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Seargeoh Stallone Net Worth - Autistic Son Of Famous Action Hero Sylvester Stallone

American actor Seargeoh Stallone gained notoriety for his portrayal of Robert Balboa Jr. in Rocky II. His close bond with his father, the renowned actor Sylvester Stallone, contributed significantly to his quick rise to fame. He is an actor by profession which led to increase in Seargeoh Stallone net worth.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Sep 21, 2022
American actor Seargeoh Stallone gained notoriety for his portrayal of Robert Balboa Jr. in Rocky II. His close bond with his father, the renowned actor Sylvester Stallone, contributed significantly to his quick rise to fame. He is an actor by profession which led to increase in Seargeoh Stallone net worth.
Full NameSeargeoh Stallone
Born In1979
Age43 years old
Zodiac SignLeo
ParentsSylvester Stallone and Sasha Czack
Do you know what happened to him? Seargeoh is best known for his solitary lifestyle and connection to the illustrious Stallone family. He is still praised for his flawless acting in Rocky II, both his first and final film. You can find all the information about him as some of the most interesting facts about him are mentioned below.
Seargeoh Stallone is a white man who was born in the US in 1979. Sylvester Stallone and Sasha Czack are his parents. His mother is well-known for her roles in Long Lost Love, Vic, and Love of Life, while his father appeared in the Rocky franchise and other blockbuster films.
Seargeoh Stallone wearing a black and white suit
Seargeoh Stallone wearing a black and white suit

Interesting Facts About Seargeoh Stallone

Broken Family

Parents of Seargeoh split on February 14, 1985. Seargeoh was dealing with issues related to autism at the time of their split. Despite being apart, his parents always made sure he had their undying love and care.

His Older Brother Died

Sage Stallone, his older sibling, passed away in 2012 due to a cardiac issue. He was a well-known actor who played leading roles in many movies. Because Sage's family likes to keep things quiet, people often think he is Seargeoh Stallone.

His Debut In "Rocky"

You must first understand that there is no Seargeoh Stallone TV series in order to put the misconception to rest. Seargeoh only made an appearance in Rocky II. His distinct condition led to a brief acting career.

Experiencing Autism

Growing up, Seargeoh Stallone was a reserved child. His parents began to worry about his quiet when he was three years old, and they took him to the hospital where the diagnosis of autism was made.
Due to the constant attention his parents were receiving, they were constantly advised to enroll their son in a special school. Sylvester Stallone, on the other hand, didn't listen to the advice and chose to take care of their son at home.
No special treatment, he insisted, could compete with the comfort of home and family. So, Sylvester Stallone's family set up a fund to help the National Society for Children and Adults with Autism with research.
To meet Seargeoh's needs, the family resorted to making a number of changes to their routines. This made sure he attended home school while receiving treatment. As he learnt to live life differently, by the time he was ten years old, his speech and mobility had steadily improved.

A Robot Made For Seargeoh

He received an autism diagnosis when he was three years old. Robert Doornick, the CEO and founder of International Robotics Inc., created a robot named Sico in New York to assist in the care of Seargeoh. In Rocky IV, Sico the robot made an appearance as Paulie's Robot and was voiced by Doornick.
Seargeoh Stallone wearing a nude shirt and leaning on a table
Seargeoh Stallone wearing a nude shirt and leaning on a table

Seargeoh Stallone's Profession

There is no disputing Seargeoh's exceptional talent. Seargeoh is regarded as a "quiet genius" by those who knew him, despite the fact that he did not live to become a well-known actor.
This quality was even noticeable when he was growing up. He was a clever child who picked things up quickly. His parents supported him and even fought for his inclusion in Rocky II.

Seargeoh Stallone Instagram

He is kind of a private and shy person, so he does not have social media accounts.

Seargeoh Stallone Now

The paparazzi have not been able to learn anything about Seargeoh because his life has long been kept secret. But it is thought that Seargeoh lives with his father, stepmother, and stepsisters in their mansion in La Quinta, California.

Seargeoh Stallone Net Worth

As there is no detailed information about him or his profession, so it is thought that his net worth is almost $4 million.

People Also Ask

What Does Seargeoh Stallone Do For A Living?

He is an actor by profession.

Who Is Seargeoh Stallone Mother?

Sasha Czack is Seargeoh Stallone's mother.

Who Is Seargeoh Stallone Father?

Sylvester Stallone is Seargeoh Stallone's father.


Even though he has led a solitary life since stepping away from the spotlight and acting, he is undoubtedly doing well.
You can hope that he may one day emerge from hiding and once again astound you like he did in Rocky II and take part in some amazing scripts so that Seargeoh Stallone's net worth can be huge. To see him successful and more importantly happy is what his fans want.
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