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Joe Jonas' Exes Taylor Swift, Sophie Turner Having A Girls Night Out In New York

Two of Joe Jonas' exes, Taylor Swift, Sophie Turner having a girls’ night out! Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark on "Game of Thrones," was seen going to dinner with Taylor Swift in New York City a few weeks after Joe Jonas and his wife broke up.

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Sep 22, 202318K Shares241K Views
Two of Joe Jonas' exes, Taylor Swift, Sophie Turner having a girls night out!
Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark on "Game of Thrones," was seen going to dinner with Taylor Swift in New York City a few weeks after Joe Jonas and his wife broke up.
Sophie Turner seems to be "Mrs. Perfectly Fine" now that she and Joe Jonas are no longer together. On Tuesday, the actress was seen going around New York City with her friend and fellow Jonas ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. After having dinner at Via Carota, a popular spot with celebrities, the two stayed out until very early in the morning.

Taylor Swift, Sophie Turner Having A Girls Night Out

Sophie Truner wearing a gray top and pants and Taylor Swift wearing a red dress and denim jacket
Sophie Truner wearing a gray top and pants and Taylor Swift wearing a red dress and denim jacket
Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner recently went out for a girls' night out, which made fans of both stars very happy. Some fans were surprised by the time of their dinner date since they both used to date Joe Jonas. But a source told Entertainment Tonightthat Turner and Jonas became friends before filing for divorce this month.
"They are fans of each other and have been friends for a while,"the source explained, adding that Swift and Turner "have always liked and respected each other."
Sophie doesn’t care that Taylor dated Joe. It was so long ago and in the past. Taylor has a good time when she’s with Sophie and they enjoyed some fun girl time together [on Tuesday night].- Source told Entertainment Tonight
The Game of Thrones star, who is 27, was seen holding hands with Swift, who is 33, as they went out for the night in New York City on Tuesday. After having dinner, the two went to Temple Bar on Lafayette Street. Turner wore a short gray top and loose gray pants to their girls' night out. She also had a black bag in her hand and a black sweater tied around her waist.
Swift looked fashionable in a red minidress and a denim jacket that was too big for her. She also wore brown boots that went up to her knees and carried a small green purse.
In 2019, Turner and Jonas got married. Since then, they have had two kids: Willa, who is three, and a girl who is one but whose name hasn't been made public yet. The couple said they were going to split up on September 6.
Turner and Jonas announced earlier this month that they were getting a divorce after being married for four years. Their date couldn't have come at a better time. Fans jumped to the conclusion that Jonas was behind reports that Turner's love of partying was the reason they broke up, but the couple has since put out a statement to clear things up.
In a statement, the former couple said:
After four wonderful years of marriage, we have mutually decided to amicably end our marriage. There are many speculations as to why but truly, this is a united decision and we sincerely hope that everyone can respect our wishes for privacy for us and our children.- Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas
Swift and Jonas dated for a few months in 2008, which is notable. After they broke up, Swift publicly called him out when she was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She said that Jonas broke up with her over the phone.
After they broke up, they both wrote songs about each other. According to reports, Swift's song "Better Than Revenge" was about Camilla Belle, who dated Joe Jonas after she did. Even though the two musicians were upset with each other at the time, they seemed to have made up in the time since. Hadid, who is also a close friend of Swift's, used to date Jonas.
Several of Swift's songs, like "Mr. Perfectly Fine," "Holy Ground," "Better Than Revenge," and "Forever and Always," have been said to be about Jonas. She may also talk about him in the song "Invisible String."
During their marriage, Turner teased Jonas a few times with jokes and posts about Taylor Swift. When Swift put out "Mr. Perfectly Fine" in 2021, Turner put it on her Instagram Story and wrote:
It's not NOT a bop.- Sophie Turner
In a 2022 TikTok where they answered fan questions, the couple talked about their favorite Swift songs. Turner said that her favorite record was 1989. Jonas told her that it was "a great album." Turner teased Jonas again in August when she wore a "Mr. Perfectly Fine" bracelet to a show by the Jonas Brothers at Yankee Stadium.
Swift has recently been seen with Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Greta Gerwig, Laura Dern, and others in New York City. But when she went out with Turner, they went out alone, and it's likely that Joe Jonas was somewhere looking. Swift wasn't kidding when she sang, “There’s nothing I do better than revenge.”

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Taylor Swift, Sophie Turner having a girls night out, leaving Mr. Perfectly Fine behind. Turner and Swift were seen out with their friends in New York City on Tuesday, September 19. When the two went to dinner at the Via Carota restaurant in the West Village, they caused a stir.
Swift wore a jean jacket and a red minidress, and Turner wore a stylish gray crop top and pants. Joe Jonas filed for divorce from Sophie Turner on September 5. In his divorce papers, the artist said that he and Turner were "irretrievably broken."
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