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Neil Young - $200 Million Net Worth, The Godfather Of Grunge

Canadian singer-songwriter and musician Neil Young net worth is $200 million. The skilled multi-instrumentalist Neil Young is most recognized for his folk-rock compositions.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jul 29, 2022
Canadian singer-songwriter and musician Neil Young net worthis $200 million. The skilled multi-instrumentalist Neil Young is most recognized for his folk-rock compositions.
Neil Young has established himself as one of the most well-known and financially successful artists of all time after a lengthy career spanning several decades and many album releases.
Neil Young has received several Grammy and Juno Awards throughout the course of his long career in the music business.
He was also admitted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame twice, once as a solo performer and once with Buffalo Springfield.
Sales of his albums, which are said to have totaled over 75 million throughout the years, account for the lion's share of Young's fortune.

Top 7 Quick Facts About Neil Young

NameNeil Young
Date Of BirthNov 12, 1945
Height5 ft 11 in (1.82 m)
ProfessionMusician, Songwriter, Film director, Actor, Film Producer, Film Score Composer, Screenwriter, Record producer, Activist
Net Worth$200 Million

Neil Young Personal Life

Neil Young Thinking
Neil Young Thinking
In 1968, Neil Young wed Susan Avecedo, who would become his first wife. Before she requested a divorce, the couple had been married for two years.
Young dated the actress Carrie Snodgress for the following five years. They had one kid together while they were still dating.
Young married Pegi Young in 1978 after meeting her when she was a waitress at a café close to his property.
Pegi and Neil separated in 2014, ending their 36-year marriage. Neil Young soon after met the actress Daryl Hannah, whom he ultimately married four years later.
As a vocal environmentalist, Neil Young is particularly committed to the welfare of small farms.
Additionally, he supports electric cars and has taken a leading role in the education of kids with impairments.
Young was identified as having a brain aneurysm in 2005. He received a successful neuroradiological operation, but two days later he lost consciousness due to severe femoral artery hemorrhage.

Neil Young Career

Neil Young Singing
Neil Young Singing
Young began songwriting for the first time since his split from The Squires, penning as well as several more folk successes.
He also contributed to The Guess Who's "Flying on the Ground is Wrong," which brought him his first taste of popular fame as a composer.
He eventually became a member of the Rick James-led band known as the Mynah Birds.
Young and Bruce Palmer left for Los Angeles in search of fresh chances when the group split up.
Young and Palmer met together with other musicians in Los Angeles to form the band Buffalo Springfield.
The brief band only existed for two years, yet within that time they were able to produce three albums.
The band received positive reviews, and the Peace Movement era saw great success for them because to their folk-infused psychedelic rock.
Neil Young released his first self-titled album as a solo artist in 1969, however the album didn't get great reviews.
After assisting in the formation of Crazy Horse and working with them on his second solo album, Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, he did better.
After the Gold Rush, Young's third studio album, was recorded without Crazy Horse and with additional musicians.

Neil Young Top 10 Albums And Sales

Over 28,704,811 records by Neil Young were sold, including 20,192,000 in the US and 3,260,000 in the UK. Harvest, Neil Young's best-selling album, with more than 8,508,000 copies sold.
HARVEST (1972)8,508,000
AFTER THE GOLD RUSH (1970)3,403,650
GREATEST HITS (2004)2,753,607
HARVEST MOON (1992)2,664,090
DECADE (1977)1,400,000
LIVE RUST (1979)1,145,000
RUST NEVER SLEEPS (1979)1,090,000
COMES A TIME (1978)959,350
UNPLUGGED (1993)688,290
SLEEPS WITH ANGELS (1994)616,330
FREEDOM (1989)610,000

Neil Young Top 5 Songs

He has since then, throughout the course of the last 53 years, issued more than 40 studio albums, 12 live albums, and a number of compilation albums as a solo performer as well as with "Crazy Horse" and different band lineups.

Cowgirl In The Sand

Neil Young - Cowgirl In The Sand - Carnegie Hall / Official Bootleg (Official Music Video)

Song X

Neil Young - Song X

Rockin’ In The Free World

Neil Young - Rockin' In The Free World

Down By The River

Neil Young - Down by the River - Live (Official Music Video)

Cowgirl In The Sand

Neil Young - Cowgirl In The Sand - Carnegie Hall / Official Bootleg (Official Music Video)

Neil Young Net Worth

Lionel, LLC, a business that specialized in model trains and associated accessories, was part-owned by Neil Young.
While the firm was in bankruptcy in 2008, Neil Young lost all of his shares while continuing to serve on the board of directors.
His status is considerably more than just honorific since Young is listed as a co-inventor on at least seven model train-related patents.
Pono, an online music download and streaming service that claimed to recreate top-notch, analog recordings direct from the studio, was also founded by Young.
After Apple acquired Pono's operational firm, Omnifone, in 2017, Pono was forced to close.
Neil disclosed that he has sold a 50% ownership in his song repertoire for $150 million in January 2021.
He gave an investment company called Hipgnosis 50% of the copyright and revenue for around 1,120 songs.

