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Serena Williams Net Worth In 2022, Birthday, Age, Husband And Tennis Earning

Serena Williams is an American professional tennis player and former world No 1. As of 202,, Serena Williams net worth is estimated $200 M.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
May 19, 2022
Serena Williams's early life was centered around tennis training along with her sister Venus. She was born in Michigan, but the family moved to Compton for the girls’ movement and later to Florida. Serena Williams's professional career is stellar, and she has multiple titles in the singles, doubles, and mixed categories.
Serena Williams's personal life – she is married to Alexis Ohanian, and the couple has a girl baby. Serena Williams's off-court activities include her fashion collection with HSN, endorsements with Pepsi, Delta Airlines, Nike, IBM, and many other companies. She is also the Chief Sporting Officer for Aston Martin.
Serena Williams was born on September 26, 1981, in Saginaw, Michigan. She is 39 years old. Serena's height is 175 cm, or 5 ft 9 inches. Serena Williams received home education through her father. However, she did enroll at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida for fashion design in 1999. Miss Williams has a lot of popular and famous people as friends. She is friends with Beyonce, Anna Wintour, Kelly Rowland, Kim Kardashian West, Meghan Markle, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Tiger Woods, Queen Latifah, and Amy Schumer.

Serena Williams Husband And Daughter

Serena Williams's husband is Alexis Ohanian. He is a co-founder as well as the executive chairman of Reddit. The couple got engaged on December 29 0f 2016, after they started dating in 2015. The couple married on November 16, 2017. The wedding was as star-studded as it was beautiful. The theme of the wedding was Beauty and the Beast. Serena Williams wore three wedding dresses. She wore a strapless Alexander McQueen ball gown for walking down the aisle. The dress is reportedly worth $2.6 million. She wore a beaded Versace gown for the reception, while the third was also from Versace but with a short and fitted silhouette. Alexis, on the other hand, wore an Armani tuxedo for the ceremony.
The wedding guest list was stellar, including Anna Wintour, Beyonce, Eva Longoria, her husband, Kelly Rowland, Kim Kardashian West, Selita Ebanks, Carline Wozniacki, and David Lee, Cynthia Erivo, and Colton Hayes.
Alexis is an investor as well as an internet entrepreneur. Serena Williams's husband's net worth is $71 million, according to Forbes. The couple has a two-year-old daughter named Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. She was born on September 1, 2017, after undergoing an emergency c-section.
As of 2021, Serena Williams net worthis estimated at $200 million.

Serena Williams best shots | Australian Open 2020

Net Worth$200 Million
BirthdaySeptember 26, 1981
BirthplaceSaginaw, Michigan
Age39 Years Old
Height5 ft 9 inches
EducationFort Lauderdale
HusbandAlexis Ohanian
DaughterAlexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.
FatherRichard Williams
MomOracene Price
Tennis Earning$88.6 Million
WikipediaSerena Williams
FacebookSerena Williams
House and ResidencePalm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States
Zodiac signLibra

Serena Williams Relationship

Young Serena Williams was intensely focused on her tennis career. However, she has also dated several men ranging from actors, producers, musicians, and athletes. The list of Serena's boyfriend's include:
  • Corey Maggette
  • Columbus Short
  • CC Sabathia
  • Keyshawn Johnson
  • Brett Ratner
  • Colin Farrell
  • Common
  • Jackie Long
  • Hosea Chanchez
  • Amar'e Stoudemire
  • Patrick Mouratoglou
  • Grigor Dimitrov
  • LaVar Arrington

Serena Williams Family

Serena Williams comes from a large family of five sisters. She also has up to seven half-siblings due to her father's many marriages. The family lived in Compton, California, where the sisters began training for their stellar tennis career under their father's tutelage and another mentor with the same name as their father.
Serena Williams's father is Richard Williams. He is an American tennis coach and was the first coach to Serena Williams and her sister Venus. He has been their coach since 1995.
Serena's mother is Oracene Price, who is the second wife of Richard Williams. She was born on April 03, 1952. She is also an American tennis coach, and she coached the Williams sisters alongside her husband. The couple was married from 1980 to 2002.
Richard Williams is known for his illustrious tennis career as he is for his multiple marriages. He is aged 77, and he has taken a step back from coaching after suffering multiple strokes around July 2016.
The list of Serena Williams' siblings includes:
  • Venus Williams
  • Richard III
  • Ronner Williams
  • Dylan Starr Williams
  • Chavoita LeSane
  • Sabrina Deville
  • Late. Yetunde Price
  • Lyndrea Price
  • Isha Price

