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Tom Cruise Net Worth In 2022, Age, Wife, Children And Movies

Tom Cruise well established filmmaker, film producer, and an American actor. He is a very popular actor. As of 2021, Tom Cruise net worth is $570 million.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
May 19, 2022
The great American actor known for his blockbuster roles in some iconic films throughout the 1980s is Tom Cruise. His marriages were high profile marriages, and it was the town talk when he married the beautiful actresses Katie homes and Nicole Kidman. He has emerged as an excellent Hollywood star in the year 1980, and he is also much famous for his versatility and clean-cut shaved looks all over the world today and for many years now. Tom Cruise net worthis $570 million in 2022. His popularly known movies include mission impossible, the mummy, top gun, American made, and others.

Tom Cruise Early Life

Tom cruise or Thomas cruise Mapother IV (His birth name) was born in the year 1962. His delivered date is 3 July 1962, and he was born in the fantastic Syracuse, New York. The names of his parents are Mary Mapother (mother) and Thomas Mapother (Father). His mother was a brilliant amateur actress as well as a school teacher. On the other hand, his father was an engineer in the field- EE. His well-known name to the audience is Tom, who has 3 siblings. His older cousin is also an actor, and the name of his older cousin is William Mapother, amy Mapother, Katherine Mapother, respectively. His nationality is American, and the sun sign which he belongs to is cancer.
He has 3 real sisters, and his sisters' names are lee Anne Mapother, Cass Mapother, Marian Mapother. Tom cruise's parents took divorced when Tom was very young in age- 11 years old only. All his brothers and sisters moved with their mother after the divorce. Further, his mother remarried after her divorce from Thomas Mapother. His sisters and mother have dyslexia, and he also suffered from the same. This resulted in difficult academic success for tom in his life.
Moreover, he still managed to excel in the athletic field, and he pursued his career in professional wrestling. He aspires to become a professional wrestler but his know injury sidelined tom during his high school days. He also enrolled himself in the Franciscan seminary when he was 14 years old because he wants to become a priest. But later, he cancelled his name and left that too after 1 year.

Tom Cruise Broke His Ankle on an "Easy" Stunt for Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Net worth$570 Million
ProfessionFilmmaker, Film producer, Actor
WifeKatie Holmes, Mimi rogers, Nicole Kidman
BirthdayJuly 3, 1962
Age58 years old
Height5 feet 7 inches
GirlfriendAnabelle Wallis
FatherThomas Mapother
MotherMary Mapother / Divorced
Religion Scientology
Residence1111 calle vista DR, Beverly hills’, CA
Real nameThomas cruise Mapother IV
Nationality American
Zodiac sign Cancer

Tom Cruise Career

He wants to pursue his career in the acting field; thus, at the age of 18, he moved to New York City with his mother and stepfather, who supported him. In New York City, he also worked as a busboy, then later he went to Los Angeles and tried some television-based roles. His acting career in the film industry began when he signed with a creative artist’s agency, CAA. His first movie was released in 1981, and the name of the movie was endless love.
After this beginning, he did many supporting roles in other movies- he played the role of a crazed military academy student. In 1983, he also appeared in other films like “All the right move,” “risky business.” The significant popularity he gained in his acting career was after the movie's release -mission impossible, where he played a spy role. It was a hit movie, and tom cruise was much appreciated in his position.

Tom Cruise Personal Life.

This handsome hunk is a married man and but he married three times in a row. Tom’s first wife's name was Mimi rogers, and he married her in the year 1987. But this marriage didn’t work out, and they divorced in the year 1990. Further, he married Nicole Kidman in 1990; he was blessed with two loving kids. They had a great marriage life together, but later, they also took divorced.
Lastly, he married Katie Holmes. But this marriage was also not so successful, and they separated in 2012. At present, Anabelle Wallis is said to his rumoured girlfriend.

Tom Cruise- The Scientology

Cruise is well known as an outspoken- advocate. It is the for- Church of Scientology, which is mainly associated with several social programs. During the year 1990, he became much involved with Scientology through Mimi Rogers, his first wife. He has mentioned that Scientology played a significant role in his life as it helped him overcome dyslexia.

