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Prince Harry Demands Who Downgraded His Security, Says They Treated Him Worse Than Diana

Prince Harry demands who downgraded his security, unraveling a legal saga marked by a recent court ruling.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Mar 01, 20247.8K Shares109.5K Views
Prince Harry's relentless pursuit of answers took center stage in a recent court ruling that marked a significant setback in his ongoing legal battle over security arrangements during visits to the UK. The Duke of Sussex, along with his wife, Meghan Markle, faced the loss of their bid for taxpayer-funded security. With this, Prince Harry demands who downgraded his securityin his UK police protection back in February 2020.

Demands For Accountability

The court documents reveal Prince Harry's strong stance on the matter, as he demanded to know the person responsible for the downgrade in his UK police protection back in February 2020. The Duke explicitly stated, "I would like that person’s name," emphasizing his determination to hold someone accountable for the decision.
On Wednesday, the High Court judge, Sir Peter Lane, ruled against Harry's plea for taxpayer-funded security, indicating that the Duke would need to cover the expenses personally. This decision comes as a pivotal moment in the legal battle, prompting Prince Harry to confront the financial implications of ensuring his family's safety during visits to the UK.
Harry drew a poignant parallel between his own security concerns and those faced by his late mother, Princess Diana, who tragically lost her life in 1997.
In a letter to Sir Mark Sedwill, a senior government official, Prince Harry highlighted the increased risks and layers of racism and extremism, stating:
And yet today, with greater risk, as mentioned above, with the additional layers of racism and extremism, someone is comfortable taking accountability for what could happen. I would like that person's name who is willing to take accountability for this choice please.- Prince Harry
Despite Harry's assertions of unfair treatment and insufficient protection after stepping down from royal duties, the court ruled that the initial decision to strip the Sussexes of their security was lawful.
The judge dismissed Harry's claim that he was entitled to a full risk analysis by the Risk Management Board (RMB). Sir Peter Lane criticized Harry's demand for a fresh RMB process, stating, "The claimant had no right to require RAVEC to initiate a fresh RMB process in the light of his changed situation."
In response to the ruling, Prince Harry's spokesperson announced his intention to appeal, stating, "The Duke of Sussex will appeal today's judgment which refuses his judicial review claim against the decision-making body RAVEC, which includes the Home Office, the Royal Household and the Met Police."
Harry emphasizes that he seeks fair and lawful treatment, wanting the same consideration as others in accordance with RAVEC's own written policy.
The legal battle, spanning four years, revolves around the removal of Prince Harry's police protection when he stepped down as a working royal. Despite the recent setback, Harry remains steadfast in his pursuit of justice, determined to secure what he believes is fair and just treatment concerning his family's security.
As the appeal process unfolds, the Duke of Sussex continues to navigate the complex intersection of royal responsibilities, security concerns, and legal intricacies.
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