Serena Williams Brother

She has three brothers named Dylan Starr Williams, Ronner Williams, and Richard Williams III. However, Dylan Starr was born in august 2012, and he is a celebrity kid. He is currently eight years of age. His father has a net worth of $20 Million. Ronner Williams was born in 1966 in California. He is currently 55 years of age. His annual income is about $100 - 149,999. He is a successful entrepreneur and is a professional mentor. Richard Williams III was born in 1985. He is currently 37 years of age. Moreover, he was a senior consultant.

Serena Williams Sisters

Serena has four sisters named Venus Williams, Lyndrea Price, Yetunde Price, and Isha Price. Furthermore, Venus was born on June 17, 1980, in California, United States. She is currently 40 years of age. She is a professional tennis player who has won seven Grand Slams. She has been number 1 on ranking for 11 weeks. Her net worth is $95 million.
Lyndrea Price was born in 1978 in Saginaw. She is a singer, and she is currently 40 years of age. Her net worth is f $150 Thousand. Yetunde Price was born on August 9, 1972, in Saginaw, Michigan, United States. She was the personal assistant to the leading tennis playersVenus and Serena Williams. She died in a shooting in 2003.
Isha Price is the elder sister of Serena. She is a lawyer, and she was born on February 18, 1975, in the United States. Her net worth is $1 Million - $5 Million.

Serena Williams Grand Slam And Records

Serena Williams has 33 grand slam titles, out of which 23 are singles titles while 10 are runner-ups.
  • 1999 US Open
  • 2002 French Open
  • 2002 Wimbledon
  • 2002 US Open
  • 2003 Australian Open
  • 2003 Wimbledon
  • 2005 Australian Open
  • 2007 Australian Open
  • 2008 US Open
  • 2009 Australian Open
  • 2009 Wimbledon
  • 2010 Australian Open
  • 2010 Wimbledon
  • 2012 Wimbledon
  • 2012 US Open
  • 2013 French Open
  • 2013 US Open
  • 2014 US Open
  • 2015 Australian Open
  • 2015 French Open
  • 2015 Wimbledon
  • 2016 Wimbledon
  • 2017 Australian Open


  • 2001 US Open
  • 2004 Wimbledon
  • 2008 Wimbledon
  • 2011 US Open
  • 2016 Australian Open
  • 2016 French Open
  • 2018 Wimbledon
  • 2018 US Open
  • 2019 Wimbledon
  • 2019 US Open
Serena Williams also has 14 doubles titles. In all the games, her doubles partner was Venus Williams, her older sister.
  • 1999 French Open
  • 1999 US Open
  • 2000 Wimbledon
  • 2001 Australian Open
  • 2002 Wimbledon
  • 2003 Australian Open
  • 2008 Wimbledon
  • 2009 Australian Open
  • 2009 Wimbledon
  • 2009 US Open
  • 2010 Australian Open
  • 2010 French Open
  • 2012 Wimbledon
  • 2016 Wimbledon
Serena Williams also has 2 mixed doubles titles she won with Max Mirnyi.
  • 1998 US Open
  • 1998 Wimbledon
She also has 2 runner-up mixed doubles titles.
  • 1998 French Open
  • 1999 Australian
Serena Williams also has an Olympic gold medal in the singles category.
  • 2012 London Olympics
She also has 3 Olympic gold medals in the doubles category. She shares them with Venus Williams.
  • 2000 Sydney Olympics
  • 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • 2012 London Olympics
Serena Williams has 5 titles from the Year-end championships finals.
  • 2001 WTA Finals, Germany
  • 2009 WTA Finals, Qatar
  • 2012 WTA Finals, Turkey
  • 2013 WTA Finals, Turkey
  • 2014 WTA Finals, Singapore
2 runner-up titles from Year-end championships finals.
  • 2002 WTA Finals, United States
  • 2004 WTA Finals, United States
Serena Williams also has 33 singles titles from Premier Mandatory's Premier 5 finals.
  • These include 23 titles and 10 runner-ups.
  • She also has 2 double titles.
  • Serena Williams has 72 Singles titles from WTA finals as well as 25 runner-up titles.
  • She has 23 doubles titles from WTA finals and 1 runner-up title.
  • In the team competition, she has 3 titles and 1 runner-up title.

