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Stine Schyberg Net Worth - An American Director And Designer

Do you know about Stine Schyberg? Have you ever wondered what is Stine Schyberg net worth? Stine Schyberg was born in New York, USA, on May 19, 1953. She is 69 years old and a Taurus by birth. She is Christian and belongs to the American nationality. She goes by Stine Elisabeth Schyberg in full. There is currently no information known about her parents, including their names.

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Do you know about Stine Schyberg? Have you ever wondered what is Stine Schyberg net worth? Stine Schyberg was born in New York, USA, on May 19, 1953. She is 69 years old and a Taurus by birth.
She is Christian and belongs to the American nationality. She goes by Stine Elisabeth Schyberg in full. There is currently no information known about her parents, including their names.
Similar to this, there is currently no information accessible on Schyberg's other family members, including her siblings, cousins, grandparents, maternal relatives, and any other individuals. She did, however, grow up in a devoted family, as it is known.
Similarly, it appears that she prefers to keep her family and personal life hidden from view and out of the spotlight.
In terms of her educational history and credentials, Schyberg earned her degree from the Art Center Collegeof Design in 1991. She attended a high school, although the name of it hasn't been made public yet.

Stine Schyberg Net Worth

Stine Schyberg wife of Alex Van Halen has been active in her own career as an art director and designer. So, Stine Schyberg net worth of $100 thousand.
The average salary of an art director falls between $84,742 and $119,321 annually according to the salary. But her husband Alex Van Halen has an estimated net worth of $95 Million.

Stine Schyberg's Property

In the year after the sale of the Beverly Park residence, Stine's husband Alex purchased a property in Hidden Hills, California, for the price of $2 million. The current valuation of this property is somewhere around $5 million.
Additionally, he sold the home to actor and comedian Paul Reiser for the price of $6 million. Sources claim that Stine's husband Alex should have maintained the mansion given the current market value of similar properties, which ranges from $30 million to $40 million.

Stine Schyberg Career And Professional Life

Stine Schyberg is a designer and an art director. Her work has made her well-liked. Like this, she gives her job her all and is passionate about it. She has created CD covers for the Van Halen Band and collaborated with other corporations.
She also helps with production. Other than this, not much is currently known about her professional life and career. She also rose to fame as a result of her marriage to Alex Van Halen. She wasn't as well known or as much liked before as she is today.
Speaking of her spouse, rock band Van Halen's drummer and co-founder Alex Van Halen is a musician. Under the moniker "Mammoth," Alex Van Halen founded the band in 1972 with the help of his younger brother Eddie, David Lee Roth, Mark Stone, and David Lee Roth.
Later, they changed their name to "Van Halen" and included Michael Anthony in their lineup in the year 1974. The band was also contracted by "Warner Bros." in 1977, and their debut album was made available the following year.
The only two permanent members of the band were the brothers, and they made eleven more albums until they broke up in 2020, the year Eddie died.
Stine And His Husband Both Wearing Black Outfits
Stine And His Husband Both Wearing Black Outfits

Quick Facts About Stine Schyberg

Stage NameStine Schyberg
ProfessionProduction Assistant & Designer
Famous forbeing the wife of Alex Van Halen
Age 69 years old
Date of Birth19 May 1953
Sun Sign (Zodiac Sign)Taurus
Current ResidenceNew York, United States
Sexuality (Gay or Lesbian)Straight
Stine With His Husband Both Wearing Sunglasses
Stine With His Husband Both Wearing Sunglasses

Some Interesting Facts About Relationship Status Of Stine Schyberg

  • Stine Schyberg and Alex Van Halen have been married since 2000. Alex is a drummer and former member of Van Halen from the United States. In 1996, the pair got serious about one another. 
  • They dated for four years in total before exchanging vows and being married twenty years later. The two have an unbreakable friendship. She and Alex also had a son together, who they named Malcolm Van Halen, in addition to their trust.
  • Additionally, before meeting Schyberg, Alex Van Halen was married to Valeri Kendall in 1983. After a two-year engagement, the pair were married. After only two months of marriage, they separated. Additionally, Kelly Carter is Alex's second wife. Aric Van Halen, his first kid, is raised by Kelly. Between the years 1984 and 1996, the pair were together.
  • Stine Schyberg Body Measurements
  • She is a designer and production assistant who has created CD covers for the band Van Halen.
  • Stine Schyberg, blonde and of slim build, has shoulder-length hair and is rather thin.
  • She frequently wears fancy clothing as she basks in her husband's wealth. The designer enjoys dressing up and is quite stylish. The Halen family tree is very complicated because Alex and Eddie Halen have been married many times.
  • Stine's husband, who is worth more than 110 million dollars, has made her a very wealthy woman.
  • According to the flight attendant on the Los Angeles to New York journey, Stine was more agitated than Alex.
  • Aric Van Halen, her half-son, is an athlete. He initially played baseball but soon became more interested in running after finishing a mile in just 5.45 seconds.
  • He even participated in the 2019 Olympic trials, finishing in 11th place.
  • Eddie Van Halen, her sister-in-law, passed away on October 6, 2020. He was also married, but his son from his first union, Wolfgang, is also a member of Van Halen.
  • Alex and Eddie were the only members of Van Halen who stayed with the band throughout its history and after Eddie died.
  • Stine Schyberg was seen in a shot with Alex and Malcolm Van Halen.
  • Stine Schyberg was shown with Malcolm and Alex Van Halen.
  • Alex enjoys motorcycle racing, so in 2014 he brought Stine and Malcolm to a Motocorp race. The family had a good time together and relished the occasion.
  • The drummer frequently carries his wife about with him since he is so devoted to her. She was never left alone by the musician, and they constantly traveled together.
  • She is also well-known as the aunt of Wolfgang Halen, who attracted more attention from fans than any other Van Halen child due to his mother Valerie Bertinelli's fame. Valerie Bertinelli also posted a touching tribute to Eddie Van Halen on Instagram on October 7.

People Also Ask

Is Alex Van Halen Still Married?

Yes, in the year 2000, Van Halen married his current wife, Stine Schyberg.

Who Is Alex Van Halens Wife?

In 2000, Van Halen wed Stine Schyberg, his current spouse.

What Stine Schyberg Net Worth Is?

Stine Schyberg wife of Alex Van Halen has been active in her career as an art director and designer. So, Stine Schyberg has an estimated net worth of $100 thousand.


American art director and designer Stine Schyberg is well-known worldwide. Stine Schyberg net worth is about $100 thousand.
Stine Schyberg is currently satisfied with her current circumstances, which are tilting her professional and personal life. Among her future goals are to inspire her peers and future generations, as well as to achieve many of her current ones.
There can be no doubt about Stine Schyberg's future career success. With our best wishes for her, she will be able to achieve greater success in both her professional and personal life. Let's hope for the best.
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