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Scott Cawthon Net Worth In 2022, Birthday, Age, Wife, Kids And Salary

How much Scott Cawthon net worth? Cawthon was interested in the field of game creation after his mother purchased a program.

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The game developer Scott was born on 26 July 1971 in Houston, Texas, United States. An American game designer is 50 years old. His sun sign is Leo. He is from Fort Worth, but currently, he lives in Salado, Texas, the USA, with his family. Scott was a devout Christian. The American independent video game designer is 70 kg and 1.75 m. He has American citizenship and Nationality.
As of 2022, Scott Cawthon net worthis estimated at $70 million.

Scott Cawthon Career

Cawthon was interested in game creation after his mother purchased a program called Klik and Play. He is an American video-game developer, writer, and animator. His success story as a game developer started in 2014.
His career in the field of animation began in the 1990s. He created various games, but he is well-known as the creator of ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s.’ His popular games are ‘There is no pause Button’ and ‘The Desolate Hope.’ Moreover, Christian-based animations such as- A Christmas Journey and The Pilgrim’s Process.
For creating 3D Modelsof objects, and characters for his game, he uses Autodesk 3ds Max. On 14 June 2014, he released the trailer of ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s,’ and it received massive popularity. The game became the subject of numerous ‘Let’s Play’ videos on YouTube.


Scott Cawthon Video Games

Scott is popular for his variety of games. Here is a list of popular video games by Scott Cawthon.
  • Five Night’s at a Freddy (2014)
  • Ultimate Custom Night (2018)
  • The Desolate Hope
  • FNaF World
  • Freddy Fuzbear’s Pizzeria Simulator (2017)

Scott Cawthon Author Of Books

On 26 December 2019, his first book ‘Fazbear Frights’ was released on Amazon.com in Kindle and Paper book format. The next ten is also ready with their release dates and titles.
  • ‘Fetch’ released on March 3, 2020
  • ‘1:35 A: M’ released on 5 May 2020
  • Step Closer on 7 July 2020
  • Bunny Call on 1 September 2020
  • Blackbird on 29 December 2020
  • The Cliff releasing on 3 March 2021
  • Gumdrop Angel on 4 May 2021
  • The Puppet Carver on 6 July 2021
  • Friendly Face releasing on 7 September 2021
  • TBA releasing on 2 November 2021
  • Novels-
  • Five Night’s at the Freddy’s: The Silver Eyes (2015), The Twisted Ones (2017), The Fourth Closet (2018)
  • Activity Books-
  • Five Night’s at the Freddy’s: Survival Logbook (2017)
  • Coloring Books-
  • Art with Edge- Five Night’s at Freddy’s: (2018)
  • The Official Five Night at Freddy’s Coloring Book (2021)

Scott Cawthon Kids

He was blessed with 2 children. They are named lan Cawthon and Braden Cawthon. The hobby of lan is speedcubing. It is the art of solving the puzzles as quickly as possible.

Scott Cawthon Salary

With his successful video game franchise and published books, Scott Cawthon has a Net Worth of $60 Million. He has made $20 Million by selling the games. In 2015, he was nominated for an iHorror Award. It was in the category of the best horror video game. He was nominated for the award because of his work in Five Nights at Freddy. The creator and developer of video games have announced that he is stepping away from the games to focus on his family.
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