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What Is OGMods Whatsapp And How To Use It While Keeping Your Old Chats

Even if you have the most recent version of WhatsApp with all of the new features, we believe you should be aware of what OGMods WhatsApp is all about.

Mar 24, 2022
Even if you have the most recent version of WhatsApp with all of the new features, we believe you should be aware of what OGMods WhatsAppis all about. Because it's a mod for the world's most downloaded and utilized instant messaging and chat program, with over a billion active users, you should be intrigued. It does this by including a number of enhancements over the original program, allowing us to talk and send messages with specific benefits.
But first, know that you may download and use this APK without fear. Nobody will shut down your WhatsApp account or steal your user data, whether it's your personal information or the information you share with your contacts.

OG Whatsapp Review

OG Whatsapp is a modified version of the original Whatsapp messaging app. It enables you to have two separate WhatsApp versions on your Android phone. Because OG Whatsapp is managed by a third-party developer, it has both positive and negative aspects.
OG Whatsapp is a helpful application that allows you to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same Android phone. Manual installation is required, although it is not difficult. For starters, the OG app may be customized to your taste, and many modifications can be made that are not available with the original WhatsApp.
There are a plethora of unique features available on OG Whatsapp, which are not yet available on the original app due to its limitations. Let’s discuss some of its best features available.
OGWhatsapp apk latest version with logo in green background
OGWhatsapp apk latest version with logo in green background

In-Built Message Scheduler

This is one of the most incredible things that OG Whatsapp APK has to offer. You may forget to contact someone, thank your loved ones, or simply begin a chat with a friend, but with this tool, you can schedule your messages to be delivered at a specific time. Your message will be delivered automatically to the user you choose at the time you specify using this pre-built message scheduler. OG WhatsApp will then send a message to that exact person without you having to do anything.
Furthermore, to use this function, you must have a secure and reliable Wi-Fi connection. So take advantage of this function and keep in touch with your friends and loved ones while maintaining your work obligations.

Anti Ban Properties

Users who have installed modified versions of Whatsapp may face the prospect of being banned by the official Whatsapp service. However, if you update to the newest version of OG Whatsapp, you will no longer be barred because the developers have resolved the issue. As a result of this feature, this program is completely safe and secure to use.

Status Copy & Download Feature

Users can download status updates and stories shared by friends and family that are not available on the official Whatsapp. Users can also copy the status of other contacts in this app.

Call The Person Not On The Contact List

If you're using the official Whatsapp, you must first add the phone number before making a call or sending a message. On the other hand, OG Whatsapp allows you to send a message or call someone even if they are not on your contact list.

Group Name Limitations

The WhatsApp group name constraints may hinder you from being as creative as you'd want, but with OGWhatsApp's 35 character limit, you can let your imagination run wild.

Dual Accounts

Many people are unable to use two accounts on separate phones. For a dual experience, different applications can be utilized to clone the basic WhatsApp experience. You can, however, manage two separate accounts using a single OGWhatsApp app. This eliminates the need to transfer accounts and puts all of your controls in one place.

Send 90 Images At A Time

You may send up to 90 photos to your contacts at once, which is not possible with the original WhatsApp.

A Lot Of Choice In Themes

There are over 1000 themes to choose from. For your chat screen, you can choose whatever theme you like.

More Characters For Status

We can add extended articulations or formed status up to 250 words with the help of this mod.

Install OGwhatsapp While Keeping Your Previous Chats

Remove WhatsApp and replace it with this mod.
Change the name of the WhatsApp folder to OGWhatsApp in your phone's file management.
It's best if you start with the original app and go to Settings > Conversations > Backup before you start the installation.
Install the APK on your Android phone or tablet. Keep in mind that you must approve the installation of programs from unknown sources.
The first step in installing this mod is to uninstall the original program because otherwise, our system will identify that we are attempting to install an application that we already have. If you don't want your discussions to be lost and you want to be able to recover them later, take these steps:
Also, keep in mind that you'll have to download the mod each time you wish to update this program to the most recent version.


Although there are some benefits to using alternatives such as OGMods Whatsapp, we must also consider the disadvantages, one of which is that WhatsApp may block our account at any time, preventing us from using the app with the phone number associated with our profile, as stated in the official WhatsApp support center.
If you want to stay calm and don't mind using WhatsApp the way Facebook wants you to, your best choice is to download WhatsApp like the millions of other people who use it every day. If, on the other hand, you know about the risks and disadvantages of using an unapproved app but still want to use WhatsApp Plus and all of its features, OGMods WhatsApp is your best choice for now.
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