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Philip Sternberg Net Worth - Wealth From Producing Films And Acting

Canadian Philip Sternberg writes books, directs, and acts. Do you want to know Philip Sternberg net worth?

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Nov 16, 2022
Canadian Philip Sternberg writes, writes books, directs, and acts. He started out as an actor and then became a producer, director, and writer. Do you want to know Philip Sternberg net worth?
Sternberg and his wife Catherine Reitman were nominated for five awards: four Canadian Screen Awards and one ACTRA Award. He was a producer for shows like Six Little McGhees, Manswers, Farmer Wants a Wife, and Hot Guys Who Cook.

Quick Facts About Philip Sternberg

NamePhilip Sternberg
ProfessionActor, producer, director, and writer
Net worth$750, 000

Who Is Philip Sternberg?

Canadian Philip Sternberg is an actor, producer, director, and writer. He works in the field, which got him nominated for four Canadian Screen Awards and one ACTRA Award, which he shared with his wife Catherine Reitman.
As a producer, he worked on TV shows like Six Little McGhees, Manswers, Farmer Wants a Wife, and Hot Guys Who Cook. But he may be best known for being married to the famous American-Canadian actress, writer, and producer Catherine Reitman.

Philip Sternberg Career

Philip has been in five movies. In the 2001 episode "Mock the Vote" of the comedy "City Guys," he made his first TV show appearance.
The next year, he played Inara's Client in the episode "Serenity" of Joss Whedon's critically acclaimed adventure science fiction drama "Firefly," which starred Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, and Alan Tudyk.
The show ran from 2002 to 2003. It won five awards, including a Primetime Emmy, and was nominated for eight more. Philip's first film role was in the 2004 short drama "First Flight," which didn't get much attention.
In 2006, he was in "Southland Tales," a mystery comedy with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Seann William Scott, which was written and directed by Richard Kelly. The movie was up for four awards, and it won one.
Philip's only other and most famous role was in the comedy series "Workin' Moms," which has been airing since 2017. It was created by his wife Catherine, who also stars in it with Dani Kind and Juno Rinaldi. It shows how four mothers who work in Toronto live their lives.
Philip has worked as a producer seven times. In 2007 and 2008, he made eight episodes of "Hot Guys Who Cook," a reality comedy show that didn't get much attention. In 2008, he also made 13 episodes of "Farmer Wants a Wife," a romantic reality show.
Philip then worked on the comedy show "MANswers," the reality show "The Super," and the historical documentary film "Divorce Corp." His other two shows are "Six Little McGhees," which has 24 episodes, and "Workin' Moms," which has 18 episodes.
Philip has written two books. He wrote the TV show "The Super" in 2011 and the movie "Divorce Corp." in 2014. Philip directed nine episodes of the TV show "Workin' Moms." This is his only directing job.

Marriage With Catherine Reitman

Catherine Reitman & Philip Sternberg at the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards

Philip met his future wife Catherine Reitman in the middle of the 2000s. They haven't talked about how they met, but it's thought that it was at a party that a mutual friend put together.
In 2009, they got married in front of their closest family and friends, and then they went to Italy for their honeymoon. In the five years that followed, Catherine had two sons, Jackson and Liam. The family of four seems to be doing well in Los Angeles, California.
Philip and Catherine have never talked about other people they may have dated before they met. As of February 2021, Philip is married to Catherine Reitman, and they have two sons together.

Philip Sternberg Net Worth

Philip Sternberg's work helped him make a lot of money. He should have a net worth of $750,000 by the year 2020. On the other hand, Catherine, his wife, is worth $1.3 million.
Sternberg hasn't said much about how much money he makes. But as an actor and producer for TV shows, he makes more than $100,000 a year. Philip and his wife are proud owners of a Los Angeles home in Bel Air that cost them $2.6 million.

People Also Ask

Is Workin Moms Based On A True Story?

So, Workin' Moms is kind of based on a real story. It's not necessarily non-fiction, but it's based on her own struggles and successes as a new mom, according to Catherine Reitman.

Are Kate And Nathan From Workin Moms Married In Real Life?

Catherine Reitman (Kate) is really married to Phillip Sternberg (Nathan). Reitman is the daughter of the late Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman. In an interview with TODAY, she talked about working with her real-life husband.

Who Does Kate Sleep With In Working Moms?

Mike Bolinski (Victor Webster), a smooth professional foe who is Kate's only true equal at work, is the last character. And maybe even in bed. Kate and Mike finally worked it out after working together to get a high-paying airline contract.


Canadian Philip Sternberg writes, writes books, directs, and acts. He started out as an actor and then became a producer, director, and writer. Sternberg and his wife Catherine Reitman were nominated for five awards: four Canadian Screen Awards and one ACTRA Award.
As of February 2022, his estimated net worth was more than $750,000, while Catherine's was more than $1.3 million.
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