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Mike Tyson is a retired American boxer who was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in the late 1980s. Mike Tyson net worth is $10 million. During his heyday, Mike was one of the most famous and highest-paid athletes in the world. He was the youngest champion in history at age 20. Unfortunately, he squandered and/or was bilked out of a personal fortune that topped $300 million at his peak.

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Mike Tyson is a retired American boxer who was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in the late 1980s.
Mike Tyson net worthis $10 million.
During his heyday, Mike was one of the most famous and highest-paid athletesin the world.
He was the youngest champion in history at age 20.
Unfortunately, he squandered and/or was bilked out of a personal fortune that topped $300 million at his peak.
Mike declared bankruptcy in 2003.
According to the bankruptcy filing, he was reportedly $23 million in debt at that point.
ESPN called him "The Hardest Hitter in Heavyweight History," and Sky Sports dubbed him "the most ferocious fighter to step into a professional ring."
Although Tyson was a talented boxer, his reputation was marred by controversy in and out of the ring.

Top 7 Quick Facts About Mike Tyson

NameMike Tyson
Date Of Birth1966-06-30
Height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
ProfessionProfessional Boxer, Actor, Film Producer, Athlete
NationalityUnited States of America
Net Worth$10 Million

Mike Tyson Early Life

Mike Tyson Smiling
Mike Tyson Smiling
On June 30, 1966, in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York, Mike Tyson was born.
He had two siblings, Rodney and Denise, however his sister died at the age of 24 from a heart attack.
Although Tyson's real father is named as "Purcell Tyson," Mike identified Jimmy Kirkpatrick as his father figure.
Kirkpatrick was a star baseball player in his North Carolina hometown of Grier Town.
He was a big gambler and frequented places where you would anticipate someone of that sort to hang out.
Later, Kirkpatrick left the family, and Tyson's mother passed away when he was only 16 years old.
He was then turned over to his boxing manager, Cus D'Amato.
Tyson spent all of his youth living in and around high-crime areas.
In a previous interview, he said that his first altercation was with a larger youngster who had taken one of his pigeons' heads off.
Tyson was often apprehended for his misdeeds, and by the time he was 13, he had already been detained 38 times.
He eventually attended the Tryon School for Boys in Johnstown before quitting high school.

Boxing Career Of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson In Arena
Mike Tyson In Arena
In 1981 and 1982, Tyson earned gold medals in junior Olympic boxing, where he had his first professional boxing fights.
He competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics but was defeated twice by Henry Tillman.
At the age of 18, Tyson faced Hector Mercedes in his first professional bout, which he won through first-round TKO.
For Tyson, who typically won in the opening round, this would be the beginning of a rising pattern.
With many projecting an early ascent to popularity, Tyson proceeded to battle opponents who were more difficult than those he had previously fought.
Early in his career, Tyson lost a significant father figure with the passing of Cus D'Amatto in 1985.
Many people subsequently said that Tyson's later life would become unstable as a result of this.

Breakthrough And Boxing Style Of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Celebrating
Mike Tyson Celebrating
Tyson's battle against Jesse Ferguson, which was nationally broadcast, marked his official entry onto the global scene.
The outcome of the fight was obviously unavoidable when Tyson nailed Ferguson with an uppercut that shattered his nose.
Ferguson was disqualified for improperly clinching, and Tyson was declared the winner.
Another televised fight featured Tyson vs former world championship contender Marvis Frazier.
With a knockout, Tyson triumphed in only 30 seconds.
The youngest heavyweight champion in history, Tyson defeated Trevor Berbick in the second round of their fight in 1986.
He defeated James Smith in 1987 to successfully reclaim his title as the undisputed heavyweight world champion.
He fought Pinklon Thomas for the IBF championship in a 12-round contest the same year.
Tyson became the first heavyweight in history to simultaneously hold all three major titles thanks to this.
In 1988, Tyson defeated previous champion Larry Holmes by knocking him out in the fourth round.
That year, Tony Tubbs met a similar end when he was TKO'd in the second round.
Tyson defeated Michael Spinks to win the year's last fight.
Due to Spinks' technical proficiency, many experts projected a difficult battle for Tyson; instead, Tyson defeated him in under 90 seconds.
Tyson made a comeback to professional boxing in 1999 and defeated Francois Botha, only to serve a nine-month jail sentence for allegedly attacking two motorists.
When he started boxing again after being released from jail, he quickly dispatched many opponents, either in the first or second round.
He eliminated Lou Savarese in 38 seconds in the year 2000.
When Tyson defeated Clifford Etienne in 2003, it was his last triumph on the professional level.
Mike Tyson announced his retirement in 2005 after a string of unsuccessful comeback bouts, setbacks, and injuries.
Mike Tyson was taught the "peek-a-boo" style of defensive boxing by Cus D'Amatto, which included a high guard and quick head movements.
This aggressive counterpunching technique relies on attacking the opponent, forcing him to swing, and then seizing opportunities.
Tyson was renowned for both his powerful punches and his ability to bob and weave.
The majority of Tyson's hitting force came from his legs, and he was well renowned for finishing bouts with a right hook followed by an uppercut.

