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Peter Frampton Net Worth In 2023, Birthday, Age, Wife And Kids

The album generated several successful singles and sold over 8 million copies in the US. The songs "Breaking All the Rules," "Show Me the Way," "Baby, I Love Your Way," "Do You Feel Like We Do," and "I'm in You," which have become classic rock radio hits, are among his best recognized. The Simpsons featured Frampton in his own right. The TV shows Family Guy and Madam Secretary are both entertaining. As of July 2023, Peter Frampton net worth is estimated to be roughly $20 Million.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Aug 30, 2023
Peter Kenneth Frampton is the best English rock musician, songwriter, singer, producer, and guitarist. He has previously collaborated with the bands the Herd and Humble Pie. After his time with his 'group' came to an end, Frampton published a series of albums, including Frampton Comes Alive!, which became a worldwide sensation.
The album generated several successful singles and sold over 8 million copies in the US. The songs "Breaking All the Rules," "Show Me the Way," "Baby, I Love Your Way," "Do You Feel Like We Do," and "I'm in You," which have become classic rock radio hits, are among his best recognized. The Simpsons featured Frampton in his own right. The TV shows Family Guy and Madam Secretary are both entertaining. As of July 2023, Peter Frampton net worthis estimated to be roughly $20 Million.

Quick Facts About Peter Frampton

NamePeter Frampton
Date Of BirthApr 22, 1950
Place Of BirthBromley
ProfessionMusician, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Singer, Actor, Multi-instrumentalist
Net Worth$20 Million

Early Life

Peter Frampton young
Peter Frampton young
He was born on April 22, 1950, to Owen and Peggy Frampton in Beckenham, Kent, England. His father was the director of the art department and taught at Bromley Technical School, where he attended. When Frampton was seven years old, he first developed an interest in music after finding his grandmother's banjo ukulele in the attic. He learned to play it on his own and later also learned to play the guitar and the piano. He started taking music classes when he was eight years old.

Music Career

The Little Ravens and George & The Dragons, which included none other than David Bowie, a fellow upcoming artist and fellow student/friend at Bromley Technical School, were the bands he performed in throughout his preteen years. Bowie and Frampton would jam out to Buddy Holly tunes during lunch breaks.
Peter started performing in bands at the age of 14, first the Trubeats and then the Preachers. When he joined the pop-oriented band The Herd in 1967 at the age of 16, and remained with them for two years, 16-year-old Frampton found success. He had a number of hit singles and was dubbed "The Face of 1968" by the teen magazine Rave. After fronting the band Humble Pie alongside Small Faces member Steve Marriott, Frampton left the group and went solo.
After four studio albums and one live album with Humble Pie, Frampton quit the group and went solo in 1971, just in time to see the success of Humble Pie's "Rockin' the Fillmore" on the American charts. In order to promote his subsequent albums, Frampton's Camel (1973), Somethin's Happening (1974), and Frampton (1975), which peaked at No. 32 on the U.S. charts and was certified Gold, he undertook a significant amount of travelling during the years following the release of his first album Wind Of Change (1972).
The first solo albums Frampton released met with minimal financial success. Frampton rose to fame thanks to the 1976 release of his live double album Frampton Comes Alive!. The songs "Baby I Love Your Way," "Do You Feel Like I Do?," and "Show Me the Way" dominated the American charts, earning the LP the distinction of being the best-selling live rock album in history.
He was selected Artist of the Year by Billboard and Rolling Stone. The album was recorded in 1975 at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco, California, where Humble Pie had previously had a lot of support from fans, where Frampton showcased his usage of the "talk box" guitar effect.
The album spent 97 weeks on the Billboard 200 chart, of which 55 weeks it spent in the Top 40 and 10 weeks it spent at the top. The album was the best-selling album of 1976 and the 14th best-selling album of 1977, surpassing Fleetwood Mac's "Fleetwood Mac" among other albums. With sales of 8 million copies, it surpassed previous live albums to become the most successful live album ever; nonetheless, it is now the fourth best-selling live album overall.
It has eight platinum certifications and garnered Frampton a Juno Award in 1977. In a 2012 reader vote of the top live albums of all time, Rolling Stone rated "Frampton Comes Alive" third, a testament to the album's enduring appeal.
Although "I'm In You," Frampton's follow-up album, was platinum-certified and included the smash title track, it failed to live up to expectations as a successor to "Frampton Comes Alive."
He appeared in the mediocre 1978 movie "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" with the Bee Gees. For his services to the music business, Frampton was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on August 24, 1979. But Frampton's popularity had waned by the decade's close. Frampton was forced to briefly put his musical career on hold as a result of an almost catastrophic vehicle accident that occurred in the Bahamas in 1978.

