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Ruja Ignatova Net Worth - The Greatest Scam In The History By The Missing Cryptoqueen

Bulgarian fraudster Ruja Ignatova has been sentenced to prison time for her crimes. A Ponzi scheme called OneCoin has been dubbed "one of the greatest scams in history" by The Times. The Missing Cryptoqueen was a 2019 BBC audio series that focused on her disappearance.

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'Cryptoqueen' Ruja Ignatova has set up the greatest pyramid scheme in history, claiming to have created her own cryptocurrencythrough her business ventures that boost Ruja Ignatova net worth.
As she made her way around the world promoting her coin, she was met by a wide audience.
Despite Ignatova's 2017 disappearance, Konstantin Ignatov, his brother, was detained in 2019.
The FBI is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to her arrest, which has prompted internet investigators called "netizens" to look for clues as to her whereabouts.

Who Is Ruja Ignatova?

Ruja Ignatova wearing a black top with red big flowers and red lipstick sitting in a chair
Ruja Ignatova wearing a black top with red big flowers and red lipstick sitting in a chair
Ruja Ignatova spent her first ten years of life in Germany after relocating there with her family after being born in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria.
After that, in 2005, she attended the University of Konstanz and received a doctorate in European private law from that institution.
Ignatova is no longer known for her work as a respected legal scholar; rather, she is known as the originator of OneCoin, which is regarded as the largest accused Ponzi scheme in the history of cryptocurrencies.
Ignatova's shady business dealings had nothing to do with OneCoin.
At this point in time, the CryptoQueen had already been found guilty of fraud, and it was well known that she had been involved in other multi-level marketing schemes.
Ruja Ignatova was found guilty of fraud in Germany in 2012 in connection with a company that was declared bankrupt under questionable circumstances not long after she acquired the company.
The facts surrounding the bankruptcy were unclear.
Due to the nature of the offense, she was given a suspended sentence of fourteen months.
Ignatova had also been previously involved in a multi-level marketing plan known as BigCoin, which had been unsuccessful; nonetheless, OneCoin was intended to be the CryptoQueen's crowning achievement.
NameRuja Ignatova
BirthdayMay 30, 1980
BirthplaceSofia, Bulgaria

Ruja Ignatova Launched OneCoin

Ruja Ignatova wearing a black and white sleeveless top sitting in a red sofa with red pillows
Ruja Ignatova wearing a black and white sleeveless top sitting in a red sofa with red pillows
In 2014, Ruja Ignatova launched OneCoin with the assertion that it functioned in the same way as any other cryptocurrency.
It was asserted that OneCoins may be mined (with a total supply of 120 billion coins) and utilized for making payments, with the possibility of even having an electronic wallet.
But there was no OneCoin blockchain model or payment system in place at the time.
The business did offer instructional products for purchase, such as online courses about cryptocurrency.
This was regarded to be its primary line of work.
In addition to these topics, the classes also included others, such as trading and investment.
The classes were given as part of a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme, in which purchasers may earn bonuses by recruiting additional students into the program.
Tokens that might be utilized in the mining of OneCoins were going to be provided to purchasers of the various training packages.
Plagiarism allegations surrounded a significant portion of the available course material.

Crypto Investments All Over The World

Without a second thought, investors came from all walks of life and used their money to put their faith in Onecoin.
For instance, Daniel, who comes from a farming family in Uganda, put 700 thousand Ukrainian Shillings (which he had acquired over the course of many years of hard work) into OneCoin.
Daniel made this investment.
In 2017, this event was not the only one that took place in Uganda because, following a drop in European investments, there were a large number of investors from Africa.
It is common knowledge that influential bishops in a number of African nations have placed their financial resources in Onecoin.
Ignatova is responsible for defrauding a number of people, including Daniel McAdam and Jane McAdam from Scotland.
McAdam, who was inspired by Ruja Ignatova's graduation from Oxford and his degree, collaborated with his friends to make an investment in Onecoin amounting to a total of 250,000 Euros.
Several months later, thanks to a man who contacted him online, he began to have doubts regarding the legitimacy of this phony coin and questioned the relevant authorities.
Without a credible answer, McAdam realized that the leaders had tricked him into giving them money.

