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Ray Liotta Net Worth - $14 Million, A Real Life Goodfella

American actor, producer, and director Ray Liotta net worth is $14 million at the time of his death. After starring as the title character in Martin Scorsese's legendary mafia film GoodFellas, Liotta rose to fame.

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American actor, producer, and director Ray Liotta net worthis $14 million at the time of his death.
After starring as the title character in Martin Scorsese's legendary mafia film GoodFellas, Liotta rose to fame.
In addition to his one-of-a-kind role, Ray Liotta has had significant success in both cinema and television.

Quick Facts About Ray Liotta

NameRay Liotta
Date Of BirthDec 18, 1954 - May 26, 2022
Height6 ft (1.83 m)
ProfessionActor, Film Producer, Voice Actor
NationalityUnited States of America
Net Worth$14 Million

Career And Personal Life

Ray Liotta wearing a suit in an event
Ray Liotta wearing a suit in an event


Ray Liotta relocated to New York City to pursue an acting career after receiving his degree from college.
He began networking while serving drinks at a New York theater, which led to the booking of an agency.
Since he portrayed Joey Perrini in the serial opera Another World from 1978 to 1981, Liotta had early success on television.
When Ray Liotta made the decision to come to Los Angeles and concentrate more on acting in movies, it was a significant decision.
His first film roles were roles in The Lonely Lady and Something Wild. For the later part, he received a Golden Globe nomination.
Liotta's performance as the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams in 1989 was another significant part.
The turning point in Liotta's career most likely occurred in 1990 when Martin Scorcese hired him as the star of the legendary mafia film Goodfellas.
The movie brought in more than $46 million only in the US. It is regarded as one of the finest gangster movies of all time and the best movie of the year by a large number of reviewers.

Personal Life

When Liotta was a little toddler, his sister was also adopted by American-Italian parents. He then located his birth mother and learned that his background is mostly Scottish. Despite their infrequent church attendance, Liotta and his sister were raised in a Catholic home.
After graduating from Union High School in 1973, Liotta enrolled at the University of Miami. While pursuing a fine arts degree, he studied acting and participated in the college's musical performances.
From 1997 through 2004, Ray and Michelle Grace were wed. Prior to this, Mark Gracy, a former baseball player, was Michelle's husband.

Top 10 Movies And Earnings

Ray Liotta In GoodFellas
Ray Liotta In GoodFellas
In the years that followed, Ray Liotta had a number of noteworthy parts in movies including Unlawful Entry, No Escape, Unforgettable, Cop Land, and Phoenix.
Liotta's depiction of Frank Sinatra in Rat Pack earned him a Screen ActorsGuild Award nomination at the end of the decade.

Goodfellas (1990)

Goodfellas, a crime drama that has been hailed as "one of the finest films ever made," was adapted from Nicholas Pileggi's non-fiction book Wiseguy, which was published in 1985.
The movie chronicles the rise and fall of American gangster Henry Hill, who ultimately turned informant.
Domestic Box Office$46,743,809
International Box Office$359,674
Worldwide Box Office$47,103,483

Blow (2001)

Blow chronicles the story of cocaine smuggler George Jung, who made the decision when he was a young child to never experience financial hardships as his family did.
He makes a lot of money by selling marijuana and then cocaine. But soon he must deal with the repercussions of his actions, and they go beyond legal repercussions.
Domestic Box Office$52,990,775
International Box Office$30,291,521
Worldwide Box Office$83,282,296

Cop Land (1997)

When Lt. Moe Tilden, an Internal Affairs investigator, comes to conduct an investigation, corrupt NYPD police men working for Lt.
Ray Donlan are roving free in Garrison, New Jersey. Freddy Heflin, the local sheriff, is approached but is hesitant to provide assistance.
But when Donlan's nephew, Officer Babitch, murders two African-American youths, Heflin is obliged to take on Donlan's crew.
Domestic Box Office$44,906,632
International Box Office$18,800,000
Worldwide Box Office$63,706,632

John Q (2002)

The only treatment for Mike/enlarged Michael's heart, which has been detected, is an urgent heart transplant, according to John Quincy Archibald, a manufacturing worker.
When John's health insurance refuses to pay for the costly transplant procedure and he has no other way to acquire the money, he becomes so desperate that he takes the emergency department personnel and patients hostage in order to save his son's life.
Domestic Box Office$71,026,631
International Box Office$31,200,000
Worldwide Box Office$102,226,631

Identity (2003)