Best Known Songs

Do You Feel Like We Do

Do You Feel Like We Do

Baby, I Love Your Way

Peter Frampton- Baby I Love Your Way

Show Me The Way

Peter Frampton, Show Me the Way

Peter Frampton Net Worth

An English rock guitarist and musician named Peter Frampton is worth $20 million. However, Peter Frampton is best known for his smash solo album "Frampton Comes Alive!" which has sold over 16 million copies and had the illustrious distinction of being the highest-selling live rock album ever, until 1998.
Frampton started his career with the bands Humble Pie and The Herd. The American hits "Baby I Love Your Way," "Do You Feel Like I Do?" and "Show Me the Way" by him dominated the charts. Frampton's popularity had waned by the decade's close. Frampton was forced to put his musical career on hold after an almost catastrophic vehicle accident.
Throughout the 1980s, he recorded seldom, although his most well-known albums are "Breaking All The Rules" (1981), "The Art of Control" (1982), and "Premonition" (1986). His returned to the public eye the next year and started touring with his old buddy David Bowie as lead guitarist. He has been occasionally releasing albums.

Peter Frampton Wife

He has been married three times and has three children. He was married to Mary Lovett from 1972-1976, Barbara Gold from 1983-1993, and married to Tina Elfers from 1996-2011.

Peter Frampton Kids

Frampton has three children and was married for three years. El was first married to Mary Lovett in 1972, and they divorced in 1976. Penelope J. "Penny" McCall attempted to bring a food fraud case against him in 1978. Barbara Gold and Frampton were married in 1983.
They have two children together, Jade and Julian. On January 13, 1996, Tina Alfers will depart for the third time, and they will be joined by actress Mia Frampton and fiancée Tiffany Wiest. On June 22, 2011, a divorce petition for Elfers was filed in Los Angeles, California.

Achievements & Awards

In 1976, the 19th Grammy Annual Awardshad a nomination for Album of the Year for Frampton Came Alive. At the 43rd Annuak Grammy Awards in 2000, his song Off The Hook received a nomination for best rock instrumental performance. His song Black Hole Sun was nominated for best rock instrumental performance at the 49th Grammy Awards in 2006, and he won for best pop instrumental album for Fingerprints.

Interesting Facts About Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton singing
Peter Frampton singing
  • He began playing guitar at a young age and became friends with another future rock legend, David Bowie, while they were both still in school.
  • Frampton formed his first band, "The Preachers," at the age of 12.
  • At the age of 18, he co-founded the band "Humble Pie" with Steve Marriott, and they gained popularity in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
  • Peter Frampton's breakthrough as a solo artist came with his 1976 live album, "Frampton Comes Alive!," which became one of the best-selling live albums of all time.
  • He is known for his signature use of the talk box effect on his guitar, which gives his playing a unique and distinctive sound.
  • Frampton was a member of the band "The Herd" in the mid-1960s before forming "Humble Pie" and launching his solo career.
  • He played the role of Billy Shears in the 1978 film adaptation of The Beatles' album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."
  • Peter Frampton won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance in 2007 for his instrumental album "Fingerprints."
  • In 2014, Frampton was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • He has collaborated with numerous artists over the years, including George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and David Bowie.
  • Frampton's album "Frampton Comes Alive!" spent a total of 97 weeks on the Billboard 200 chart and held the number one spot for ten weeks.
  • Despite his immense success, Frampton is known for being humble and down-to-earth, endearing him to fans and fellow musicians alike.
  • In addition to his music career, Frampton is an accomplished painter and has created artwork for some of his album covers.
  • He has continued to tour and perform for decades, showcasing his enduring talent and love for music to audiences worldwide.

People Also Ask

When Did Peter Frampton Release His Famous Live Album "Frampton Comes Alive!"?

Peter Frampton released "Frampton Comes Alive!" in 1976. The album became a massive commercial success, catapulting him to international fame.

What Is Peter Frampton's Signature Guitar Effect That He Is Well-known For Using In His Music?

Peter Frampton is famous for his use of the talk box effect on his guitar. The talk box creates a unique sound by allowing the guitarist to shape the sound with their mouth, producing a talking or singing effect.

What Role Did Peter Frampton Play In The Beatles' Movie "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"?

In the 1978 movie "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," Peter Frampton played the character Billy Shears. The film was a musical based on The Beatles' album of the same name.

Which Album Earned Peter Frampton A Grammy Award?

Peter Frampton won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance in 2007 for his instrumental album "Fingerprints."

How Did Peter Frampton Gain Prominence Before His Solo Career?

Before his successful solo career, Peter Frampton was a member of the bands "The Herd" in the mid-1960s and "Humble Pie" in the late 1960s and early 1970s. His time with "Humble Pie" contributed significantly to his recognition as a talented guitarist and musician.


In conclusion, Peter Frampton is a highly talented and influential rock musician, singer, and guitarist with a rich musical career spanning several decades. He gained prominence as a member of "The Herd" and "Humble Pie" before achieving international fame with his solo work. His live album "Frampton Comes Alive!" remains one of the best-selling live albums of all time and solidified his status as a rock legend. Frampton's innovative use of the talk box guitar effect has become his signature sound, captivating audiences around the world.
Throughout his career, Peter Frampton has collaborated with numerous legendary artists and received recognition for his musical contributions, including a Grammy Award. Despite his massive success, he remains down-to-earth and cherished by both fans and fellow musicians.
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