Ruja Ignatova Net Worth

Concerns were voiced by investors all over the world as questions were raised about something, and in response to these worries, it was stated that Dr. Ruja would be releasing a statement on the matter.
Lisbon, Portugal was the location of the event.
After that day, Dr. Ruja did not appear at any of the subsequent sessions, despite the fact that all of the participants were eagerly awaiting his arrival.
It is well known that just prior to her disappearance, she amassed a total of $4 billion in income and purchased expensive real estate.
According to the data kept by the FBI, she had taken an aircraft from Sofia to Athens two weeks after the occurrence, and she was never seen again after that point.
After setting up the largest pyramid scheme in the history of the world, Dr. Ruja was never seen or heard from again.
Net Worth$4 billion
OneCoin (Investment from Daniel McAdam)700 thousand Ukrainian Shillings
OneCoin (Investment from Daniel McAdam and Friendsa)250 thousand Euros
Scammed to Sheik Saoud230,000 bitcoin

The CryptoQueen Ran Away With The Money

Ruja Ignatova wearing a black top and pink earrings
Ruja Ignatova wearing a black top and pink earrings
After the launch of OneCoin, Ruja and other executives made lavish purchases of real estate throughout the world totaling millions of dollars, and lived as if they were kings.
When everything came crashing down, most of the executives, with the exception of the CryptoQueen, lost everything they had.
In 2019, Konstantin Ignatova claimed that his sister had fled with half a billion dollars following the collapse of the OneCoin cryptocurrency.
However, according to a lawsuit that was filed on April 27th, 2021 by the Cryptocurrency Resolution Trust against "onecoinico.io," it appears that the CryptoQueen may also have a hoard of over 230,000 bitcoin, which at today's prices would be worth approximately $10 billion.
According to documentation submitted to the Supreme Court of British Indian Ocean Territory, the CryptoQueen was able to acquire 230,000 bitcoin from Sheik Saoud, who is the son of one of the wealthiest individuals in Dubai.
On October 1, 2015, when the value of a bitcoin was approximately $50 million, it was reported that Sheikh Saoud purchased the assets of OneCoin in return for 230,000 bitcoin.
Pictures that were received by Behind MLM suggest that CryptoQueen's friendship with Sheik Saoud may have helped her avoid the FBI and travel to other countries more easily.
Ignatova was given "diplomatic credentials" by a New York-based non-profit organization called the Intergovernmental Collaborative Action Fund for Excellence (ICAFE), which is headed by Saoud.
Saoud serves as the organization's Secretary-General.

People Also Ask

How Did Ruja Ignatova Disappear?

Ignatova vanished after she discovered that her American lover was helping the FBI with their investigation into OneCoin and bugged his apartment as a result of this discovery.
After checking in for her flight from Bulgaria to Greece, Ignatova has not been seen or heard from since her departure.

How Much Did Ruja Ignatova Steal?

The "CryptoQueen" responsible for a fraud that cost $4 billion.
Accusations have been made that Ruja Ignatova, also known as the "cryptoQueen," defrauded millions of investors out of more than $4 billion through the OneCoin cryptocurrency corporation that she started.
As a result, the FBI has decided to add Ignatova to its list of the Ten Most Wanted fugitives.

Is Dr RUJA A Doctor?

It is believed that Dr. Ruja IGNATOVA, a Doctor of Law, was the driving force and intellectual originator of the claimed cryptocurrency "OneCoin," and that she is responsible for convincing investors all over the world to invest in this "currency," which is actually worthless.
The amount of money lost due to fraud is currently estimated to be in the upper double-digit million range.


Ruja Ignatova is a Bulgarian businessperson who is known for establishing the Ponzi scheme known as OneCoin.
She was charged with misrepresentation in 2012, and as of January 2022, she was still on the run from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Ruja Ignatova is notorious for her role in creating the scheme, which is known as OneCoin.
Ignatova had only just turned 10 years old when her family made the trip from Russia to Germany.
Schramberg is located in Baden-jurisdiction, Württemberg's and it was there that she did a portion of her growing up.
She fled the country along with her fraudulently obtained net worth.
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