Spotify Joe Rogan Feud

Neil Young Smiling
Neil Young Smiling
Neil presented Spotify an ultimatum in January 2022 by posting a letter on social media and his website in which he demanded that they either delete his music OR remove Joe Rogan's program.
He submitted the request because he thinks Rogan's program conveys false information about vaccines that results in avoidable deaths.
Ultimately, Spotfiy decided against taking down Rogan's program, therefore Neil was justified in following through on his threat.
Interestingly, Neil didn't technically own his master recordings at the time of the threat, which is the right that allows someone to choose where music is licensed (for example, on Spotify).
Warner Music, which is the owner of his masters, practically did him a favor by making Spotify remove the song from service.
Hipgnosis, who, as we just noted, had recently paid $150 million for 50% of his income stream, is the actual loser in this case. Platforms like Spotify create royalty streams.

Neil Young Lifestyle

Neil Young On Stage
Neil Young On Stage

Real Estate

For $350,000 cash, Neil Young acquired the 1,000-acre Broken Arrow Ranch in La Honda, California, in 1970. He then added hundreds of acres to the land to make it larger. Neil put his longstanding Hawaii residence up for sale in November 2015 for $24.5 million. He finally sold the house for $20 million in 2018.
In 2016, Neil paid his girlfriend Darryl Hannah $3.6 million for a house in Malibu, California. For $1.32 million, Darryl paid for the 17.6-acre property in 2001. She had once made an effort to sell it for up to $5 million. The Woolsey fire in November 2018 completely damaged the home.

Car Collection

Auto enthusiast and eco-warrior Neil Young. Yes, he wants to rescue the world, but he also wants to do it on a set of vintage wheels.
However, you don't necessary need a background in poetry to pick up on a little risqué undertone there.
Young believes that vehicles and music go hand in hand.
Young has owned more than three dozen cars throughout the course of his career, however he has recently reduced the size of his fleet.
Here, we look at some of the classic vehicles that have been significant in Young's life in honor of the great man's 75th birthday on November 12.
  • 1941 Chrysler Series 28 Windsor Highlander Coupe
  • 1947 Buick Roadmaster Sedan
  • 1948 Buick Roadmaster Hearse
  • 1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe
  • 1953 Buick Roadmaster Skylark Convertible
  • 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark IV
  • Hummer

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Neil Young

  • Neil purchased a 1948 Buick Roadmaster hearse that he christened Mortimer Hearseburg, or just Mort, in order to go to shows.
  • In 1965, The Squires met the American folk-rock band The Company, which included Stephen Stills on guitar, at a bar in Fort William, Ontario.
  • Neil penned the song "Sugar Mountain" on his 19th birthday, shortly after quitting his band the Squires, although it wasn't officially published until 1977.
  • Joni Mitchell fell in love with "Sugar Mountain" and was later inspired by it to compose "The Circle Game."
  • Neil is Canadian, but his mother, Edna Blow Ragland "Rassy" Young, was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, which allowed her to trace her ancestry down to those who had a direct hand in the American Revolution.
  • While they were residing in Winnipeg, Rassy, his mother, had an appearance on the game program Twenty Questions. Neil never participated in a game show, but his dad did.
  • Despite spending most of his time in America, Neil has never relinquished his Canadian citizenship.
  • Neil was sued by his own record company, Geffen Records, in the 1980s on the grounds that he had broken his contract by producing albums that were "unrepresentative" of his earlier work. In other words, Neil was accused of being false in the lawsuit.
  • Due in large part to his innovative use of feedback and distortion, as well as his enduring fondness for flannel shirts, Neil is considered as the "Godfather of Grunge."
  • In 1991, he released an album that was mostly made up of feedback noise from several live performances. Arc was created as a result of a proposal made by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and was first made available with the live CD Weld.

Neil Young's Lifestyle ★ 2021

People Also Ask

Where Does Neil Young Currently Live?

Newsabout Young's return to Ontario is buried among his most recent website revisions.
After September 2020, Young and Hannah "went back to Canada to an old cottage on the lake," according to his post from the end of March.

How Much Did Neil Young Sell His Rights For?

All of Neil Young's songwriting rights have been purchased by an investing company for 50%.
The Canadian folk rocker's 1,180 songs cost an estimated $150 million (£110 million) from the Hipgnosis Songs Fund.

Why Was Neil Young Removed From Spotify?

Following Neil Young's request to have his music removed off Spotify on January 24 in response to what he claimed to be misinformation and faulty science on the streamer's well-known Joe Rogan Experience podcast, an increasing number of musicians have joined the legendary rocker in doing the same.


Both as a solo performer and as a member of Buffalo Springfield, he has twice been honored with induction into the rock and roll hall of fame.
His voice is unique, and both his acoustic and electric guitar playing skills are great, but his electric compositions with their heavy use of discordant feedback are particularly alluring.
Over the next several years, Neil Young became a well-known and prosperous figure as a result of his recent mainstream success, and he recorded a number of commercially successful albums. "Old Man" was one of his most recognizable songs at this time.
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