Mike Tyson Net Worth

Mike Tyson Talking with a mic, his face tattoo is visible
Mike Tyson Talking with a mic, his face tattoo is visible
One of the highest-paid boxersin the annals of professional boxing is Mike Tyson.
During his time in the ring, he earned a fortune.
Mike Tyson's projected net worth in 2022 is $10 million.
Boxing is where Mike Tyson earns 95% of his money. That makes perfect sense.
Sources of money:
  • A matchup between Mike Tyson and renowned Jamaican boxer Trevor Berbick netted Tyson $1.5 million.
  • He received around $500,000,000 from his battle with James Smith.
  • In a bout with Tony Tubbs in 1998, Mike Tyson won $10 million, which represents his current net worth.
  • With a spectacular knockout of Michael Spinks in under 91 seconds, Mike Tyson won $20 million. Mike's net worth today would be around $42 million if he had invested the $20 million earnings from the battle with Spinks instead.
  • Donovan Ruddock won the first match and the rematch between Mike and him by taking home $16 million. Tyson won both honors and beat Ruddok, which, if not wasted as of right now, would have increased Mike Tyson's net worth to $32 million.
  • Mike earned $25 Million as a result of his battle with Peter McNeeley.
  • Iron Man earned $60 million from the bout with Evander Holyfield alone at the time, while earning $30 million from the first and second fights.
  • Mike Tyson's net revenue in a lavish bout versus Lennox Lewis was $103 million.
  • Mike Tyson earned $10 million from a bout with Roy Jones Jr.; Roy earned the same amount, making it a win-win situation for both of them.

Roy Jones Jr. Fight

Mike and Roy Jones, Jr. made the announcement that they will both be coming out of retirement in July 2020 to engage in an extremely unique exhibition fight.
According to reports, the two reached an agreement with a sponsor who agreed to pay $50 million to stage the bout.
If all Pay-Per-View goals are reached, each fighter may get up to $10 million of the $50 million.
Mike said he will give all of his money to charity soon after the announcement.
His officials quickly provided the following clarification:
"At this point in his life, Mike is dedicated to helping the less fortunate.
To assist individuals impacted by the epidemic economically, physically, and socially, Mike is making a sizeable charitable gift.
After the fight, the precise sum will be established."

Mike Tyson Career Earnings

Mike agreed to a $27 million, eight-fight deal with HBO in 1987.
The deal continued until his matchup with Alex Stewart.
Alex Stewart was beaten by Tyson in 2 minutes, 27 seconds.
Following that, he agreed to a long-term $120 million deal with Showtime that covered a number of fights, including Holyfield I and II.
Mike made at least $430 million in his career via fights and sponsorships.
That is equivalent to almost $700 million in today's money.
It has long been known that promoter Don King pocketed a sizable portion of his revenues, at least those from pay-per-view matches.
A legal dispute would eventually make it clear that Mike's agreement with King gave the promoter the right to 30% of his income.
In Nevada, this was technically forbidden.
It's said that Don would skim 50% off the top before writing a check to Mike after paying enigmatic extra costs.
Examples of fees might include $100,000 paid as a consulting fee to Don King's wife for each fight.
Additionally, $50,000 per fight in consultation fees were given to Don King's kids.
The President of the Mike Tyson Fan Club received $1,000 each week from Mike during his height.
It was revealed that the President was Don King's daughter.
Other times, creditors like the IRS would seize his wages.
As an example, Tyson received $8 million to compete against Danny Williams in 2004.
Unfortunately, the IRS immediately garnished $6 million of those revenues, leaving Mike with just $2 million to show for his work.
A summary of Mike's earnings between November 1986 and his last professional bout in 2005 is shown below.
As you can see, the $103 million he received after facing Lennox Lewis in 2002 was by FAR his biggest paycheck.
A pay-per-view incentive made up around $75 million of the $103 million total.
Trevor Berbick $1,500,000
James Smith $2,000,000
Tyrell Biggs $2,500,000
Tony Tucker $2,500,000
Pinklon Thomas $2,500,000
Larry Holmes $5,000,000
Tony Tubbs$10,000,000
Michael Spinks $20,000,000
Frank Bruno I $8,000,000
Carl Williams $4,000,000
Buster Douglas $6,000,000
Henry Tillman $2,000,000
Alex Stewart $3,000,000
Donovan Ruddock I $6,000,000
Donovan Ruddock II $10,000,000
Evander Holyfield I $30,000,000
Evander Holyfield II $30,000,000
Peter McNeeley $25,000,000
Buster Mathis $10,000,000
Frank Bruno II $30,000,000
Bruce Seldon $30,000,000
Francois Botha $10,000,000
Julius Francis $10,000,000
Roy Jones Jr $10,000,000
Orlin Norris $9,000,000
Lou Savarese $8,000,000
Danny Williams $8,000,000
Brian Nielsen $5,000,000
Clifford Etienne $5,000,000
Kevin McBride $5,000,000

