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Nelly's Net Worth In 2022, His Wife, Kids, Girlfriends And Best Songs

How much is Nelly worth? Nelly is a rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur and occasional actor. As of 2021 his net worth is $65 million.

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Nelly's net worth- Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., known as Nelly, was born on November 2, 1974, in Austin, Texas, United States. He was born in the house of Cornell Haynes Sr. and Rhonda Mack. They separated when Nelly was young and moved with his mother to University City. Nelly started his school time by founding a band named St. Lunatics with Ali, Murphy, City Spud, and Kyjuan. They became popular with their song Gimme What Ya Got. After this, Nelly went on his career as a solo and signed a contract with Universal Records. He hit the US Billboard 200 top with his debut solo Country Grammar and is the most famous with 10 million copies sold. His first album released in 2002, Nellyville also hit the top US Billboard 200 and other countries' charts. The following year, he played the role of ‘Earl Megget’ in the comedy film ‘The Longest Yard.’ The film was a huge success at the box office. The same year he released his fifth studio album ‘Brass Knuckles’, which was an incredible success for him. Nelly is a rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, and occasional actor.
As of 2021, Nelly's net worth is estimated at $65 Million.

Learn How to Talk with Nelly’s Midwest Twang

Net worth$65 Million
ProfessionRapper, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, Occasional Actor
Birthday2 November 1974
Age46 years
Height1.73 m
Weight83 kg
WifeShantel Jackson
FatherCornell Hynes Sr
MotherRhonda Mack
Real nameCornell Haynes Jr.
Zodiac signScorpio

Facts About Nelly

Nelly Artistry

Nelly's artistry defined by Peter Shapiro as ''unforgettable hooks based on schoolyard songs, double-dutch chants, and nonsense rhymes'' and All Music says it shows the locality of Nelly's and where he has come from ''Nelly's locale certainly informs his rapping style, which is as much country as urban, and his dialect as well, which is as much Southern drawl as Midwestern twang''. Nelly says about his writing as making it light in the How To Rap book.

Nelly Other Ventures

Nelly made a deal with Nike in 2003 on releasing the limited edition of shoes called Air Derry. After Nike, Nelly made a deal with Reebok. He has also appeared in ads for different products like Got Milk? and Ford Motor. Nelly opened a brand of energy drink in 2003 named Pimp Juice that sold one million cans in just two months of starting. Nelly also has two brands of clothing for ladies Apple Bottoms and Vokal for men.

Nelly Philanthropy And Impact

Nelly runs a non-profit organization named 4Sho4Kids Foundation. He started a campaign against Leukemia with his sister and spread awareness about the transplantation of bone marrow. His sister lost her against Leukemia in 2005, two years after the campaign. Nelly started fundraising in 2007 to help students and sent two students on scholarship for a decade. He also launched the Do Something campaign to tackle hunger, in which he collected one million pounds of food for the holiday season.
Nelly looking sullen and wearing big diamond earrings
Nelly looking sullen and wearing big diamond earrings
The Police abducted nelly in 2015 due to possession of drugs like marijuana and had guns during his trip on Tennessee Highway. He was booked for Putnam jail and then released on bail. He has also had allegations of not paying tax in 2016 of $2.4 million by the IRS. The rapper is accused of assaulting rape against a girl during his tour in Seattle, but charges were not proved, and he was released on bail.

Nelly Discography

Following are some of the best songs by Nelly, Country Grammar (2000), Nellyville (2002), Sweat (2004), Suit (2004), Brass Knuckles (2008), 5.0 (2010), and M.O. (2013).

Nelly Filmography

Following are some of the movies in which Nelly has worked, in 2001, Snipes as Prolifk a Lead role, in 2005 The Longest Yard as Earl Megget a Supporting role and sang on the soundtrack, in 2014 Reach Me as E-Ruption a Supporting role.
On TV, the following are some of the appearances.
From 2008–2009 in CSI: NY as Terrence Davis for 4 episodes.
From 2011 on 90210 as Himself for a cameo appearance in Episode: "Revenge with the Nerd."
From 2011–13 in T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle as Himself for a cameo appearance; season 1, episode 3 "America's Sweetheart," next cameo appearance in season 2, episodes 2 "Birthday Bash."
In 2012 on The Next: Fame Is at Your Doorstep as Himself on a Reality television show.
From 2013–16 on Real Husbands of Hollywood as himself Recurring role, 39 episodes.
From 2014–15 on Nellyville as Himself on reality television.
From 2017–present on The Platinum Life as Himself on Reality television.

Nelly's Birth Place

Nelly was born on 2 November 1974 in Austin, Texas, USA.

Nelly's Birthday

November 2 is the birthday of Nelly.

Nelly's Age

46 years is the age of Nelly.

Nelly's Height

Nelly is 1.73 m tall.

Nelly's Weight

Nelly weighs 83 kg.

Nelly's Education

Nelly got his education from University City High School.

Nelly's Occupation

Nelly is a Rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, and occasional actor.

