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Stephenie Meyer Net Worth - $120 Million From Twilight Series

The American author Stephenie Meyer net worth is about $120 million. Her best-known work is the Twilight series, which has sold more than 100 million copies around the world.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jan 04, 2023
Stephenie Meyer is an American writer and producer, and Stephenie Meyer net worthis huge. Stephenie is one of the best-selling fiction writers of all time.
She is the author of the hugely popular "Twilight" book series, which has been translated into 37 languages and sold more than 100 million copies around the world. It has also been made into a film series that has done just as well.
Meyer was a stay-at-home mom before she wrote her first book. She had never thought about becoming an author. So how did she become a best-selling author and the basis for a hugely successful movie series? The first step for Meyer was to have a dream.

Quick Facts About Stephenie Meyer

NameStephenie Meyer
BirthdayDecember 24, 1973
Net worth$120 million

Who Is Stephenie Meyer?

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Stephenie Morgan was born on December 24, 1973, in Hartford, Connecticut. This is where Stephenie Meyer was also born. She grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, with her mother Candy, her father Stephen (a financial officer), and five siblings.
Stephenie went to Chaparral High School and in 1992, she got a National Merit Scholarship. She went to collegein Utah at Brigham Young University and got a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature in 1997.
Meyer also went to Arizona State University and took classes there. Before she started writing the "Twilight" books, she worked as a receptionist.
Meyer has said that in June 2003, she had a dream about an "average girl" and a "fantastically beautiful, sparkly" vampire, who later became Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, talking about how they were falling in love and how the vampire wanted to kill the girl because he liked the smell of her blood.
She wrote the first draft of what would become the 13th chapter of "Twilight," then wrote to the end of the book before going back and writing the first 12 chapters.
Stephenie joined the American Night Writers Association, a group for women who want to write and are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, while she was writing the book. She finished her first novel in just three months.

Stephenie Meyer Twilight Saga

Twilight - Final Trailer

Meyer's sister persuaded her to send her manuscript to 15 literary agencies. Nine of them turned it down, and the other five never replied. She got one positive response from Genevieve, an assistant at Writers House. She asked Stephenie for the first three chapters of the book before asking for the whole manuscript.
A month later, literary agent Jodi Reamer from Writers House called Meyer about representing "Twilight." She sent the manuscript to nine publishers, and Little, Brown, and Company offered Stephenie a three-book deal worth $750,000. "Twilight" came out on October 5, 2005.
Within a month, it had reached #5 on "The New York Times" list of best-selling Children's Chapter Books, and it went on to become #1. "Publishers Weekly" named "Twilight" the Best Book of the Year, and Stephenie's second book, "New Moon," which came out in 2006, was on "The New York Times" Children's Chapter Books list for almost a year.
"Eclipse," her third book, came out in 2007, and then "Breaking Dawn" came out in 2008. "Breaking Dawn" sold an amazing 1.3 million copies the day it came out.
In 2009, author Jordan Scott accused Meyer of plagiarism and gave her a "cease and desist" order, saying that some parts of "Breaking Dawn" were similar to the plot of her vampire book "The Nocturne." Stephenie said she didn't know Scott or her book, and Scott never gave her a copy of "The Nocturne" to show that she was right.
The "Twilight" books have been translated into 37 languages, and in 2008 and 2009, they were the top four best-selling books in the United States, according to "USA Today."
Five movies have been made from the books, and together they have made more than $3.3 billion at the box office. Meyer wrote "Midnight Sun," the first "Twilight" book from Edward's point of view instead of Bella's. It came out in 2020 and sold more than a million copies in its first week.

Meyer Husband Thought She Gone Crazy

Even though she enjoyed writing, Meyer decided to keep the story of Twilight a secret. Even people she was close to thought she was strange, but that didn't stop the author from writing.
My husband thought I’d gone crazy. I’d barely spoken to him because I had all these things going on in my head, and I wasn’t telling him about this weird vampire obsession because I knew he’d freak out and think I’d lost my mind.- Stephenie Meyer
Meyer eventually realized that she had written a book, and she worked with Little, Brown, and Company to get it published. There were three sequels to Twilight: New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. All of these books led to five movies that did very well at the box office.
Meyer kept writing books, some of which took place in the Twilight world and others of which had nothing to do with her first story. The long-awaited book Midnight Sun, which is a retelling of Twilight from Edward's point of view, was just published by Meyer.