Serena Williams Tennis Earning

Serena Williams' earnings from winning tennis grand slams and tournaments amount to $88.6 million. She is the highest-paid female in the industry.

Serena Williams Social Media

Serena Williams has a dedicated wiki page, and it can be accessed here Wikipedia.
Serena Williams has a dedicated page on Reddit. The community has 2.0 K members. Videos, pictures as well as other newsare shared among the members of the community.
On YouTube, videos of Serena Williams matches are extensively covered. However, she does not have an account on the platform.
Serena Williams has an account on Instagram. She has 12.8 million followers, and her Instagram handle is @serenawilliams. She shares glimpses of her personal life as well as her family on the platform.
Serena Williams has a Twitter account where she has 10.8 million followers. She also shares about her personal life on Twitter as well. Her Twitter handle is @serenawilliams.
Serena Williams has an account on Facebook, and she has 6.8 million fans on the platform. Her Facebook id is Serena Williams.

Serena Williams Eyebrows

Serena Williams's eyebrows were the subject of internet debate when she posted a picture with natural eyebrows and no makeup. Some people said it looked bad, and she was trolled for it, but fans praised her for the bold and natural look. She has always had full eyebrows, and her fans love her for it.

Serena Williams Car

Serena Williams's first car was a Lincoln Navigator, and it was called Ginger. She has recently gifted the car to her niece.

She Now Owns Luxury Cars, Including:

  • Aston Martin Valkyrie
  • Bentley Continental GT
  • Range Rover
  • 1992 Dodge Viper RT10
  • Mercedes G Glass
  • Lincoln Navigator
  • Mercedes GLS
  • Mini Cooper

Serena Williams Charity

Serena Williams has been involved in several charities, causes, and foundations. Altogether she has supported 13 charities as well as 29 causes:
  • I Heart My Girlfriends
  • Common Ground Foundation
  • Small Steps Project
  • Serena Williams Fund
  • The HollyRod Foundation
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Build African Schools
  • World Education
  • Hearts of Gold
  • Eva Longoria Foundation
  • Elton John AIDS Foundation
  • Global Goals

Other Causes She Has Supported Include:

  • Women
  • Peace
  • At-Risk/Disadvantaged Youths
  • Education
  • Civil Rights
  • Children
  • Economic/Business Support
  • Abuse
  • Hunger
  • Homelessness
  • Conservation
  • Environment
  • Gender Equality
  • Health
  • Fair Trade
  • Literacy
  • Human Rights
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Oceans
  • Physical Challenges
  • Poverty
  • Senior Citizen Support
  • Slavery' Human Trafficking
  • Substance Abuse
  • Sports
  • Water
  • Family/Parent Support

Serena Williams Regions

Apart from her distinguished and stellar tennis career, Serena Williams has also featured in many films and television. Her most notable roles in television and films include:
  • The Simpsons
  • America's Next Top Model
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians
  • The Legend of Korra
  • Ocean's 8
  • Drop Dead Diva
  • The Game
  • Hair Show
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  • My Wife and Kids
  • Venus and Serena
  • 7 Days in Hell
  • Being Serena

Serena Williams House And Residence

Serena Williams has a house in Beverly Hills, which is estimated to be around $5.1 million. The home is about 6,000-square-foot and has five bedrooms as well as 7 bathrooms. Serena Williams' residence is at Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States.

Serena Williams Zodiac Sign

Serena's Zodiac Sign is Libra.
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