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Miles Brown Net Worth - An American Actor, Dancer And Rapper

Miles Brown is an American actor, dancer, and rapper who shot to stardom after appearing on the television show Blackish on ABC. In addition to that, he is competing for the title of "best junior dancer" on the television program "Dancing with the Stars Juniors." Miles Brown net worth is around 1 million dollars.

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Miles Brown is an American actor, dancer, and rapper who shot to stardom after appearing on the television show Blackish on ABC. In addition to that, he is competing for the title of "best junior dancer" on the television program "Dancing with the Stars Juniors." Miles Brown net worthis around 1 million dollars.
In addition to his skills as a rapper, Miles has just made his debut as a singer with the release of his album, "A Young Man Under Construction." Being a social media star and actor, people are always curious about miles' brown net worth, his lifestyle, and his liking, and dislikes.

Quick Facts About Miles Brown

Full Real Name Miles Brown
Nick Name Baby Boogaloo
Date of Birth December 28, 2004
Nationality American
Birthday December 28
BirthplaceOxnard, California
Ethnicity African-American
Gender Male
Profession Actor, Rapper, Dancer
Religion Christianity
Family Name Brown
Age 18 years old
Current Residence California
Sun Sign Capricorn
Awards 2015’s Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV series-Supporting Young Actor

Early Life Of Miles Brown

Miles Brown was born on December 28, 2004, in Oxnard, California, in the United States. His father, the African American rapper Jack Brown aka "Wild Kid", and his mother, Cyndee Brown, are both of Mexican descent. Miles Brown is the son of Wild child and Cyndee Brown. In addition to that, he has an older sister.

The Career Of Miles Brown

At the age of three, Miles started his career as a dancer. Yo Gabba Gabba! Was one of his first appearances on television, and it was also one of his most memorable. Since then, he has given performances at a plethora of festivals and events, both domestic and worldwide. His development as a dancer may be seen over the course of many years on his channel "BabyBoogaloo1" on YouTube.
In October 2009, Miles appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and gave a live performance. After then, he made further appearances on various television programs, including The Steve Harvey Show, Conan, Larry King Now, and Jimmy Kimmel Live! At the age of 5, he appeared in his first advertisement for the Disney Channel.
In 2009, Miles was a member of the dance group "Emanon," and he performed with them. Later on, he and Bailey Munoz became one half of the duo known as Future Funk. They participated in the fifth season of "America's Got Talent," which was broadcast on NBC in 2010.
Battlefield America is a film that combines elements of musical theater and drama. Miles appears in this film (2012). In the Halloween episode of Raising Hobe from 2012, he appeared briefly as a trick-or-treater. His next appearance on television was in an episode of Shameless, where he played the character Ashish (2013).these acting projects helped in the growth of miles brown net worth.
Miles is starring as "Jack Johnson" in the critically acclaimed comedy-drama series Blackish, which airs on ABC (2014–). Kenya Barris is the brains behind the program, and several of its stars, like Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Yara Shahidi, and Laurence Fishburne, are featured in it.
In May 2018, the television show Blackish received a renewal for a fifth season. For three different episodes of Goldie and Bear, Miles provided the voice for the character "Jack" (2015–16). He has roles in the 2015 and 2016 short films Two Bellmen and How to Catch a Ghost, respectively. In addition to those roles, he has also appeared in Drunk History, Rad Lands, and The Thundermans.
Miles's aspirations include a career in rap music, in addition to acting and dancing. Early in 2018, he released his first song, "NBA." His father contributed to its writing, and Mic Checkmate was the producer. On YouTube, the official trailer for the series "NBA" has garnered significant views.
In May 2018, Miles and Wild child released a promotional tune under the name "Unbreakable." It was a tribute to Luke Cage, a character from Marvel Comics. As a junior reporter for the Jr. NBA Leadership Council, Miles covers all the action.
His responsibilities include covering live events and conducting interviews with players. People of prominence, including Stephen Curry and Elena Delle Donne, are members of the Leadership Council.

Social Media Of Miles Brown

Miles Brown has a presence across a variety of social media sites. He has more than 994 thousand followers on Instagram under the handle @milesbrown, more than 90.7 thousand followers on Twitter under the handle @MilesBrown, and 97 thousand followers on Facebook under the handle Miles Brown.
The increase in Miles Brown's net worth is also due to the brand sponsorships that he does for the brands on his official social media pages.
Miles Brown In Orange Upper Smiling
Miles Brown In Orange Upper Smiling

Some Interesting Facts About Miles Brown

  • Miles Brown is one of the top 30 young actorsworking in Hollywood who are under the age of 18.
  • He is quite active on various social media networks.
  • He also has a deep affinity for all kinds of animals.
  • Brown was a member of the Alias Dance Group from 2010 until 2014, during which time she danced with the company.
  • The color white is another one of his favorites.
  • In 2007, he made his first appearance on the Yo Gabba Gabba show as a dancer when he was just three years old. He showed a large gathering of friends and family members a hip-hop dance performance that he had choreographed. He began to take himself quite seriously.
  • Additionally, he has been a guest on several other television shows, such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Conan, and The Steve Harvey Show, among others.
  • Hayward, in the state of California, in the United States of America, is where Miles Brown was born.
  • Miles Brown net worth is one million dollars at this time.
  • Miles Brown has accomplished his educational goals.

Miles Brown Net Worth

Miles Brown net worth is more than one million dollars. Acting, dancing, and rapping are the three careers that contribute the most to his income. He made an average of $80,000 a year, the majority of which came from his rapping and his roles in movies.
In addition to that, he made money via sponsorship deals, marketing work, and endorsements. Aside from that, he made money off of his YouTube channel, which has a total of 33,500 subscribers.

People Also Ask

What Exactly Is Miles Brown's Age?

On December 28th, 2004, Miles Brown came into the world.

Where Is Miles Brown From?

Miles Brown was born in Los Angeles, which is located in the state of California in the United States.

What Is The Height Of Miles Brown?

Miles Brown is a tall man, measuring 5 feet 4 inches in height.


Miles Brown is one of the youngest people in the entertainment business to earn a million dollars. Because of his relatively high level of accomplishment in the field, he has been able to gain a financial advantage over his contemporaries.
We have no doubt that over a short period, as a result of Miles Brown's unwavering dedication and consistent effort, miles brown net worth will continue to increase, even if it is currently $1 million.
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