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Paulina Rubio Net Worth In 2022, Birthday, Age, Husband, Kids And Songs

Paulina Rubio is Mexican popular singer and actress is also a famous personality. As of 2021, Paulina Rubio's net worth is $40 million.

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Paulina Rubio net worthis $40 million in 2022. This Mexican popular singer and actress is also a famous personality on television. Let us know about her early life and more.

Paulina Rubio Life And Career

She is born to Enrique Rubio Gonzalez and Susana Dosamantes on 17th June 1971. She belongs to a Mexican family and lived in Guadalajara, Jalisco. But she is also a good singer as well as her grandmother was a mezzo-soprano singer. Her great-grandmother was a pianist.
She began her career early from a group named Timbiriche that was a child, musical group. A decade later, La Chica Dorada, her first solo debut, was released. Following these three EMI albums released between the years 1993-1996. But with the release of Paulina, she began a star singer by hitting on the top of the Billboard Latin chart.
Net worth$40 Million
ProfessionSinger, Actor, Songwriter, Musician, Model, Businessperson, TV Personality, Songwriter
HusbandNicolas Vallejo Najera
Birthday17th June 1971
Age49 Years old
Height5feet 4 inches
FatherEnrique Rubio
MotherSusana Dosamantes
SisterAna Paola Rubio
BrotherEnrique Jr
GrandmotherMaria Elena Susana Riestra Alcaraz
GrandfatherMario Dosamantes Rul
ReligionRoman Catholic
Zodiac signGemini is her sun sign and Pig is her Chinese zodiac sign
ResidenceMiami Beach, Florida
Real namePaulina Susana Rubio Dosamantes

Paulina Rubio Personal Life

Paulina married her love, Nicolas Vallejo Najera. Andrea Nicolas Vallejo Rubio is her son. But she and Nicolas separated in 2010.

Paulina Rubio Filmography

Paulina has also worked in various films. Her first movie was E dia del compadre that was released in 1983. She did a villain role in Pasion y Poder and baila Conmigo. She was seen in a primary role in the Besame en la Boca movie in the year 1994. Apart from working as an actor, she also worked as a host in 1999 Vive El Verano, Premios MTV Latinoamerica. Also, she worked as a producer in Es. Cine in 2008. In 2009, she was a mentor in the show Altrevete a Sonar.

Paulina Rubio Birthday

This year she celebrated her 48th birthday on 17th June.

Paulina Rubio Born

This golden girl was born in the city of Mexico on 17th June 1971.

Paulina Rubio Age

This hostess, singer, actress, model, and businesswoman turned 49 this year.

Paulina Rubio Height

She is 5feet 4 inches tall, that is 1.63 m.

Paulina Rubio Residence

Although she is born in Mexico, she lives in residence near Miami Beach, Florida, U.S.

Paulina Rubio Nationality

Although she lives in the U.S, she has not taken US citizenship; she is Mexican.

Paulina Rubio Real And Other Names

Her real name is Paulina Susana Rubio Dosamantes. Her fans know her in other words. She is the golden girl, queen of Latin pop Madonna.

Paulina Rubio Occupation

As a singer, Paulina is now an actor, composer, songwriter, model, record producer, business person, television presenter, and famous TV personality. All these occupations have contributed to her net worth of US $40 million.

Paulina Rubio Husband

Nicolas Vallejo Najera is her husband who married Paulina in 2007 in a park in Cancun, Quintana Roo. However, this sweet couple got divorced in 2010. Later, she got a partner, Gerardo Bauza.

Paulina Rubio Children

She and Nicolas have an eight-year-old son Andreas Nicolas. She also a three-year-old son with Gerardo, whose name is Eros.

Paulina Rubio Family

Talking about her family, Susana Dosamantes is her mother, who was an actress by profession. Her father, Enrique Rubio, was a lawyer by profession. She has a sister Ana Paola Rubio and brother Enrique Jr. Rubio. Maria Elena Susana Riestra Alcaraz is her grandmother from whom she got singing skills. And Mario Dosamantes Rul is her grandfather.
Nicolas Vallejo Nageo is her former spouse with whom she has a son, Andrea. She also has a son from her former partner Gerardo.

Paulina Rubio Sibling

She only has a sister and a brother. Her brother is a lawyer and socialite. But her sister always stays away from the spotlight. She is Paulina’s half-sister. Her name is Ana Paola Rubio.

Paulina Rubio Best Songs

Paulina is famous for her singing, and some of her best songs are Te Quise tanto, lo hare por ti, boys will be boys, Mio, Amor De Mujer, Causa y Efecto, Me gustas tanto, and more.

Paulina Rubio Best Movies

She has worked in various movies in the primary role as well and as a villain. She was first seen in a movie named El dia del compadre in the year 1983. In the movie Besame En la Boca, she was the main character.

Paulina Rubio Albums

Among her albums, the popular was Paulina that went for nomination in Latin grammy award. Her single video Yo No Soy Esa Mujer was also nominated in the third Grammy awards. In 2001, her Spanish language record was Paulina's album. Three million record copies of this album were sold, and to date, it’s her bestselling album. This best-selling album positively contributed to her net worth of $40 million.
More famous albums are 6 super hits, la Historia, sin pausa, maxi-single, top hits, gran city pop, and more.

Paulina Rubio Which Company With Work

She has worked with famous music companies - universal records, EMI, and universal music group. EMI was the first music company with whom she worked and made record-breaking hits like Mio.

Paulina Rubio Boyfriend

After divorcing Nicolas, she started dating Gerardo Bazua and her also son with him.

Paulina Rubio Dad

Her dad was a famous lawyer in Mexico. he belongs to Spanish origin and married a Mexican beauty and actor Susana.

Paulina Rubio Mom

She is a Mexican actor, Susana Dosamantes. Her mother that Paulina’s grandmother was a mezzo-soprano singer.

Paulina Rubio Earning Sources

Her net worth of $40 million comes from various sources. Her music, movies, and collaboration with a cosmetic brand are her earning sources.

Paulina Rubio Relationships

She dated Nicolas and married him but divorced later. She is about Gerardo at present.

Paulina Rubio Religion

She is Roman Catholic by religion.

Paulina Rubio Zodiac Sign

Gemini is her sun sign, and Pig is her Chinese zodiac sign.

Q: Why Is Paulina Rubio Famous?

Paulina Rubio is famous for giving some of the best hits to the music industry. She has been given the title of golden girl and Latin Madonna.

Paulina Rubio 5 Facts

Five interesting facts about her-
  • She began dancing and singing at the very young age of four.
  • At the age of ten, she began a member of the pop music group Timbiriche.
  • In 1992, she started her singing career with a debut La Chica Dorada.
  • In 2007, she collaborated with a cosmetic brand called M.A.C, and lipstick is named after her, Rubia.
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