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Top 4 Interesting Facts About Pink Sparkles That You Need To Know!

Pink Sparkles is a Twitch streamer, an Instagram star, and a gamer. Samantha Tomlinson in real life, she is well known for live streaming games, such as "Fortnite," "World of Warcraft," and "League of Legends."

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
May 29, 2022
Pink Sparklesis a Twitch streamer, Instagram star, and gamer, who turned 27 in 2022.
Samantha Tomlinson is her birthname.
She is well-known for live streaming games, such as "Fortnite," "World of Warcraft (WoW)," and "League of Legends."
She was born in the United States but possesses Canadian citizenship.
She has a YouTube channel dedicated to beauty advice, games, hairstyles, and other topics.
She has two siblings, a younger brother and a sister. Her earnings are primarily derived from the videos she uploads and the games she streams on YouTube.

Who Is Pink Sparkles Asmongold?

Pink Sparkles and Asmongold on a Twitch livestream
Pink Sparkles and Asmongold on a Twitch livestream
By admitting their love via a livestream in 2018, Zack and Izzy, aka Asmongold and Pink Sparkles, became a popular streaming combo.
For the bulk of the collaboration, Pink Sparkles relocated to Austin, Texas, to be with Asmongold.
The duo continued to advertise their closeness on their Twitch streams for the following year and a half, despite being questioned and largely unsupported by the streaming community.
Pink Sparkles abruptly revealed in a flurry of tweets in December 2019 that she was suffering from depression and was unhappy in Austin.
She then claimed that she and Asmongold broke up, owing to personal concerns on both sides, and that she would be returning to California.
Despite their previous shadiness, fans felt sorrow for the two, backing Asmongold when he spoke out about the separation in one of his personal streams.
In addition, even after Pink Sparkles acknowledged that her relationship with Asmongold might not be gone for good, she nonetheless stressed the importance of physical separation.
This might explain why the "WoW" player watched his ex's broadcast in secret, but it could simply just be a case of a friend supporting another friend.

What Does Pink Sparkles Do Now?

Pink Sparkles wearing eyeglasses and headphones while doing a live stream on Twitch
Pink Sparkles wearing eyeglasses and headphones while doing a live stream on Twitch
Currently, the well-known and attractive vlogger is dominating YouTube and Twitch.
Her channels have a sizable following.
However, many of her admirers and followers are unaware of how it all began. She had a modest beginning, like most superstars.
In 2010, the vlogger posted her debut video on her YouTube account, PiinkSparkles.
She showed people how to do three simple hairstyles students can have when they go to school. The video gained 150,000 views and attracted 5,000 subscribers, and the numbers have continued to climb since then.
Pink Sparkles has two other channels, PinkBarbieDolly and SockzVSBarbie.
She uploads vegan recipes and some normal vlogs on the first channel, while she features her brother Derek on the second, where they tackle weird tasks.
In addition to making material for her YouTube channels, she is a dedicated gamer.
She has approximately 932,000 Twitch followers.

Is Pink Sparkles Banned From Twitch?

Pink Sparkles inside a car
Pink Sparkles inside a car
Her supporters and followers were shocked when she was banned from Twitch in 2020.
It was claimed that she was using Twitch to promote explicit content, which was against the platform's rules.
Her mistake was unintended, since she was unaware that her Twitter account was linked to her Twitch account.
To advertise her OnlyFans account, she uses photographs of herself flaunting her figure in all of her tweets. This content, unfortunately, made it to the streaming platform.
As a result, she was suspended from the platform briefly. After 24 hours, Twitch restored the Pink Sparkles channel.

Who Is Dating Pink Sparkles?

Pink Sparkles and Asmongold sitting on a couch in their backyard
Pink Sparkles and Asmongold sitting on a couch in their backyard
Pink Sparkles, a popular Twitch streamer, is dating Asmongold, a fellow "World of Warcraft" streamer, but their relationship may be on the rocks.
“I have no ammo,” Sparkles said of her loss. “You had so much time to give me ammo there. I had no shield, either.”
Sparkles was in the middle of an "Apex Legends" game with Asmongold when their team was eliminated, causing the streamer to become angry.
Asmongold seemed startled by her apparent irritation, attempting in vain to convey his side of the story.
“I was getting pinned down, it was two teams,” he explained. “I wasn’t looking at the window, I was aiming at them.”
After engaging into a relationship with Pink Sparkles some months before, Asmongold, who is known for streaming "World of Warcraft," stopped broadcasting entirely in February.
The streamer also complained about poor view counts while playing games other than "WoW," such as "Metroid Exodus and Hollow Knight."
It forced him to preemptively cancel his streams to prevent losing subscribers, though he later denied abandoning the games for those reasons.
Pink Sparkles comfortably sitting while streaming on Twitch
Pink Sparkles comfortably sitting while streaming on Twitch
Pink Sparkles is, without a question, one of the world's most well-known social media influencers.
The Canadian celebrity has a large amount of supporters and followers on her social media accounts.
She's made a decent amount of money through these means as well.
Her net worth, as of 2022, is estimated to be somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million.
She has made a fortune through YouTube and Twitcher, along with sponsored collaborations and sponsorship advertisements.
Pink Sparkles has created a profession and income for herself by utilizing numerous social media channels – a gamechanger in her own right.
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