two wonderful girls as a consequence of it.
  • According to the net worth research, Tony Berlin has a net worth of $4 million, which he has accumulated during his work.
  • Harris, his wife, is a FOX news reporter and co-anchor of "Outnumbered."
  • Tony Berlin is a devout Christian.

People Also Ask

Who Is Tony Berlin Married To?

Tony Berlin's wife is Harris Kimberley Faulkner. She joined Fox News Channel in 2005 as a newscaster and television personality. She also hosts Outnumbered and heads The Faulkner Focus, a weekday daytime show. In addition, she presents Town Hall America with Harris Faulkner, a primetime political franchise.

Where Does Harris Faulkners Husband Work?

According to The Sun, he has worked with high-profile print magazines such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and The Huffington Post, in addition to anchoring "Good Morning America." Berlin now operates his own public relations agency, Berlin Media Relations.

What Does Tony Berlin Do For A Living?

He is a journalist, tv producer, businessperson, and cinematographer.
Tony Berlin standing with his family in the street wearing winter clothes
Tony Berlin standing with his family in the street wearing winter clothes


Everything you need to know about Tony Berlin is included in this article. He is a prosperous businessman who has been in charge of his own firm for some time. In addition to this, he is leading a joyful life with the company of his children and wife, Harris Faulkner.
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