Tom Cruise Awards And Nominations

Some of the awards won by him are the academy award for the best actor male, academy award for best in supporting role in the year 2000, MTV movie award for the best jaw-dropping moment, MTV movie award for the best villain, screen actorsguild award for outstanding performance by the male actor in the supporting in the year 2000, BAFTA award, satellite award, teen choice awards, etc.

Tom Cruise Birthday And Born

This famous American personality was born on July 3, 1962, in Syracuse, New York, USA. Every year he celebrates his birth with his loved ones.

Tom Cruise Height

The height of this good-looking American actor is 5feet 7 inches tall. In other terms, it is 1.7 m.

Tom Cruise Age

Since he was born in the year 1962; thus, his age is currently 58 years old.

Tom Cruise Occupation

He is a well-established filmmaker, film producer, and American actor. He is a very popular actor all around the world today.

Tom Cruise Wife

He had three beautiful wives, and the name of his every wife is- Mimi rogers (1987- 1990), Nicole Kidman (1990- 2001), Katie Holmes (2006- 2012). But currently, he is single, and he divorced each of his wives.

Tom Cruise Children

He has three kids, and the name of his every child is Suri cruise, Connor cruise, Isabella jane cruise.

Tom Cruise Relatives

He has many family members, namely- his sisters, brothers, uncle, aunts, etc. Some tom cruise relatives are lee ann Mapother, William Reibert Mapother, Cass Mapother, Catherine Reibert Mapother, and many more.

Tom Cruise Parents

The name of his birth father is Thomas Mapother, and his mother’s name is Mary Mapother. But his father and mother gave divorced from each other when he was 11 years old.

Tom Cruise Siblings

Cruise has three lovely real sisters, and the names of each sister are- Cass Mapother, Lee Ann Mapother, and Marian Mapother.

Tom Cruise Education

He is a higher school dropout person. On the other hand, he completed his schooling from too many schools- Robert Hopkins public school, Ottawa Ontario Canada, Franciscan seminary, Cincinnati, Ohia, Henry Munro middle school, Ottawa, Canada.

Tom Cruise Girlfriend

It has been rumoured that Anabelle Wallis is his new girlfriend, an English actress.

Tom Cruise Best Movies

The lists of his best films are Jack reacher, the last samurai, mission impossible- rogue nation, born on the fourth of July, Rain man, the edge of tomorrow, collateral, knight and day, mission impossible- ghost protocol, vanilla sky, Jerry Maguire, Mission: Impossible III, a few good men, days of thunder, topic thunder, etc.

Tom Cruise Religion

This popular American actor follows Scientology as his religion.

Tom Cruise House And Residence

His home address is- 1111 calle vista DR, Beverly hills’, CA 90210 (Los Angeles- California) On the other hand, his fan mail address is- 42 West, 2320 W, 42 street, 12th floor, new York city, USA.
He also owes a penthouse apartment- TheSkyView

Tom Cruise Real And Full Name

His real and full name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV. It is his birth name. But his celebrated name is tom cruise.

Tom Cruise Nationality

The nationality of this attractive-looking man is American. The cruise was born in a fantastic place- Syracuse, New York.

Tom Cruise Zodiac Sign

His zodiac sign is cancer because he was born on 3 July. It is the fourth astrological sign.

Q: What Was Tom Cruises First Big Movie?

He started his movie career in the year 1981. The name of his first movie is Endless love.

Q: Who Discovered Tom Cruise?

He is a divorcee from 3 wives, and the name of his all the three wives are- First wife,- Mimi, rogers (1987- 1990) where his marriage lasted up to 3 years. Second wife – Nicole Kidman (1990- 2001) where his marriage lasted up to 11 years Third wife- Katie holmes (2006- 2012) where his marriage lasted up to 6 years

Q: Has Tom Cruise Won An Oscar?

He never won an Oscar award, although he was in the Oscar award nomination three times. But he has won many other awards for his acting.

Q: Who Is Tom Cruises Ex-wife?

He has three ex-wives, and the names of his every ex-wife are Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman, Mimi rogers

Q: Who Is Tom Cruises Girlfriend?

The gossip about tom cruise's girlfriend is that he is currently dating Anabelle Wallis. But he had many relationships with many girls like Katie holmes, Cynthia Jorge, Nazanin boniadi, etc.
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