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HBO The Last Of Us - What To Know About The Anticipated Series

The Last of Us has finally started on HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK, after many months of waiting.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jan 18, 2023
There had been an oversaturation of zombie apocalypse media by 2013. Season 3 of "The Walking Dead" had wrapped up, "World War Z" was poised to be a summer blockbuster, and "Resident Evil" was still probably the most well-known zombie-starring video game.
Here's where a game called "The Last of Us" comes into play. The PlayStation 3 exclusive almost immediately became a smash among gamersand critics alike for its strong storyline and a new perspective on zombies in the game, they’re humans infected and disfigured by the Cordyceps fungus.
This was no run-of-the-mill end-of-the-world story, as proven by the fans' unwavering support for Joel and Ellie, the young and sassy characters.

What Is The Last Of Us?

The Last of Us | Official Trailer | Max

It's common knowledge now that "The Last of Us" is among the very finest games ever made for video game consoles. The creators of the game are working hard, ten years after its release, to create the television adaptation the best video game adaptation ever.
With so many failures under their belt, the bar for video game adaptations is low. However, "The Last of Us" on HBO has enormous expectations to live up to, and the series has been well received by critics thus far.
Fans can't wait to see their beloved morally ambiguous team back in the post-apocalyptic American wasteland.
This is why both longtime fans of the game and newcomers to the series were excited to the premiere of "The Last of Us": its gripping tale, and its acclaimed cast. (The parent company of both HBO and CNN is Warner Bros. Discovery.)

One Of The All-time Classics In The Gaming Industry

The Last of Us - Story Trailer

While gamers and critics are typically at odds, "The Last of Us" bridged that gap. The game, which was previously only available on the PlayStation 3, was met with universal praise upon its 2013 release. Many critics hailed it as the best video game of the year and even one of the greatest of all time.
The game's achievements have been lauded in recent retrospective assessments, and the remake has received similar praise. One reviewer for Inverse termed "The Last of Us" "near to perfection," while another for Rolling Stone dubbed it "one of the best games" and a "brutal masterpiece."
The fact that it is violent and horror-focused while taking place in a dystopian future gives it a certain appeal, as do the other games in the genre. However, the bond between Joel and Ellie was also a focal point throughout "The Last of Us." (IGN dubbed their friendship "one of the big joys" of the game in the 2013 original interview.)
She is a childless teen with the tongue of a sailor and a hazardous secret, and he is an often ruthless smuggler with a concealed paternal side. A group of people, at least one of whom believes the mission to preserve the world is hopeless, set out together to travel across the remnants of the United States. They naturally develop close familial ties.
What makes "The Last of Us" so surprising is how well it juggles exciting gameplay with captivating and often devastating plots. Its monsters, even, have a soft side: The humanization of the game's antagonists was praised by IGN in 2013. Every life counts, and every victim seems distinct and real.
Since its first release in 2013, it has been reworked for more recent game systems and given an aesthetic facelift.
In terms of emotional impact, its sequel could be even more devastating than the first (no spoilers here; the showrunners behind the HBO adaptation have suggested that if they get a second season, it will most likely be based on "The Last of Us Part II"). Now that it's on television, the universe and lore are expanding once more.

Explanation Of The "The Last Of Us" Hype

Pascal and Ramsey have shown that they have a deep understanding of the characters' backstories and goals, which bodes well for their commitment to correctly portraying them. The game has received widespread recognition from fans and critics alike, creating a devoted fan base for future installments.
HBO has apparently put a lot of money into the show, making it the most expensive Canadian TV production ever. With the track record of video game-to-screen adaptations, HBO is taking a risk with The Last of Us despite the big budget-increasing anticipation for the film.
Several of the previously released trailers from the series feature near-exact recreations of sequences from the game, so fortunately, The Last of Us is raising the bar for video game adaptations.
Game inventor Neil Druckmann serves as the show's co-creator, as does game composer Gustavo Santaolalla, as do actorsTroy Baker, Ashley Johnson, and several more from the games.
There is a lot of excitement about the upcoming HBO series The Last of Us because of the high hopes that it would be a faithful and interesting version of the popular video game.

It's A Unique Apocalypse Story

To be clear, "The Last of Us" is not a groundbreaking entry in the post-apocalyptic genre in the same way that "The Walking Dead" was. Unlike the game, the series focuses less on graphic killing and more on the emotional impact of the violence.
Players accustomed to slaying fungus-faced monsters in "The Last of Us" between cutscenes may be unnerved by this, despite the fact that scares still remain.
The series moves quickly since there is an entire game to cover, yet it still finds time for occasional side stories. As far as the visuals go, "The Last of Us" is on par with pretty much every other post-apocalyptic media out there. There are usually ruined cities and overgrown vegetation.
While "The Last of Us" shares certain visual similarities with the HBO Max series "Station Eleven," another post-apocalyptic drama, it is less hopeful about the survival and basic goodness of humanity.
Warning: "The Last of Us" isn't for the faint of heart. Expect a lot of death, but it's not a punishing watch because that's what happens in stories about the end of the world.


The Last of Us, an HBO game and film adaptation based on the critically renowned Naughty Dog video game, will focus on the connection between Joel and Ellie, an unlikeable duo who must journey together in a post-apocalyptic world.
Earlier teasers have emphasized the special connection between them, which develops into a deeply significant and emotional relationship for both characters.
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