Stephenie Meyer Net Worth

Stephenie Meye wearing a black outfit and colorful necklace
Stephenie Meye wearing a black outfit and colorful necklace
American author Stephenie Meyer has a net worth of $120 million dollars. Stephenie is one of the best-selling fiction writers of all time. She wrote the "Twilight" book series, which has sold more than 100 million copies around the world and has been turned into a film series with the same amount of success.
Only in 2010 and 2011, Meyer made more than $40 million from her books and movies. In 2008 and 2009, she sold more copies of her books than any other author in the world. Stephenie has also written three books for adults: "The Host" (2008), "The Chemist" (2016), and "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" (2010).
She has also done well as a movie producer. She started the production company Fickle Fish Films in 2011. She made both "Breaking Dawn" movies (in 2011 and 2012), "The Host" (2013), "Austenland" (2013), and "Down a Dark Hall" (2018). She is also going to make a TV version of "The Chemist."
Meyer was named one of the world's 100 most influential people by "Time" magazine in 2008. The next year, "Forbes" named her one of the 100 most powerful celebritiesin the world.

Real Estate Of Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie and Christiaan bought a 3,316-square-foot home in Cave Creek, Arizona, for $819,000. The 5-bedroom house has a fireplace, a swimming pool, and views of the mountains. It is on an acre of land.

30 Interesting Facts About Stephenie Meyer

  • Stephanie Morgan was her real name.
  • On December 24, 1973, she was born.
  • She is from the US city of Hartford, Connecticut.
  • She is one of five children.
  • A former English teacher said that she was smart, but not too smart.
  • Meyer has an English BA.
  • She went to school at Brigham Young University in Utah, USA.
  • She and her husband, Christian Meyer, got married when they were both 21 years old.
  • The couple has three boys.
  • Meyer's writing career has taken off, so her husband has retired to take care of the kids.
  • She belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • Meyer had never written anything before she wrote Twilight (2005).
  • On June 2, 2003, Meyer had a dream that gave her the idea for Twilight.
  • Meyer wrote down his dream, and it became chapter 13 of the book.
  • Meyer never planned to have her writings published, but her sister pushed her to do so.
  • Nine letters told the author that they didn't like Twilight.
  • When an agent took it on, eight companies tried to get the rights to publish it.
  • Later, Twilight was turned into a series. It was followed by New Moon in 2006, Eclipse in 2007, Breaking Dawn in 2008, and The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner in 2009. (2010).
  • Midnight Sun, the next book in the series, had the first twelve chapters of it leaked online. Meyer doesn't plan to put it out.
  • Authorslike Jane Austen, Charlotte Bront, and William Shakespeare made her want to write.
  • Muse, a rock band, has a big impact on her writing.
  • The first thing she ever wrote for adults was a science-fiction story. The Host was this (2008).
  • Meyer had planned for The Host to be the first book in a trilogy, but she doesn't want to kill off any of her characters.
  • Summit Pictures has made movies that did well based on the Twilight books.
  • Open Road Films put out the movie The Host in 2013.
  • The 13th of September is Bella Swan's birthday, so fans of Stephenie Meyer celebrate "Stephenie Meyer Day" on that day.
  • Entertainment Weekly said that Meyer was "the most popular vampire novelist since Anne Rice."
  • Stephen King has said that Meyer's work is bad because "Twilight is all about how important it is to have a boyfriend."
  • Feminists have also criticized Meyer for making Bella Swan seem like a "damsel in distress" and for making a psychically abusive relationship between Bella and Edward seem like a romantic idea.
  • Meyer is now in charge of making Breaking Dawn: Parts 1 and 2. She is also the producer of The Host and the upcoming movie version of Austenland by Shannon Hale.

People Also Ask

Why Did Stephenie Meyer Call It Twilight?

She sent a list of "words with atmosphere," which included the word "twilight." Even though these words were meant to be used with something else, she noticed the word "twilight." She decided to give it a try, and after some time getting used to it, it started to help her.

How Old Was Stephanie Meyer When She Wrote Twilight?

Stephenie Meyer, like J.K. Rowling, had never published a piece of fiction before she wrote Twilight in 2003 when she was 29 years old. She has said that she dreamed up the idea for the vampire love story.

How Many Times Was Twilight Rejected?

But before it became the wildly popular book, series, and movie franchise, Meyers sent Twilight to 15 literary agents, and 14 of them turned it down.


Meyer has, of course, been able to build up a pretty good net worth over the years. NBC said in 2010 that the Cullen family was worth $34.1 billion based on Carlisle's age and Alice's ability to pick the stocks that will do best in the future. Meyer, on the other hand, has nothing on the Cullen family.
But Meyer is doing fine without the made-up family. Celebrity Net Worth says that the author is worth an incredible $120 million. We don't know what else will get you to follow your dreams if that doesn't.
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