Mike Tyson’s Luxury Lifestyle

Mike Tyson And His House
Mike Tyson And His House

Real Estate And Expenses

The height of Mike's extravagant spending was in the early 1990s.
He was thought to be valued approximately $1 billion at the time.
He had many residences, a collection of high-end vehicles, and a private plane.
Additionally, he had a high risk tolerance, which caused him to make some rash decisions, including buying many Bengal tigers.
Each of Mike's tigers cost $70,000, and they were kept in a specially constructed habitat in his garden.
At a cost of $125,000 year, he also maintained a staff member who trained animals.
Mike spends money on his crew in addition to his tigers.
For instance, he maintained a staff member whose only responsibility was to attend newsbriefings dressed in army fatigues and shouting "guerrilla warfare."
This individual received an annual salary of $300,000 for his services.
Mike Tyson gained notoriety for his violent fighting style and turbulent personal life.
He was found guilty of rape in 1991 and sentenced to four years in jail.
He was released in 1995, and as soon as he was, he lost all of his significant wealth. For three years after his release, Tyson spent:
  • $4.5 million on automobiles and a motorcycle,
  • spending $240,000 a month on walking around money,
  • $400,000 on pigeons and huge cats,
  • $300,000 on lawn maintenance,
  • $230,000 for pagers and mobile phones,
  • $100,000 every month is spent on jewels and clothing,
  • while $125,000 is spent on an animal trainer.
A 21-room Connecticut estate with a nightclub and casino that would eventually be owned by 50 Cent was one of the houses he also purchased.
Mike Tyson's exorbitant spending eventually put him out of business.
Even while Mike's extravagant spending habits garnered a lot of attention, they also contributed to his success as a businessman.
He was able to create a company empire that covered many sectors because to his willingness to take chances.
Mike's extravagant lifestyle ultimately served as both a source of criticism and a major factor in his success.
His most well-known acquisition was a 24-carat gold bathtub that he bought for his first wife for $2.2 million and gave to her as a present.

Personal Appearance Fees

For the majority of the last two decades, Mike has named Las Vegas his home.
He makes personal appearances at social gatherings and business functions in Vegas, where he makes a good fortune.
For a two-hour personal appearance, Mike bills $75,000.

Car Collection

From 1985 through 2005, Mike Tyson, an American, was a professional boxer.
Early on in his career, he went under the moniker "Iron Mike," subsequently being known as "The Baddest Man on the Planet."
Before filing bankruptcy in 2003, he had a fantastic array of historic vehicles.
Cadillac Eldorado $31,286
Rolls-Royce Silver Spur $150,000
Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster $245,597
Mercedes-Benz SL-Class 560SL $30,000
Ferrari 456-GT Spyder $232,170

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Mike Tyson You Don't Know

  • At 20 years, four months, and 22 days old, Mike Tyson holds the distinction as the boxer who was the youngest to win a heavyweight championship.
  • By the time he was 13, Mike Tyson had already been detained 38 times. He also picked fights with people who made fun of his lisp and persisted in committing minor offenses.
  • Although he dropped out of school, Mike Tyson received an honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters from Central State University in 1989. The university's administrators reasoned that Tyson, who was idolized by many young people, studying would encourage them to prioritize their education.
  • He owns three Royal Bengal Tigers that he spends $4000 a month on, demonstrating his unique pet preferences.
  • Because he thought having sex before a battle would make him a worse boxer, Tyson refrained from having sex for five years throughout his ascent to boxing greatness.
  • Mike was inspired to take up boxing after seeing Muhammad Ali.
  • For biting boxer Evander Holyfield's ear during a match for the heavyweight championship, Mike Tyson was disqualified.
  • With a $28.6 million salary, Mike Tyson surpassed Michael Jordan in 1990 as the highest-paid athlete in the world.
  • Mike Tyson has eight children and three marriages.
  • Although Tyson fought in the first two rounds against Irish Heavyweight Champion Kevin McBride, he was unable to land additional blows in the third and fourth, and ultimately lost by technical knockout.

Mike Tyson's Lifestyle 2022

People Also Ask

Who Is The Strongest Boxer?

When talking about the hardest punching boxer, Mike Tyson is constantly brought up.
Tyson was feared for his hitting ability and was dubbed "the baddest guy on the earth."

How Rich Is Mike Tyson Right Now?

The projected net worth of the former heavyweight world champion is $10 million, and a large chunk of that sum has been spent on some very opulent acquisitions.

Who Did Tyson Lose His Belt To?

On February 11, 1990, Tyson lost the title to little-known James ("Buster") Douglas, who won through technical knockout in the tenth round, in one of the greatest shocks in boxing history.

How Hard Could Tyson Hit?

According to estimates, Tyson can punch with a force of up to 1,600 joules.
Rocky Marciano is the only world champion who has never experienced loss, and his punches have always been rated according to their force. 1,256 joules are all that are produced.


Mike Tyson's earnings didn't put him in the spotlight, but his boxing prowess and tactical professionalism were responsible for the most of his honors.
Mike's skill in the knockout round of boxing made him renowned.
Mike was a tough boxer who had no fear of opponents.
It is nothing new that Mike wasted millions of money without leaving any evidence of the famed boxer's intention to leave his children with nothing.
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