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Rita Ora Net Worth In 2022 - Age, Sister, Boyfriend And Songs

How much is Rita Ora worth? The pop singer Rita Ora from Britain. She is not just a singer but also a actress. As of 2022, her net worth is $30 million.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Sep 06, 2022
The pop singer Rita Ora from Britain. She is not just a singer but also a fashion designer and actress too. Rita is one of the biggest pop stars in history. She is a very talented woman. Her songs will let you groove on the dance floor. How she grew from an unknown girl to the biggest pop star, here is everything about her.
As of 2022, Rita Ora net worthis estimated at $30 million.

Rita Ora Early Life

Her early life began in pristine, Yugoslavia which is presently known as Kosova. She abandoned her middle name or surname and liked to be called Rita ora instead of Rita sahatciu ora.
Her parents are Albanian, and she is the middle child of her parents. She is a daughter of a pub owner Besnikis. Vera, her mother, is a psychiatrist. Her older sister's name is Elena, and don is her brother.
In 1991 she moved to London with her family when she was just one year old. Notting Hill, west London, became her hometown then where she grew up with her siblings.
Her primary education was completed at St Cuthbert and St. Matthis primary school. She was an art student during her graduation. She completed her graduation from Sylvia Young Theatre School.

Rita Ora Dined and Dabbed in Kensington Palace with Prince Harry

Net worth$30 million
ProfessionPop singer, actress, fashion designer
Birthday26th November 1990
Age32 years old
Height1.66m tall or 166 cm or 5 ft
BoyfriendBrooklyn Beckham
FatherBesnik Sahatçiu
MotherVera Sahatçiu
SisterElena Ora
BrotherDon Ora
Home townBritish
Religion No
Nationality Yugoslavian
Zodiac signSagittarius

Rita Ora Career

Since childhood, she was interested in music. Therefore, she started performing at her father’s pub in childhood. In 2012, she made her first appearance in the music industry with her first single with DJ fresh in Hot. The song became the top number on the UK’s singles chart. Later, her debut studio album was released, which was again on leading UK’s chart.
Within a short period, she became the number one singer by giving some three consecutive singles on the single’s chart of the UK. In 2017, she released her first single as a solo performer at number seven on the map. Since then, Rita has been giving some of the best singles and albums, leading the UK’s music chart.
Apart from singing, she has tried acting and was seen in movies like fifty shades freed. She was the half-sister of Christine grey in the movie, who was the movie's main character. She has also hosted music awards by MTV in 2017 and was a coach in the Voice UK’s fourth season. With her acting and singing talent, she earned a net worth of $30 Million.

Rita Ora Personal Life

Her life is full of rumours, just like any other celebrity. There were questions and stories about her sexuality after she quit her single Girl. Later, Rita admitted that she is bisexual as she is interested in both men and women. Moreover, her single Girls raised a question about hurting the sentiments of the LGBT community. But Rita said she would never break the community intentionally because that’s a sensitive topic for her.
More rumours were there about her dating and love life. She dated Bruno mars during the year 2009 till 2011. Later she dated Rob Kardashian, but the relationship lasts only for a year.
Her love relations were limited to these names as she dated Cara delevinge, wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, ASAP rocky, and Snoop Dogg. And the list goes on regarding rumours about her love life. But Rita never confirmed the rumours.
At present, she is dating one of the famous names in the history of football. The son of David Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham, is her love. But there is a huge age gap between both two as Rita is ten years older than Brooklyn.

Rita Ora Awards And Nominations

She has been awarded many awards throughout her music career. She won the world music award in the category of world’s best entertainer in 2014. The same year she won the teen choice award. MTV Europe music award was her name in 2012, 2014. Recently, she won Premio Juventud for sick dance routine and brit award.

Rita Ora Filmography

Rita has shown her acting skills in some of the movies as well. Fast and furious 6, spivs, fifty shades of grey, fifty shade freed, and fifty shades darker are her movies. Her latest films are pokemon detective Pikachu and wonder well. She will be seen in an upcoming movie twist for the year 2021.

Rita Ora Born And Birthday

She celebrates her birthday every 26th of November. She was born in the year 1990.

Rita Ora Age

She is 32 years old.

Rita Ora Height

Rita is 1.66m tall or 166 cm or 5 ft.

Rita Ora Education

Rita was an art student and graduated from a theatre school called Sylvia young. Then she studied at St Charles Catholic Sixth.

Rita Ora Occupation

Rita is a pop singer, actress, and also a fashion designer.

Rita Ora Home Town

London is the home town of this British pop star.

Rita Ora Relatives

Vera Sahatciu is her mother, Besnikis Sahatciu is her father. Her sister's name is Elena ora, and don ora is her brother. Besim Sahatciu is her grandfather, who was a director.

Rita Ora Genres

Rita sings in three genres- pop music, electropop, and contemporary R&B.

Rita Ora Which Company With Work

She has worked with the warner music group, Columbia Records, Atlantic records, and Roc Nation.

Rita Ora Best Songs

Although she had won awards for different hits but her best songs are only want you, hot right now, anywhere, your music, let you love me, R.I.P, lonely together, Girls, and more.

Rita Ora Album

Throughout her career, she had given some of the best albums. Love foundation, running hits winter mix, 30 stars, Phoenix, Ora, Live in Liverpool, SongFIT, and more. Through these albums and acting skills, she has earned a net worth of $30 million.

Rita Ora Parents

She is the daughter of a pub owner, Beismik, and psychiatrist Vera.

Rita Ora Siblings

She has two siblings- Elena and Don.

Rita Ora Boyfriend

She has been dating so many stars, including Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, and more. Recently, she has been dating Brooklyn Beckham.

Rita Ora Religion

She is a child of mixed religion. She is a child of a catholic mother and a nominal Muslim father. But Rita doesn’t consider herself religious; instead, she considers herself spiritual.

Rita Ora Nationality

Since she was born in Yugoslavia, she is Yugoslavian by nationality, but she is also a British citizen as she spends her entire childhood and grows in London.

Rita Or Zodiac Sign

She is a Sagittarius.

Rita Ora Films

She was seen in fifty shades of grey, spivs, fifty shades freed, fast and furious 6, and fifty shades darker.

Q: How Did Rita Ora Become Famous?

With her singing and acting skills, she has earned a huge name and fame. Her net worth is $30 million in 2022.

Q: What Was Rita Oras First Song?

Her first song was R.I.P ft Tinie Tempah, released in 2012.
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