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Neffex - Their Net Worth As Electronic And Rap Music Singers

Neffex is an American music project that was first comprised of Cameron Wales and was led by Bryce Savage. Learn Neffex's net worth in 2022 by reading the information provided below.

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Neffex is an American music project that was first comprised of Cameron Wales and was led by Bryce Savage. Learn more about Neffex net worthin <year> by reading the information provided below.
The name of the project is styled NEFFEX. They created original songs as well as remixes that were defined by a combination of electronic and rap music styles.
Before Savage continued the project on his own, Wales composed the instrumentals and did the editing, while Savage was responsible for writing the lyrics and singing them.
They have made a large number of their songs available without asking for any kind of payment or Copywriting in exchange for using them in their work.

Inspiring Neffex Career

Savage and Wales initially became acquainted with one another when they were 15 years old and still students in high school.
They were active members of a punk rock band at that time period.
After that, they both left the band and began working on their respective solo projects musically.
However, at this point in time, Neffex had not yet been developed. After graduating high school, Wales relocated to Los Angeles, which caused a rift between the two throughout Savage's time at college.
When Savage was in his last year of college, he struck up a conversation with Wales, and throughout the course of their conversation, they discovered that both of them were producing music in their spare time.
After they graduated from college, they got back together in Orange County and came up with the moniker "NEFFEX" and the emblem of a fox.
On his YouTube channel, Savage said that the fox sign was not the original purpose. Rather, he wanted to build something that was simple to copy and was comparable to the notorious "cool S" style; this is why it consists of three triangles.
In 2017, the team set itself the goal of releasing 100 songs in the span of 100 consecutive weeks.
There are no royalties attached to any of the songs that were released for this competition.
They announced the release of their first extended play (EP) on October 16, 2019, and titled it Q203, after the address of the flat where they originally recorded their music.
When I Was Young, Without You, It's My Life, Sunday, Primal, and Want Me are the six songs that are included on this CD.
They announced the release of their first album on September 25, 2020, and it was named "New Beginnings." It included ROZES, Jez Dior, and MASN.
This album has a total of 16 songs: 'Sometimes,' 'Be Somebody,' 'New Beginnings,' 'Scars,' 'I've been Let Down,' 'I Wanna Play A Game,' 'Don't Hate Me,' 'Mind Reader,' 'Unavailable,' 'When It Flows,' 'WOW!,' 'Worst of You,' 'Closer to Heaven,' 'Space,' and.

NEFFEX Net Worth

Black And White Image Of Bryce Savage And Cameron Wales
Black And White Image Of Bryce Savage And Cameron Wales
The actualized net worth of NEFFEX Music is not exactly known, although according to certain estimations, it is above $9.27 million.
The $9.27 million figure is derived solely from the advertising income generated by YouTube.
That is to say, the value of NEFFEX Music may very well be far higher.
When these other potential revenue streams are taken into account, the value of NEFFEX Music might get closer to $12.98 million.

NEFFEX Music Earnings

The NEFFEX Music YouTube channel gets a total of around 38.64 million views each month, which breaks down to approximately 1.29 million views per day.
If a channel is monetized with advertisements, then it makes money each time one thousand videos are seen on that channel.
YouTube channels may earn anywhere from $3 to $7 for one thousand views of a video uploaded to the platform.
If NEFFEX Music falls within this range, then the estimated monthly income for NEFFEX Music is $154,57 thousand, which comes to a total of $2.32 million a year.
There are some channels on YouTube that make even more than $7 per thousand views of their videos.
It is possible that NEFFEX Music's advertising income might bring in as much as $4.17 million per year if the company achieves its full potential.
On the other hand, it is very unusual for channels to depend on only one source of income.
YouTubersthat have achieved success often have sponsors, and they may find that advertising their own items results in more money.
In addition to that, they could be offered speaking engagements.


Bryce Savage, a singer and songwriter, and Cameron Wales, a producer, are both members of the band Neffex.
After finishing their educations, the two close friends got back together to establish the band that would become known as Neffex in 2014.
During their time in high school, they were members of a band.
They devised a sound that combined parts of rap and electronic music when they were living in an apartment in Orange County, California, in the United States.
They began their 100 songs challenge in 2017, during which they will release a new single once each week for the next 100 weeks.
Several of these songs, including "Fight Back," "Rumors," "Best of Me," and a few more, immediately became popular online and spread over the internet.
Their policy of enabling content producersto use their music for free as part of their work was a significant factor in their ascent to prominence.
This resulted in the usage of Neffex songs as the background music for a variety of videos posted by prominent figures on social media.
Not only did Neffex's songs often rack up millions of listens, but the band also amassed millions of fans across a variety of social media sites.
Here is a list of the most popular songs on Neffex:
  • Free Me
  • Fight Back
  • Don't let go
  • Grateful
  • Statement
  • Rumors
  • No turning back
  • Best of me
  • As you fade away
  • Destiny
  • Sober
  • Cold
  • Go!
  • Numb
  • Born a rockstar
  • Immortal
  • Careless
  • Ruthless
  • Things are gonna get better
  • Built to last
  • Tough
  • I just wanna be great
  • Believe
  • Play
  • That's what it takes

People Also Ask

What Is NEFFEX Considered?

Neffex, a genre-hopping electronic duo, earned legions of admirers by releasing a new song each and every week over a period of one hundred weeks.
The content that they released as a part of this challenge included elements of electronic dance music (EDM), rap music, bass music, and other genres, and it resulted in multiple singles that went viral.
With their formal debut album New Beginnings, Neffex expanded on the acclaim that was given to them as a result of their prolifically releasing 100 songs in the year 2020.
Neffex Boys Standing In Front Of Waves
Neffex Boys Standing In Front Of Waves

What Does NEFFEX Mean?

NEFFEX means the way that represents elegance, harmony, perfection, family, love, and the weighty responsibilities of adulthood.
Nevertheless, it is also a symbol of demand, idealization, and impatience.

Did NEFFEX Split Up?

On July 6, 2021, they came to the consensus that they should split ways, and Wales departed NEFFEX so that he could concentrate on solo projects.

When Was NEFFEX Created?

NEFFEX was first established on YouTube on July 27, 2014.
Cameron Wales and Bryce Savage are the two members of this American music duet who make up the band.
The rap group is another term that may be used to describe NEFFEX.
Nightcore renditions have a similar addictive potential.
There have been 800 million views of this.


Savage issued a new challenge on July 7, 2021, with the goal of releasing 100 songs in 100 weeks.
Just like the previous challenge, all of the songs that are being released for this challenge are royalty-free.
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