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Peter Freudenthaler Net Worth - Lead Vocalist Of The Rock Band Fools Garden

Who is Peter Freudenthaler? What is Peter Freudenthaler net worth? Peter Freudenthaler is a German rock musician, singer, and composer who is best known for his work with the pop rock band Fool's Garden.

Author:Alex Mercer
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Nov 23, 2022
Who is Peter Freudenthaler and what is Peter Freudenthaler net worth? Peter Freudenthaler is a German rock musician, singer, and composer who is best known for his work with the pop rock band Fool's Garden.
He was the lead singer and one of the original members of the band. The song "Lemon Tree," written by him, is what made the band, and him in particular, famous around the world. Freudenthaler is also a member of the band Fool's Garden, but he has also worked with other musicians.
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Date of Birth February 19, 1963
Birth PlacePforzheim, Baden-Württemberg, West Germany
Zodiac SignLibra
Estimated Net Worth$3-5 Million
Income SourceRock singer and songwriter

Peter Freudenthaler Age

Peter Freudenthaler's age is 59 (as of 2022). A well-known rock singer and songwriter, Peter Freudenthaler is also known by his family name.
He was born in Pforzheim, Baden-Württemberg, West Germany, on February 19, 1963. Rock singer and songwriter Peter Freudenthaler began his career in this field after completing his official education when he was young.

Peter Freudenthaler Social Media

His Instagram is peter_freudenthaler. He has 1,585 followers.

Peter Freudenthaler's Band Fools Garden

German band Fools Garden, which includes singer Peter Freudenthaler, guitarist Volker Hinkel, bassist Thomas Mangold, pianist Roland Röhl, and drummer Ralf Wochele, was founded in 1991.

Max Giesinger & Peter Freudenthaler - Lemon Tree

They made their debut in 1991 with the self-titled album Fool's Garden, but their official debut album, Once in a Blue Moon, featured the entire band. Freudenthaler and Hinkel effectively created the band Fool's Garden (1993).
Two years later, Fool's Garden released their third album Dish of the Day, and the song "Lemon Tree" became a top-ten smash in both the European and Asian charts.

Peter Freudenthaler's Net Worth

Peter Freudenthaler's estimated net worth is as follows, according to numerous other trustworthy online sources. Here is up-to-date information about Peter, such as his estimated net worth, how much he makes monthly and yearly, his main source of income, his cars, and his way of life.
Peter's net worth is about $3-5 million. The majority of Peter's income came from his Yeezy sneakers. Even if he had overstated the size of his company throughout the years, the money he made from his job was substantial enough to place him among the highest-paid celebritiesof all time. His primary source of income comes primarily from his popularity as a rock singer and composer.
It should be noted that Peter Freudenthaler makes his living as a rock singer and songwriter. Unfortunately, there is no information about Peter Freudenthaler's cars, monthly/annual salary, and more.

People Also Ask

Who Are The Members Of Fools Garden?

  • Peter Freudenthaler.
  • Volker Hinkel.
  • Dirk Blümlein.
  • Gabriel Holz.
  • Thomas Mangold.
  • Ralf Wochele.

What Is Peter Freudenthaler's Most Well-known Song?

"Lemon Tree" is the most well-known song by Peter Freudenthaler and his band "Fools Garden".

What Is The Relationship Between Volker Hinkel And Peter Freudenthal?

Volker Hinkel and Peter Freudenthal are co-founders of the rock band Fools Garden.


Peter Freudenthaler, a German rock musician, singer, and songwriter, was born on February 19, 1963. He is best known for being the lead vocalist and one of the original members of the pop rock group Fool's Garden. Peter Freudenthaler net worth and earnings are massive due to his singing career.
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