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Sweden’s Loreen Wins Second Eurovision 2023 And Makes History

Sweden’s Loreen wins second Eurovision Song Contest early on Sunday. The contest was hosted by Britain on behalf of the conflict-torn Ukraine and featured 25 other acts. The Eurovision 2023 Grand Final took held in Liverpool on Saturday night.

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Sweden’s Loreen wins second Eurovision Song Contest early on Sunday. The contest was hosted by Britain on behalf of the conflict-torn Ukraine and featured 25 other acts. The Eurovision 2023Grand Final took held in Liverpool on Saturday night.
The oddsmakers' favorite Loreen, who won the competition in 2012 with her number-one single "Euphoria," has now won the competition twice. She is now one of just two people to have ever won Eurovision twice, the other being Ireland's Jonny Logan.

Sweden’s Loreen Wins Second Eurovision 2023

Sweden's Loreen wins Eurovision Song Contest for a second time

On behalf of Ukraine, Sweden's Loreen won the Eurovision Song Contest for a second time, making history in a lavish and popular concert hosted in Liverpool, United Kingdom.
She won the competition more than once, becoming only the second performer to do so. Her pop ballad "Tattoo" sealed her legacy at the showy and enormously popular music competition. The contest's winner this year was Loreen from Sweden, who dazzled listeners with her popular song "Tattoo" and scored an outstanding total of 583 points.
Sweden was in first place with 340 points after the jury votes; this number rose to 583 following the popular vote. Israel came in third, followed by Finland in second. The grand final that evening featured performances from 26 different nations.
2012 saw Loreen win the competition in Baku with her game-changing single "Euphoria." With her most recent victory, Sweden now shares the competition's most triumphs with Ireland (7), and it happened 50 years after ABBA triumphed with "Waterloo," the moment that catapulted them to fame.
After winning the contest with the song "Euphoria" in 2012, Loreen became the first woman to do so again with her victory, making Eurovision history. Irish singer Johnny Logan, who took first place in the competition in 1980 and 1987, was the only other competitor to do this.
With their seventh victory in the contest, Sweden is now tied with Ireland as the most successful nation in Eurovision history. Finland, a fan favorite, came in second place with an incredible 526 points, despite not taking the first position. Noa Kirel, an Israeli competitor, had a solid performance as well, placing third.
Without tickets, Eurovision supporters from all across the host city of Liverpool packed into places to watch the competition on large screens, many of them waving Ukrainian flags.
This week, the British government offered 3,000 subsidized tickets to anyone who had to leave the nation. The event Eurovision is known for its eccentricity, and this year's concert lived up to the hype with a variety of impressive performances from the 26 finalists.
The competition's installment this year was held in Liverpool. In accordance with the competition's rules, Ukraine should have hosted after winning last year, but because of the ongoing political unrest, it was held in the UK, where Sam Ryder finished second.
Additionally, it propelled Liverpool, the Beatles' hometown, into the cultural map of the continent. Although the Ukrainian entrant for 2022, Kalush Orchestra, opened the competition with an emotional performance of their winning song, "Stefania," the opening part of the finale was devoted to Ukraine.
The program also included a portion where former Eurovision contestants performed a song medley in honor of Liverpool's musical heritage and a special video message from Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA, who paid homage to Eurovision and its significance in ABBA's career.


With a score of 583, Sweden’s Loreen wins second EurovisionSong Contest 2023. Prior to the final in Liverpool, Sweden was the betting favorite to win, with odds of 4/9 on bet365 for the victory on the day of the championship match.
After winning the contest with the song "Euphoria" in 2012, Loreen became the first woman to do so again with her victory, making Eurovision history. After the jury verdicts, Sweden held the top spot with 340 points. Following the public vote, this number rose to 583. Israel came in third, followed by Finland in second.
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