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Taylor Swift Loans Sophie Turner NYC Apartment Amid Joe Jonas Divorce

Sophie Turner's split from Joe Jonas is getting more and more messy, but Taylor Swift is still helping her. After a judge said that the couple's kids have to stay in the US during the breakup, Taylor Swift loans Sophie Turner NYC apartment.

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Sophie Turner's split from Joe Jonas is getting more and more messy, but Taylor Swift is still helping her. After a judge said that the couple's kids had to stay in the US during the breakup, Taylor Swift loans Sophie Turner NYC apartment.
Turner sued Jonas last week for "wrongful retention" of their two young children. She said that Jonas wouldn't give back their papers or let them go back to the UK with their mother, even though they had agreed that the UK would be their "forever home." Shortly after that, a judge decided that the kids had to stay in the US for now.

Taylor Swift Loans Sophie Turner NYC Apartment

Sophie Truner wearing a black sweater waving goodbye to her kids on a black car
Sophie Truner wearing a black sweater waving goodbye to her kids on a black car
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are working out the details of their breakup, and Taylor Swift wants to help. The "Anti-Hero" singer has shown over and over again that she is not a monster on the hill. Most recently, she reportedly welcomed Turner and her two young girls into her Manhattan home.
After the musician asked for a divorce, Turner asked Jonas to give their children back to her care in the UK, where they had just set up a family home. They are currently in the middle of working out a custody deal.
The Game of Thrones star and her two children with the Jonas Brothers member, Willa, 3, and Delphine, 1, were seen leaving the singer's Tribeca home on Wednesday morning. Even though her marriage had changed in a big way, she smiled and wore a black sweater and beige shorts. Page Sixsays that the singer has given the space to her friend.
Swift's flat is in the Sugar Loaf building in Tribeca. It isn't just one room. She owns three units in the building and a townhouse next door, so Willa and Delphine, the Jonas sisters, have plenty of room to run around. Swift bought the first two penthouses in 2014, and she joined them together. In 2017, she bought the townhouse and a third room on the second floor.
The Wall Street Journalsays that she bought the apartment so that she could turn it into a private garage. She will allegedly connect the townhome to the second-floor unit as part of the renovations. This will let her get from her apartment to the garage without having to go outside. With all that room and privacy, it could be the perfect place for Turner to recharge during her difficult divorce from the man some Swifties call "Mr. Perfectly Fine."
Jonas filed for divorce on September 5 in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Turner says she didn't know about this until she saw it in the news. In his statement, Jonas said that the marriage could not be fixed. According to Turner's filing, the end of their marriage "happened very suddenly."
Jonas quickly shot down several of Turner's claims. In a statement to Fox News Digital, he made it clear that Turner knew he was going to file for divorce. Jonas said that they had "multiple conversations" about it.
Sophie was served with this order on September 6, 2023, more than two weeks ago. Joe and Sophie had a cordial meeting this past Sunday in New York, when Sophie came to New York to be with the kids. They have been with her since that meeting. Joe's impression of the meeting was that they had reached an understanding that they would work together towards an amicable co-parenting setup.- Joe jonas and Sophie Turner co-parenting
Swift and her ex-boyfriend Jonas had been on good terms for a long time, ever since he dated her friend Gigi Hadid in 2015. Turner has always been a fan of Taylor Swift's music, even before she started dating Nick Jonas. She hasn't been shy about telling people how much she likes the singer's music, but fans still had a big reaction when the two were seen together, especially because of the time.
Swift has had a busy week, showing up in almost every news story. On Sunday, the singer was seen at a Chiefs game in Kansas City, Missouri.
Swift's relationships continue to be all over the news, and really, the whole world. After the singer was seen cheering for her rumored new boyfriend Travis Kelce at a Kansas City Chiefs game, sales of Kelce's jersey went up 400% on the NFL goods website, and Heinz made a new condiment to honor the meal Swift ate at Arrowhead Stadium. The singer's "Eras Tour" will start up again in November. You can get tickets here.

Final Words

Reports say that Taylor Swift loans Sophie Turner an apartment in New York City after she broke up with Joe Jonas.
Swift was recently seen out with the Game of Thrones actor, and it is said that she is letting Turner and her two girls stay in her New York flat while the custody situation is worked out. The singer has an investment flat in Tribeca, which she has given to Turner to use as a temporary home.
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