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Tiger Woods Net Worth - The First Billionaire Golfer In The World

Tiger Woods net worth as of January 2023 is around $800 million, making him the richest golfer in the world. Tiger Woods is a professional golfer from the U.S. city of Cypress.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jan 06, 2023
Tiger Woods is not only one of the best golfers ever, but he is also the golfer who has made the most money. Tiger Woods net worthis huge and makes $50 million to $60 million a year.
Since he became a professional golfer in 1996, Woods has become known as one of the best. He has won many tournaments and had a successful life outside of golf.
Woods made a triumphant return to Augusta National Golf Course to play in the Masters. The Masters is one of golf's four annual "Majors," which are tournaments that can make or break a career for both new and old pros.

Quick Facts About Tiger Woods

NameTiger Woods
BirthdayDecember 30, 1975
Net worth$1.6 billion

Who Is Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods wearing a red and black shirt and black cap
Tiger Woods wearing a red and black shirt and black cap
Tiger Woods is a professional golfer from the U.S. city of Cypress. He is second in both major championships and wins on the PGA Tour, and he also holds a lot of golf records. Woods is thought to be one of the best golfers in history by most people.
Tiger Woods' parents, Earl and Tida Woods, had him on December 30, 1975, in Cypress, California. He is the only kid they have. From his father's first marriage, he has two half-brothers, Earl Jr. and Kevin, and a half-sister, Royce. The mother of Tiger was born in Thailand.
Tiger has said that he is of Caucasian, Black, American Indian, and Asian descent. He was called Tiger after Colonel Vuong Dang Phong, a friend of his father who was also called Tiger. Woods grew up in California's Orange County.
Woods's father, Earl Woods, taught him how to play golf before he turned two. Earl was an amateur golfer with a handicap of 10. He was also one of the first black collegebaseball players at Kansas State University.

Tiger Woods Career

Top 10: Tiger Woods Shots on the PGA TOUR

In August 1996, when he was 20, Woods turned pro and signed advertising deals with Nike and Titleist. At the time, these were the most lucrative endorsement deals in golf history. Woods was named the 1996 Sportsman of the Year by "Sports Illustrated" and the 1996 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year.
On April 13, 1997, he won his first major tournament, the Masters. He beat the record by 12 strokes and became the youngest winner of the tournament at age 21.
Two months later, he set a record for becoming No. 1 in the Official World Golf Rankings the fastest. After a disappointing 1998, Woods won eight times in 1999, including the PGA Championship.
Between 2000 and 2010, Woods was the best golfer. He was the best golfer in the world from August 1999 to September 2004 (264 weeks) and again from June 2005 to October 2010. (281 weeks). During this time, he won 13 of the sport's most important tournaments.
In the next ten years of his career, Woods had to come back from injuries and personal problems. In November 2011, Woods fell to number 58 in the world rankings. Between March 2013 and May 2014, he went back up to number one.
But between 2014 and 2017, he had to have four back surgeries because of injuries. Between August 2015 and January 2018, Woods only played in one tournament. He fell off the list of the top 1,000 golfers in the world.
Woods made steady progress back to the top of his game when he returned to regular competition. He won his first tournament in five years at the Tour Championship in September 2018 and his first major tournament in 11 years at the Masters in 2019.
Woods has held a number of records in golf. He has been the best golfer in the world for the most weeks in a row and the most weeks overall of any golfer in history. He has won the PGA Player of the Year award a record 11 times and the Byron Nelson Award for the lowest adjusted scoring average a record 8 times.
Woods has the record for being at the top of the money list the most times, which is ten. He has won 15 major golf tournaments and 82 events on the PGA Tour. Woods has more major wins and PGA Tour wins than any other active golfer.
He is the youngest player to win the career Grand Slam, and he is only the second golfer (after Jack Nicklaus) to win it three times. Woods has won 18 world titles in golf. He was also on the American team that won the Ryder Cup in 1999. In May 2019, Woods became the fourth golfer to get the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Tiger Woods Net Worth

Tiger Woods Lifestyle | Net Worth, Fortune, Car Collection, Mansion...

