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Netflix Series Beef - The Road Rage Dramedy Is Out Now!

Right from the start, the Netflix series Beef is full of tension. In the first scene of the show, two strangers almost hit each other in a store parking lot. This sets off an exciting car chase between contractor Danny Cho (Steven Yeun) and plant entrepreneur Amy Lau (Ali Wong) through the nice streets of Calabasas and sets up a game of cat and mouse that will last all season.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Apr 06, 2023
Right from the start, the Netflix series Beefis full of tension. In the first scene of the show, two strangers almost hit each other in a store parking lot. This sets off an exciting car chase between contractor Danny Cho (Steven Yeun) and plant entrepreneurAmy Lau (Ali Wong) through the nice streets of Calabasas and sets up a game of cat and mouse that will last all season.
Beef takes the idea of a road rage incident that goes wrong and turns it into a thought-provoking and sneaky character study. Beef is one of the most interesting new shows of 2023, even though it could have used a shorter run. With 10 half-hour episodes, the show gets a little repetitive.

Netflix Series Beef - New Dramedy To Watch Out

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Hate-tweeting threads and public fights show that people are angry these days. But one thing is pretty clear: "Beef" is on the menu. The new show, which was made by Lee Sung Jin and stars Ali Wong and Steven Yeun, comes out on Netflix on Thursday. In the 10 episodes of "Beef," Yeun ("The Walking Dead," "Minari") and Wong ("Always Be My Maybe") play two strangers who get into a huge fight because of a crazy case of road rage.
Yeun thinks that "Beef" says a lot about society, and he's "proud" of that. The story may go to extremes for entertainment, but he's "proud" of that. In a recent interview, he stated,
I just see a giant mirror up to all of us. We’re living in a lot of isolation, building a lot of stories up in our head. Maybe all we really want to do is connect to somebody.- Steven Yeun
Wong agreed, and he said that Amy and Danny's fight goes on because each of them finds it strangely fun.
Enter Beef, a new ten-episode Netflix series created by Lee Sung Jin. It stars dreamy Steven Yeun and Ali Wong as different Angelenos who meet in a big box store parking lot as their cars almost crash into each other.
Yeun is Danny Cho, a self-employed handyman who does a lot of different jobs. He has been working too hard to build a house for his parents and bring them from Korea. Amy Lau, played by Wong, is the owner of a stylish plant business. She is about to sell it to a hilariously out-of-touch billionaire for a huge amount of money (Maria Bello).
Beef follows a path of chaos up and down its little paved-over patch of the western seaboard. There's not a whiff of glitzy Tinseltown in sight; only the desert encroaching on mall sprawl and two metastasized melancholics ready to rip the other's throat out with their bare teeth. As is usually the case with these kinds of stories, Danny and Amy's anger is fueled by the similarities they find between their buried selves and their mortal enemy.
Only Danny and Amy can see past each other's masks to the bottomless anger bubbling beneath, and in that, they find a way to deal with their fears and panic attacks. It's a grand romance of bile and beautiful vitriol, with candy hearts made of meat and valentines made of pure venom.


The dark comedy, Netflix series 'Beef' was made by Lee Sung Jin, goes deep into Danny and Amy's personalities as they try to get even. Their fight starts with silly ways to get back at each other, like leaving bad Yelp reviews and peeing on the bathroom floor, but the fact that they're happy shows that this fight has helped them get out some of their anger.
So, of course, they take it to dangerous levels by getting involved in each other's personal and professional lives. How far do they plan to go? Who else are they going to bring in? Will anyone find out what they are doing? What do they want to do?
These questions keep coming up, and Beef gives answers that are both interesting and surprising (you can expect the unexpected). In that way, it's a good thriller that makes you feel worried.
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