Identity, a movie loosely based on Agatha Christie's 1939 murder mystery And Then There Were None, depicts the tale of eight strangers who check into a remote motel.
They are suddenly shut off from the outside world and unexpectedly disappear one by one.
Domestic Box Office$52,131,264
International Box Office$29,987,772
Worldwide Box Office$82,119,036

No Escape (1994)

On a prison island populated by violent and cannibalistic inmates, a soldier is abandoned to die after being found guilty of killing his commanding officer.
He is quickly apprehended by a gang of inmates known as the Outsiders, lead by the psychopath Walter Marek.
Domestic Box Office$15,339,030
International Box Office$1,874,203
Worldwide Box Office$17,213,233

Narc (2002)

In the mystery/crime/thriller movie Narc, two police investigators are tasked with finding the killer of an undercover police officer.
Domestic Box Office$10,465,659
International Box Office$1,377,601
Worldwide Box Office$11,843,260

Hannibal (2001)

The Silence of the Lambs is followed by the well-known horror film. Mason Verger, a cannibalistic serial murderer and Hannibal's lone survivor, is seen in the film devising a complex scheme to get vengeance on Clarice Starling. For her, Hannibal has a soft spot. He comes close to winning, but eventually loses.
Domestic Box Office$165,092,266
International Box Office$185,008,014
Worldwide Box Office$350,100,280

Wild Hogs (2007)

Four middle-aged Cincinnati friends decide to go on a bike adventure to the Pacific as Wild Hogs in order to add some color to their dull, monotonous lives.
The pals decide to retrieve the bike when it is stolen from them by the vicious, violent motorcycle gang "Del Fuegos," turning the whole journey into an experience they won't soon forget.
Domestic Box Office$168,213,584
International Box Office$85,341,799
Worldwide Box Office$253,555,383

The Iceman (2012)

Richard Kuklinksi, a cold-blooded killer and contract killer, has succeeded in hiding his occupation from his wife and two kids.
He joins forces with another mafia hitman, Pronge, after being suspended from his assassination operations.
However, his escalating fury and paranoia pose a threat to the carefully constructed life he has made.
Domestic Box Office$1,930,282
International Box Office$1,693,327
Worldwide Box Office$3,623,609


An estimated $14 million is Ray's net worth. However, Ray's esteem for everyone is more significant than his projected financial worth and the adoration of his followers.
He has a number of residences, one of which, known as "longtime Pacific Palisades," he long ago sold to Britney Spears for $7 million. His other houses include a home in Malibu and a house in the Palisades.

Real Estate

Britney Spears purchased Ray's lengthy Pacific Palisades home in 2007 from Ray for $7 million. Tax documents show that Ray is the owner of a residence in Malibu and another one in the Palisades.
Ray started to feature in a number of Chantix advertisements in 2019 as part of a campaign.

Top 5 Interesting Facts About Ray Liotta

  • Before succeeding as an actor, worked as a bartender at the Shubert Theater in New York City.
  • Early television work included playing the bartender Sacha in the 1983 NBC series Casablanca with David Soul (in Humphrey Bogart's original role), Hector Elizondo, and Scatman Crothers.
  • Despite playing a crucial part as "Shoeless" Joe Jackson's ghost, stated he was perplexed by Field of Dreams' popularity given of implausible concept.
  • He shadowed the top surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center while doing research for his part as a VA physician in 1992's Article 99. During treatment, he passed out, breaking two teeth and needing 15 stitches on his chin.
  • Gave Tommy Vercetti, the main character in the computer game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, his voice.

Ray Liotta's Lifestyle 2022 | Ray Liotta | Ray Liotta Net worth | Ray Liotta die

People Also Ask

What Is Ray Liotta Known For?

He was well-known for his performances as Henry Hill in Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas and Shoeless Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams as a Primetime Emmy Award-winning actor who was also nominated for two Screen Actors Guild Awards, a Golden Globe, and other honors.

What Has Happened To Ray Liotta?

In the Dominican Republic, Ray Liotta, who portrayed compelling, unforgettable characters in the movies "Goodfellas," "Field of Dreams," and other works as well as on television, passed away in his sleep on Wednesday night or early Thursday.

Did Ray Liotta Have A Funeral?

While shooting a new movie in the Dominican Republic, Liotta, 67, fell unexpectedly in his sleep at a hotel.
In response to a request from Liotta's family, the Dominican funeral home where his corpse had been kept hastily made plans to fly him there in a private jet.


Sadly, Ray Liotta passed away on May 26, 2022, when he was 67 years old. He passed away as he was sleeping in the Dominican Republic, where he was staying for a movie shoot.
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