Tiger Woods is a professional golfer from the United States who is worth $1.6 billion. Tiger makes between $50 and $60 million every year. Tiger's first source of income is from winning tournaments and putting his name on products.
Tiger has made $118 million from golf since he turned pro in 1996. This includes the $2.07 million he won at the 2019 Masters. That is equal to 7.6% of all the money he has made in his career so far. Most of Tigers' money comes from endorsements, just like Michael Jordan and Lebron James, who are also very good at what they do.
About 92.4% of his career earnings, or about $1.6 billion, come from endorsing brands like Nike, Gatorade, American Express, Asahi, General Mills (Wheaties), Golf Digest, Rolex, Gillette, Accenture, Tag Heuer, AT&T, EA Sports, NetJets, Upper Deck, TLC Laser Eye Centers, and Buick.
The drink was called "Gatorade Tiger" and was made just for Woods. Over 5 years, the Gatorade deal alone was worth $100 million. At one time, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, and Thierry Henry all got paid $20 million a year by Gillette to be their spokespersons.
Tiger wants $10 million to design golf courses all over the world, and he can make up to $1.5 million just by showing up at a golf tournament.
Tiger has made $1.6 billion in this area over the course of his career. This is more than 92% of his total earnings. Woods joins Michael Jordan and LeBron James as one of the best-paid athletesof all time. Thanks to his endorsement deals, he has joined the billionaire club.

Net Worth Milestones Of Tiger Woods

1995$10,000 (before turning pro)
1997$7 million (signs first deals with Nike and Titleist)
1999$40 million
2001$50 million
2003$100 million
2005$250 million
2009$500 million (career earnings surpass $1 billion)
2010$400 million (divorce settlement finalized)
2016$700 million
2019$800 million
2022$1.6 billion

Real Estate And Other Assets Of Tiger Woods

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After he broke up with Elin and got a divorce, Tiger built a huge new oceanfront home on 12 acres in Jupiter, Florida. When it was finished, the house was thought to be worth about $60 million. The property could be worth between $75 and $100 million right now.
The property has at least four swimming pools and a practice golf course, which goes without saying. The huge complex has a lap pool, a diving pool, a children's pool, a reflection pool, and a water fountain.
  • Tiger has a yacht worth $25 million that he named "Privacy." During tournaments near water, he sometimes sleeps on the yacht.
  • At least $20 million is in his PGA tour pension plan.
  • He owns a Gulfstream G550 private jet that cost $54 million. Tiger has only flown on a commercial airline once in the last 15 years, when he went from Los Angeles to Dubai in January 2017.
  • A 12-acre oceanfront property in Jupiter, Florida, that was mentioned before and is worth at least $75 million,
  • Tiger started a business designing golf courses after the 2009 financial crisis slowed down his career. He has made courses all over the world and has a lot of work to do.

Interesting Facts About Tiger Woods

  • Woods and Sam Snead have both won 82 times on the PGA Tour. This is the same number of wins as Snead. The first was at the Las Vegas Invitational in 1996, and the last was at the Zozo Championship in 2019.
  • Tiger has won 15 major championships, which is three less than Jack Nicklaus and four more than Walter Hagen. They are the only two men to win more than 10 majors. His first was at the Masters in 1997, and his last was at the Masters in 2019.
  • In 2000, Woods won the U.S. Open, the British Open, and the PGA Championship. Before that, only Ben Hogan had won three major championships in the same year. In 1953, Hogan won the Masters, the U.S. Open, and the British.
  • When Woods won the 2001 Masters, he became the first golfer in modern times to win four straight major titles. The only person to win four in a row was Bobby Jones in 1930 when amateur titles were counted. In 2000, Woods won the Players Championship, which is considered the "fifth major," two weeks before he won the Masters. This was just for good measure.
  • Woods has made 142 cuts in a row on the PGA Tour, which is a record. This streak began in 1998. At the 2003 Tour Championship, he beat Byron Nelson's record of 113, and he didn't miss a cut until the 2005 Byron Nelson Championship.
  • In 1994, 1995, and 1996, Woods was the only golfer to win the U.S. Amateur three times in a row.
  • The 2019 Masters was the only time Woods won a major without having a share of the lead going into the last round. He beat Francesco Molinari to do so.
  • Woods's 67.79 (adjusted) and 68.17 (not adjusted) average score in 2000 is the lowest in the history of the PGA Tour.

People Also Ask

Is Tiger Woods A Billionaire Now?

According to a new estimate of Tiger Woods's net worth by Forbes, he is now a billionaire. He joins LeBron James and Michael Jordan as the only athletes in the world who are known to be worth a billion dollars.

Who Are The 3 Billionaire Athletes?

Again, only three athletes have made it into the billionaires club in terms of their net worth. They're LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods.

Is Tiger Woods The Best Golfer Of All Time?

He is thought to be the best golfer in modern times. Besides that, he is also one of the most well-known golfers in the world. Has a record of 11 PGA "Player of the year" awards, which ties him with Sam Snead for the most wins on the PGA tour (82 wins).


After all, Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the world right now and one of the best golfers of all time. He is also the person who has made the most money on the PGA Tour.
During his golfing career, he has broken several records and won 14 major professional golf tournaments. Tiger Woods estimated net worth as of January 2023 is around $1.6 billion.
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