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Rosemary Margaret Hobor Net Worth - Beloved Wife Of Actor John Candy

As the spouse of comedian John Candy, Canadian artist Rosemary Margaret Hobor is well known. Her spouse is a well-known comedian and a well-regarded actor in the film business. He and Rosemary Margaret Hobor net worth were about fifteen million at the time.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Aug 31, 2022
As the spouse of comedian John Candy, Canadian artist Rosemary Margaret Hobor is well known.
Her spouse is a well-known comedian and a well-regarded actor in the film business.
He and Rosemary Margaret Hobor net worthwere about fifteen million at this time.
Before his tragic death from a heart attack in 1994, they had a happy 14-year marriage.

Rosemary Margaret Hobor’s Biography

On November 30, 1949, Rosemary Margaret Hobor was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
There are no known details about her parents or siblings, and nothing is known about her early years other than the fact that she was raised in Toronto.
In the interim, Hobor attended Toronto's Catholic all-girls Notre Dame High School.
Her future spouse attended Neil McNeil Catholic High School, which is a sister institution to this one.
After enrolling at the Ontario Collegeof Arts and Design, Rosemary Hobor earned a degree in Material Arts.

Who Is The Husband Of Rosemary Margaret Hobor?

John and Rosemary unintentionally crossed paths at their high school.
The two fell deeply in love with one another following their first encounter.
In the year 1969, Rosemary and John began dating after John received his diploma from the school.
The pair are successful in making their relationship into a marriage.
On April 28, 1979, Rosemary Margaret Hobar and her husband, John Candy, exchanged vows.
Jennifer Candy, who was born on February 3, 1980, was their first child, and she arrived less than ten months after their wedding.
The couple welcomed their second child, a son named Christopher Candy, who was born on September 23, 1984, four years later.
Rosemary and John's marriage came to an end due to her husband's passing rather than a divorce.
When her husband John died, she was just 45 years old.
Rosemary assumed responsibility for the education and upbringing of her two children following the death of her husband.
She did a good job of raising her kids.
Her children are now both well-known figures in the Hollywood industry.
Rosemary Margaret Hobor With HIs Beloved Husband
Rosemary Margaret Hobor With HIs Beloved Husband

The Death Of Rosemary Margaret Hobor's Husband

John Candy, the spouse of Rosemary Margaret Hobor, passed away on March 4th, 1994.
John passed away at the age of 43 from a heart attack, which was his main cause of death.
A suspected myocardial infarction caused her husband, John, to pass away.
Additionally, "Wagons East," his final movie, was finished.
He drew his final breath at his home in Durango, Mexico.
John was discovered in the early morning, still conscious, but he died just as the paramedics were about to reach him.

Early Life And Educational Background

Rosemary's hometown was Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Unfortunately, we don't presently have any information about her parents.
She attended the all-female, Roman Catholic high school, Notre Dame High School in Ontario, Canada.
After she graduated from high school, she went to the Ontario College of Art and Design University to study art.
Rosemary earned a Material Arts degree from the Ontario College of Art and Design University in 1973.
Similar to this, she enrolled at the Brentwood Fine Arts School in Los Angeles later in life to study painting and drawing.

Facts About Rosemary Margaret Hobor

Full NameRosemary Margaret Hobor
Also Known AsRosemary Candy
BirthdayNovember 30, 1948
Sun signSagittarius
Personality TraitsPositive traits: Spontaneous, Insightful, and Flexible Negative Traits: Prideful, Lustful, and Short-tempered
BirthplaceToronto, Ontario, Canada
Age 73 years old
Sexual OrientationStraight
MeasurementsNot Available
Height5 feet 4 inches
EyesBrown Grey
Marital statusWidowed
SpouseJohn Franklin Candy (Died: March 4, 1994)
Profession Material Artist
Net Worth$1 million
Rosemary Margaret Hobor Wearing Glasses While Smiling
Rosemary Margaret Hobor Wearing Glasses While Smiling

Rosemary Margaret Hobor Career

Popular material artist Rosemary Margaret Hobor is well-known.
Rosemary spent two years as an assistant in Eaton's interior design department after graduating from high school.
Along with twelve other prominent interior designers, she helped Murray Oliver.
Rosemary's major duty was to assist the designers with catalog organization for their furniture, carpets, and clothing lines.
Including his family, John Candy, Rosemary Margaret Hobor, and their children.
She received portfolio layout training as well, and she submitted her work to OCA/Materials Arts in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
During her second year of college, Rosemary interned at Primavera Interior Design.
Rosemary founded Rose Candy Studio/Gallery in 2014 in Santa Monica, California, on 26th Street.
There, a variety of paintings and ceramics are on show and available for purchase by private customers.
In the same way, she launched rosecandyartist.com in 2020.
Rosemary has also organized group art shows at the Brentwood Art Centre and the Montana Street Art Show in Santa Monica.
On a commission basis, she has also worked with companies including Lululemon, Kelley Murray Greenhouse, Flying Circus Restaurant, and Second City Firehall Theatre.
Rosemary has also worked with several philanthropic organizations.
Working with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, which focuses on HIV prevention among children and youths, is one of her charitable endeavors.
Rosemary has also regularly worked with the Make-a-Wish Foundation to support the financial aid given to kids with life-threatening illnesses.

Net Worth Of Rosemary Margaret Hobor

Rosemary The well-known actor's wife, Margaret Hobor, has a prosperous and opulent lifestyle.
After his passing, Honor received her husband's wonderful property-a net worth of almost $1 million from several projects.
Additionally, Rosemary frequently collaborates with charitable groups like Make-A-Wish and the Pediatric AIDS Foundation.
The Candy family has land in Queensville, Ontario.
Along with their home in Toronto, Rosemary and her husband also bought a 20-acre farm in Newmarket.
After bringing up their children, Christopher and Jennifer, in Toronto, Candy, and her husband relocated to Los Angeles in the middle of the 1980s.
Rosemary Margaret Hobor With Her Husband
Rosemary Margaret Hobor With Her Husband

What Is Rosemary Margaret Hobor Up To These Days?

After her significant other passes away, she must deal with her kids.
Rosemary, meanwhile, never wed again and was never spotted with a different guy.
When their father passed away, she devoted her life to raising her children, who were just 14 and 10 at the time.
Since her two children are now successful entertainers, she may be able to keep living in luxury.
Currently, Rosemary is taking pleasure in her resigned everyday activities and experiences in Canada.
She participates actively in non-profit organizations as well.

People Also Ask

How Old Is Rosemary Margaret Hobor?

She will be 73 years old in 2022.

When Did Rosemary Margaret Hobor’s Spouse Die?

On March 4th, 1994, John Candy, Rosemary Margaret Hobor's husband, passed suddenly.

When Did Rosemary Margaret Hobor Have Her First Child?

Their first child, Jennifer Candy, was born on February 3, 1980, less than ten months after their wedding.


John Candy, an actor, is well known for his love, Rosemary Margaret Hobor.
Jennifer and Christopher Candy were their two offspring.
Both of them got their father's acting skills and went on to have successful careers in Hollywood, just like he did.
Even though Rosemary likes to keep to herself, her late husband and famous children sometimes put her in the spotlight.
Rosemary Margaret Hobor net worth is around fifteen million
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