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Ryder Fieri Net Worth - Son Of One Of The Richest Chefs 'Guy Fieri'

Ryder Fieri is a very famous American kid who is best known for being the son of Guy Fieri, an American TV personality. Read more to know about Ryder Fieri net worth.

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Ryder Fieri is the youngest son of chef and TV host Guy Fieri and his wife, Lori. A lot of people are interested in knowing Ryder Fieri net worthbecause of her parents.
Guy Fieri is an American restaurant owner, blogger, and TV host who has won an Emmy Award. He is a partner in three restaurants in California. In the same way, his Italian refugee mother Lori changed his last name to Ferry after he was born in America.

Quick Facts About Ryder Fieri

NameRyder Fieri
BirthdayDecember 31, 2005
FatherGuy Fieri

Who Is Ryder Fieri?

Ryder Fieri on a boat wearing red shorts
Ryder Fieri on a boat wearing red shorts
Family Member is what most people know Ryder Fieri for. Fieri was born in the United States on December 31, 2005. Guy Fieri's shows Guy's Family Cruise and Guy's Big Bite have both had him on them. Guy and Lori Fieri, the host, restaurateur, producer, and author are his parents. He is their youngest son.
Also, his mother Lori met Fieri when she went to a restaurant in Long Beach, California, that he managed. They got married in 1995. When Fieri got married, he changed his last name from Ferry to Fieri as a tribute to his grandfather.
Giuseppe Fieri, who came to the United States as an Italian refugee and changed his last name to Ferry when he got here. In Santa Rosa, California, they live with their two sons, Hunter and Ryder.

Who Is Ryder Fieri Father?

Guy Fieri is an American restaurant owner, author, game show host, and TV personality from Ohio who has won an Emmy Award. He is well-known for hosting several shows on the Food Network. Guy Ramsay Fieri was born in Columbus, Ohio, on January 22, 1968. Lewis James Ferry and Penelope Anne Price have a son named Fieri.
Guy Fieri had been working for six years before he and his business partner, Steve Gruber, decided to open a restaurant together. At the end of 1996, he and his business partner opened Johnny Garlic's in Santa Rosa, California. Then, in 1999 and 2000, they opened two more in Windsor and Petaluma.
After that, the California Pasta Grill location in Petaluma closed, and in 2008, they opened their fourth location in Roseville.
In 2011, the business partners opened a new version of Johnny Garlic's in Dublin, California. Fieri decided to open a diner in New York City, which was a risky thing to do because the Big Apple is the most competitive restaurant market in the US.
Guy's American Kitchen and Bar is the name of the restaurant he opened in New York City in 2012. The opening of the restaurant was harshly criticized by the New York Times, which gave the restaurant bad reviews.
Fieri decided to close his New York City restaurant by the end of 2017, even though the Restaurant Business listed it as one of the "top 100 independent restaurants" in terms of sales.

Ryder Fieri Net Worth

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Ryder Fieri is still young and studying so his net worth is still unknown. On the other hand, his father, Guy Fieri is an American chef, TV personality, author, and host of game shows. Guy Fieri is worth $50 million as of this writing. Guy is best known for being the longtime host of The Food Network's "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives."
"Guy's Grocery Games" is another show he hosts. After he did well on the second season of "Next Food Network Star," Guy got his own Food Network show. Since then, he has hosted more than a dozen shows on The Food Network.

People Also Ask

How Old Is Guy Fieri Son Ryder?

Guy Fieri is known for driving around in a red 1968 Camaro and a bunch of other old cars, but those are his cars, not his sons. Hunter's dad, who has a son who is 26 and another who is 16, told PEOPLE that he has a rule about what the boys' first car should be.

Why Did Guy Fieri Change His Name?

The couple got married in 1995, and Ferry changed his last name to Fieri to honor his Italian grandfather, Giuseppe Fieri, who changed his last name to Ferry when he came to the United States.

How Much Does Guy Fieri Make On Triple D?

Forbes says that the new deal is worth $30 million more than Fieri's old deal, which was worth $50 million. Fieri makes about $26 million a year, which is more than his celebrity chef competitors Emeril Lagasse, who made $8 million, and Gordon Ramsay, who made about $20 million.


Guy Fieri, Ryder's dad, is a man with many skills. He owns restaurants, writes books, hosts game shows, and is on TV. After getting known as a restaurant owner, he tried to make a name for himself in the small-screen entertainment business. Guy Fieri's net worth is thought to be around $50 million as of November 2022.
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