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Paulina Porizkova Net Worth In 2022, Birthday, Age, Husband And Kids

How much is Paulina Porizkova worth? Paulina is born on 9 April 1965, who is the model, actress. As of 2021, her net worth is $85 million.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
May 19, 2022
Paulina Porizkova is born on 9 April 1965; She is a model, actress, and author. She was born in Czechoslovakia, and she also holds perfect citizenship of the United States and Swedish. At the age of 18, she became the first woman to be on the cover from central Europe. The Paulina Porizkova net worthis $85 million in 2022 because of work and modelling.

Paulina Porizkova Early Life

Porizkova was born in Prostejov, Czechoslovakia, in the year 1965. Currently her age 55 years, a height of 1.79m, weight 54 KG / 120 lbs and hold three different country nationalities, American, Swedish and Czech. In the year 1968, she was a toddler when her parents flee to Lund, Sweden. After that, she and her younger brother were left in the care of her grandmother. Her mother was placed under house arrest when she was pregnant, returning to Czechoslovakia.
After the international political pressure led, the Olof Palme caused the communist government to reunite the Polarized family after seven years. The reunion of returning of her parents was soon ended when they filed for divorce.

Paulina Porizkova on modeling and a husband's betrayal

Net worth$85 million
ProfessionModel, Actress, Author
HusbandRic Ocasek
Birthday9 April 1965
Age55 years
Height5 feet 10 inches tall
NationalityCzech, Swedish, American

Paulina Porizkova Career

Paulina started her career by becoming a makeup artist; her friends took the pictures and sent them to the Elite modelling agency in 1980. She became the best artist and model in the year 1980 with her makeup artist skills. Over the year 1983, she started her acting career with the debut film modelling portfolio. From her patrons, she was receiving good reviews at Vogue magazine. After that, she even enhanced her writing skills by writing her own novel. She published her first novel in the year 1992 and became a popular writer.

Paulina Porizkova Personal Life

Paulina Porizkova was married to Ric Ocasek on August 23, 1989, a lead singer of a rock band. The couple has two sons, Jonathan Raven Ocasek and Oliver Ocasek, and after a year, Porizkova announces that she and Ocasek have separated. And while caring for Ocasek, she found him dead in his home in September 2019.

Paulina Porizkova Husband

Ric Ocasek was the husband of Paulina; they both were tied in a knot on August 23, 1989. The couple had signed the divorce before a year. Richard Theodore Ocasek was an American songwriter, singer, musician, painter, and record producer. He was the lead vocalist of the rock band “the Cars,” where he is the rhythm guitarist and songwriter.

Paulina Porizkova Children

Paulina Porizkova has two sons, Jonathan Raven Ocasek and Oliver Orion Ocasek. Jonathan Raven Ocasek was born on November 4, 1993, to Paulina and Ric Ocasek. He is going to be 27 years old this November. In addition to this, Oliver is the younger son of Paulina and Ric Ocasek, born on 23 May 1998; now, he is 22 years old.

Paulina Porizkova Siblings

Jáchym Pořízek is the only younger brother of Paulina Porizkva, born in Czechoslovakia.

Paulina Porizkova Height And Weight

Paulina is 5 feet and 10 inches tall, which speaks much about her personality. And with her good personality height, her weight is 54 kg.

Paulina Porizkova House And Resident

Paulina lives in Millbrook, New York, in the United States. The residence is of four elevator service floor that contains good potency. As of 2021, Paulina Porizkova's net worth is $85 million.
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