Nelly's Wife

Nelly and Shantel in an event ceremony
Nelly and Shantel in an event ceremony
Nelly is married to Shantel Jackson, who is a model and aspiring actress. She currently has an estimated net worth of around $3 million. She was born in Miami, Florida, and went on to study fashion and acting at the University of Miami. Shantel has been dating Nelly for years, and there have been engagement rumors. She also has made appearances on Nelly's reality TV Show, Nellyville.

Nelly's Kids

Nelly has two kids. He has a daughter and a son, Chanelle Haynes, born in 1994, and Cornell Haynes III, born in 1999.

Nelly's Girlfriends

Nelly has definitely had an interesting dating history. His current girlfriend is Shantel Jackson, who is a model and aspiring actress. He dated actress Lashontae Heckard from 2005 up until 2014. He also dated the American model Nicole Narain in 2004 for a brief period. He had longer-lasting relationships with singersAshanti and Eve.

Nelly Awards

Nelly is considered to be the highest-selling in the world, with 21 million copies sold. He has been awarded 60 awards. He has 3 Grammys, 9 Billboard Music Awards, 4 Teen Choice Awards, 4 American Music Awards, 2 Soul Train, and 1 BET award. He has also been nominated 9 times for Grammys and Billboard Awards.

Nelly Which Company For Work

As of 2018, Nelly had signed a contract with Columbia Records. He also has clothing brands named Apple Bottoms and Vokal.

Nelly Family

Nelly is married to Shantel Jackson and had two kids' daughter and a son, Chanelle Haynes, born in 1994, and Cornell Haynes III, born in 1999.

Nelly Parents

Cornell Hynes Sr was Nelly's father, and Rhonda Mack was his mother. His father was in the US air force, and his parents separated when he was 7. He moved with his mother to University City.

Nelly Siblings

Nelly has two siblings. Lavell Webb is known by his stage name City Spud was born on August 31, 1975. His brother is also a rapper and a record producer, and a hip-hop group St.Lunatics member. His sister Jackie Donahue was born on 20 June 1973. She had Leukemia and died in 2005.

Nelly Albums

Following are some of the albums by Nelly, Nellyville (2002), Sweat (2004), Suit (2004), Brass Knuckles (2008), 5.0 (2010), and M.O. (2013)

Nelly Best Albums

The following are some of the best albums by Nelly, Nellyville (2002), Sweat (2004), Suit (2004), 5.0 (2010), and M.O. (2013)

Nelly Best Songs

Country Grammar, Ride Wit Me, nelly hot in here, air force ones, dilemma, my place, over and over, tilt ya head back, flap your wings, Grillz (dirty), wadsyaname, party people, body on me, one & only and dilemma are best hits songs by nelly.

Nelly's Daughter

Chanelle Haynes, born in 1994, is the daughter of Nelly.

Nelly's Son

Cornell Haynes III, born in 1999, is the son of Nelly.

Nelly Nationality

Nelly is an American

Nelly Religion

Nelly's religion is not known.

Nelly House And Residence

Nelly has three homes in St. Louis, Missouri area.

Nelly Real And Nicknames

Nelly is the nickname, and his real name is Cornell Haynes Jr.

Nelly Zodiac Sign

Scorpio is his zodiac sign.

Nelly Interesting Facts

  • The real name of Nelly is Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr.
  • He was born on November 24, 1974.
  • He was born in Texas, where his father was in the military.
  • His parents divorced when he was just merely seven years old.
  • Nelly moved with his mother from St. Louis to University City, Missouri as a teenager.
  • While still in high school, Nelly formed the St. Lunatics, a hip hop group that enjoyed local popularity with their single “Gimme What Ya Got.”
  • Furthermore, he made his mind to go solo.
  • He was signed to Universal Music Group by A&R Kevin Law.
  • Nelly released his second mixtape, entitled Scorpio Season, on November 2, 2012.
  • His significant movie role came in the 2005 remake of The Longest Yard starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock.
  • He also signed a deal with the shoe brand Reebok.

People Also Ask

Did Nelly And Kelly Rowland Date?

Nelly and Rowland's camps have constantly refuted the claims, and at one point, the singer declared that they were very close but that there was nothing romantic between them and told the reports that Nelly and her are not in a relationship.

Why Did Nelly Stop Making Music?

Nelly has been preoccupied with his fatherhood. He raised two children, Cornell III and Chanelle, and worked hard to keep them out of the spotlight for a long period. The children are apparently from various relationships, but the rapper has kept the identity of the baby mama a secret. In actuality, he fathered Sydney and Shawn, the children of his late sister Jackie, who died of leukemia in March 2005.

How Is Nelly Still Making Money?

Nelly is an American rapper and actor, with a net worth of $60 million. He began his career while still in high school and soon rose to prominence. Nelly is a 44-year-old entrepreneur with his own clothing line, a celebrity product ambassador, and philanthropist.


Rap music has changed tremendously since the emergence of social networking. Artists and listeners have been able to collaborate and discover new talent. Rappershave a promising future and Nelly's net worth is a proof. They are in high demand in the market due to their skill set and experience. They can also leverage their fame to create income from other avenues such as item sales, concerts, and so on.
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