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A Short Biography Of Simone Lambe - The Ex-Wife Of Michael Ballack

Simone Lambe is a well-known German model, actress, media face, and social media celebrity. She is most known for being the ex-wife of former NFL star Michael Ballack.

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Simone Lambeis a well-known German model, actress, media face, and social media celebrity. She is most known for being the ex-wife of former NFL star Michael Ballack.
Her pieces have been published in newspapers, and she has appeared in several journals. She likes getting together with her pals in new areas. To augment her income, I'll inform you that she also works as a mannequin painter.

Simone Lambe Biography

Simone Mecky-Ballack, born as Simone Lambeon on February 16, 1976, in Kaiserslautern, is the former wife of soccer star Michael Ballack and a German television show participant, model, and actress.
Simone Mecky-Ballack is a Kaiserslautern, Germany native. After her parents divorced, she spent most of her childhood with her mother.
Simone's half-brother was born after she married. She worked as a pharmaceutical clerk after graduating from high school. She also had a gastronomic career. In 1998, she met Michael Ballack, who was playing for 1 FC Kaiserslautern, at the Café am Markt in Kaiserslautern. They started dating and eventually became a couple.
Simone Lambe posing a smoker holding cigarette in her hand
Simone Lambe posing a smoker holding cigarette in her hand

Simone Lambe Marriage

She is a well-known and respected mannequin. She dated Michael Ballack, a well-known soccer player, for a few years. On July 14, 2008, the two were married. The Bavarian Palace Kempfenhausen hosted a lavish wedding ceremony.
For personal reasons, Michael and Simone decided to split their ways, and they divorced in 2012. Simone Lambe makes a reference to Andreas Mecky after their divorce and they get married in 2019. On the other hand, Michael began a relationship with Natacha Tannous, but the two split up in 2019.
Michael is a well-known Internet personality, entrepreneur, and former German soccer player. He has played in several matches for Germany and has won numerous medals. He joined the soccer team when he was 19 years old.
He was a midfielder who was known for his powerful photographs and physical strength. He's also appeared in the UEFA European Football Championship, the FIFA World Cup, and many national matches. Throughout the international matches, he was named captain of his crew.

Simone Lambe Son

In 2001, Michael Ballack and Simone Lambe had their first child. His name was Louis Ballack. Simone gave birth to a different son, Emilio Ballack, the following year. Jordi Ballack, the couple's third son, was born in 2005.
Emilio was really interested in quad racing. In Portugal, he was riding a quad bike when he got into a fatal accident on August 5, 2021 (Thursday) in Troia, Lisbon, Portugal. He passed away shortly after, around 2:10 a.m., according to different sources.
While driving, he lost control of the vehicle and crashed to the ground. The bike slammed into him from behind, and he was crushed by the automobile. Medical personnel arrived at the scene to try to resuscitate him, but he was deemed dead. At the time of his death, he was just 18 years old. When his father and mother, along with the rest of his family were devastated by his sudden death.

Simone Lambe Net Worth

As of 2022, Simone Lambe's net worth is estimated to be $3 to $4 million. Most of her wealth came as a divorce settlement. Also as everyone knows that she is a successful model and actress, so she has earned a lot of fortune by working in the showbiz industry.


Simone Lambe enjoys playing pool in her spare time. She and her upper half have been to a lot of places because she is a big fan of traveling. With her family and friends, the well-known mannequin celebrates Christmas and Halloween. She enjoys shopping for food as well as new clothing and equipment for herself.
She does yoga and exercises to be fit and healthy. Simone Mecky-Ballack has a pet cat named Joe, with whom she takes a lot of photographs and posts them on her Instagram account.
She competed in the dance competition "Let's Dance" in 2013. Simone Lambe enjoys preparing delectable meals for her husband, Andreas Mecky. Her official Instagram account has 52.9k followers and 894 posts as of January 2022.
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