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The Mysterious Sherry Shriner Obituary And The Strange Occurrences In Her Life

Sherry Shriner died after a heart attack, according to her obituary. On January 28, 2021, her death was announced.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
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Sherry was the head of an alien-reptilian sect. According to reports, her online reptile cult was linked to Steven Mineo's death in 2017. The Devil You Know, a six-part docuseries focused on Mineo's strange demise. The program, however, does not address who is to blame. Shriner was found guilty of third-degree murder in the killing of Mineo in 2019. They maintained, however, that the murder was inadvertent. According to Sherry Shriner obituary, she died due to a heart attack on January 28, 2021.

Sherry Shriner Devil You Know

Sherry Shriner's job is all about the spiritual world and her fights with the Devil, the king of the deceivers. An Interview book she wrote a few years before she died is called "Lucifer." In it, she talks about Lucifer, who she calls the Devil. Sherry was once buddies with the devil, according to sources, but everything changed when they became the worst of foes.
Sherry Shriner, a cult leader, and the author is one of the most controversial people in the spiritual world, and her conversation with Lucifer is no exception. Sherry and Lucifer recall and recollect their early moments in heaven before she became Lucifer's worst enemy in the conversation. They also discuss a variety of topics, ranging from the spiritual realm to Lucifer's aspirations for the United States government.
Sherry Shriner wearing a blue top and was handcuffed while being escorted by authority
Sherry Shriner wearing a blue top and was handcuffed while being escorted by authority

Who Is Sherry Shriner

Sherry Shriner was born in the United States in 1975. She was an alien-reptilian cult leader by profession who died on January 28, 2021. Shriner's online reptile cult has reportedly been linked to Steven Mineo's death in 2017. Her latest documentary, however, has piqued our interest in learning more about her. The Devil's Advocate is a six-part docuseries about Steven Mineo, who was murdered by his girlfriend, Barbara Rogers, and Shriner. Sherry Shriner founded the Alien-Reptile Cult. She calls herself a "Messenger of the Highest God." She formed her own cult, or Facebook page, where she discussed her strange views and forecasts.

Sherry Shriner Facebook

She described herself as a daughter, servant, friend, and fighter on her Facebook page. Shriner's personal blogs and social media profiles are now being managed by her family members after her untimely death.

Sherry Shriner Books

Sherry Shriner's career revolves around the spiritual realm and her battles with the Devil, the king of the deceiver. According to sources, Sherry Shriner used to be friends with the devil, but things changed and they are now the worst of foes. Sherry Shriner created and released a book called Interview a few years before she died, which features Sherry Shriner's talk with the Devil, whom she refers to as Lucifer.
In a long chat, Sherry Shriner and Lucifer reminisce and recollect their early experiences when they were both in heaven before she became Lucifer's worst enemy. The book is one of the most controversial written by the author and leader of the cult. She and Lucifer talked about a lot of different things, from the spiritual world to Lucifer's hopes for the US government.
Sherry Shriner started her campaign and fight by writing books and giving talks about the spiritual world and how the Devil can be very clever. She then moved on to the prominent social media site Facebook, where she taught for most of her life until her death in January 2021.


Sherry Shriner was born on January 28, 1965, and passed away on January 28, 2021. She is an author and the head of the Alien Reptile Cult in the United States. The self-proclaimed messenger of the Highest God is well-known for her writings, which are mainly focused on the battle against the devil, whom she claims is a deceiver of humanity.
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