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Sylvester Stallone Wife Jennifer Flavin Split Up After 25 Years Of Marriage

Days before images of Stallone covering up his wife's tattoo in a courtroom in Palm Beach County, Florida, went viral on social media, Flavin filed for divorce. Sylvester Stallone is no longer able to spin rumors. According to People and Closer Weekly, Sylvester Stallone wife Jennifer flavin split up after 25 years of marriage.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Sep 09, 2022
Days before images of Stallone covering up his wife's tattoo in a courtroom in Palm Beach County, Florida, went viral on social media, Flavin filed for divorce.
On Friday, Flavin submitted paperwork in Palm Beach County, Florida, according to court records that Closer has access to.
She stated that "the marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken" as the cause of their breakup.
According to Flavin's complaint, "the husband has participated in the deliberate wasting, depletion, and/or dissipation of marital assets, which has had a negative economic impact on the marital estate."
She also wants her name changed back to Jennifer Lee Flavin.
I cherish my family. We are peacefully and confidentially resolving these private matters, "Stallone said in a statement to HuffPost.
In 1988, Stallone and Flavin started dating. They got married in 1997.
They have three daughters together, ages 20, 24, and 25: Scarlet, Sistine, and Sophia.
When Flavin shared a picture of herself with her three girls on Instagram earlier this month, rumors that the couple was having marital problems started to circulate.
But until a picture of Stallone's new, poorly done cover-up tattoo appeared on social media on Tuesday, their marriage didn't appear to be in serious trouble.
Originally, Stallone had a tattoo of Flavin next to a rose that he later covered up.
The "Judge Dredd" actor recently decided to change this tattoo to mimic the face of Butkus, the bull mastiff who served as his canine co-star in "Rocky" and "Rocky II."
The dog passed away more than 30 years ago from a heart attack.
But in a statement to HuffPost, Stallone said that this cover-up tattoo was just a "refresh" of his Flavin tattoo.
The statement read, "The findings were poor and, regrettably, unfixable."
He was forced to cover the original image with a tattoo of his dog Butkus from Rocky as a result.

Sly And Jennifer Heading For A Divorce

Additionally, Syl was observed hiding his right arm tattoo on Jennifer's face.
The spokesperson for Sylvester Stallone said in a statement just before the divorce announcement, "
The results of Mr. Stallone's attempt to update his wife Jennifer's tattoo were unsatisfactory and, sadly, unrepairable.
He was forced to conceal the original image with a tattoo of Butkus, his Rocky-themed dog.
Jennifer and Sylvester Stallone have started filming for a 10-episode reality series about their family. Nine episodes have already been shot.

Sylvester's Past Relationships

Before marrying Jennifer, Sylvester wed Sasha Czack in 1974.
In 1985, the couple got a divorce. After getting divorced, he later wed Brigitte Nielsen on December 15, 1985.
He later wed Jennifer in May 1997, and the two of them had three children together, called Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet.
On the job front, Syl was seen as the Samaritan in the Amazon Prime Video show of the same name.


Sylvester Stallone's wife Jennifer flavin split up after 25 years of marriage.
At a court in Palm Beach County, Florida, Flavin on Friday filed a petition "for dissolution of marriage and other remedies" from the 76-year-old Rocky star.
Although Stallone and Flavin, 54, started dating in 1988 at a restaurant in Beverly Hills, California, they only got married in 1997.
The three girls they have are Scarlet (20), Sistine (24), and Sophia (25).
Seargeoh, a son from Stallone's first marriage to Sasha Czack, is also his child.
Sage, the oldest child he had with Starlin Wright, passed away in 2012.
Stallone said in a statement to PEOPLE, "I cherish my family. We are resolving these private matters peacefully and in private.
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