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Michael Eisner Net Worth In 2023, Birthday, Age, Wife And Kids

He started working for the firm in 1984, and he remained there until mid-2005, when he was forced to leave by other significant stakeholders. In this post, we go into greater depth about Michael Eisner net worth, career, real estate and many other interesting details about the famous businessman.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Oct 06, 2023
American businessman and former chairman and CEO of "The Walt Disney Company," Michael Eisner is in the entertainment industry. He is credited for revitalizing the previously troubled organization.
He started working for the firm in 1984, and he remained there until mid-2005, when he was forced to leave by other significant stakeholders. In this post, we go into greater depth about Michael Eisner net worth, career, real estate and many other interesting details about the famous businessman.

Personal Details

Real Name Michael Dammann Eisner
Profession American Businessman
Date of Birth 7 March 1942
Place of BirthMount Kisco
NationalityUnited States of America
Net Worth 2023 $1 Billion
Height1.91 m
Weight70 Kg

Early Life And Education

In Mount Kisco, New York, on March 7, 1942, Michael Dammann Eisner was born. Michael was raised in an upper middle class Jewish family on Park Avenue in Manhattan, where both of his parents had active professional lives.
His father was a lawyer who also worked for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, while his mother hailed from a rich family and held the position of president of a specialized hospital. Eisner attended Denison University after finishing high school and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English there in 1964. He joined the Delta Upsilon fraternity during his time in college.

Early Career

Some of Michael Eisner's first significant positions were with networks including NBC and CBS, where his career in television started. Later, he was appointed ABC's programming director, and he swiftly moved up the corporate ladder to roles with more power and responsibility. In charge of programming and development by the 1970s, Eisner was serving as senior vice president in an acting capacity.

The Walt Disney Company

Michael Eisner and Bob Iger
Michael Eisner and Bob Iger
After the founders Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney passed away in 1966 and 1971, respectively, The Walt Disney Company barely escaped various takeover attempts. In order to develop the business and succeed Ron W. Miller, its proprietors Sid Bass and Roy E. Disney hired Eisner as president and board chairman in 1984, as well as Frank Wells, the former president of Warner Bros. As head of Walt Disney Studios, Jeffrey Katzenberg was hired by Eisner.

Disney CEO

Michael began putting his name up for the position as soon as he learned that The Walt Disney Company was seeking for a new CEO. The Walt Disney Company was in serious financial trouble at the time. The company's main owners viewed Eisner as a chance to steady the ship after having to fight off many takeover bids over the previous few years.
Jeffrey Katezenberg was hired by Michael to serve as chairman after joining the Disney organization. Eisenberg had never performed in front of a camera, but for some reason that was never completely explained, Disney's personnel thought that he would be the ideal host for the new program "The Wonderful World of Disney," even though he had no prior experience doing so.
Michael gave his consent, and he got guidance all throughout his job. From that moment on, Eisner became the authentic face of Disney, and young children all around the globe were familiar with his name.

Disney Success

Michael Eisner genuinely transformed the Disney corporation in the 1980s and 1990s. One of his early hits was "The Little Mermaid," and he also assisted Disney in setting up a more contemporary animation facility. Later known as the "Disney Renaissance," this period saw the success of films like "The Beauty and the Beast," "Aladdin," "The Lion King," "Pocahontas," "Hercules," "Mulan," and many more.
As CEO of Disney, Eisner handled a number of noteworthy purchases as well. He oversaw Disney's purchase of ABC, ESPN, The Muppets, and Miramax Films. Michael also put up an ambitious proposal in the early 1990s to build a number of new parks across the globe, as well as enlarging already existing parks.

Leaving Disney

The Disney Board then experienced political unrest, notably when Michael's close friend Michael Ovitz left the company with a $38 million severance payout and $3 million in stock options after just 14 months in the role of president.
After that, Roy E. Disney's "Save Disney" campaign was launched, which led to Eisner's resignation as CEO. Bob Iger, who had previously held the position of COO at Disney, took his place. Michael remains a revered figure in Disney history despite being forcefully demoted from the business's leadership, and in 2006 the corporation dedicated its Burbank corporate headquarters in his honor.
Disney had a significant transformation under Michael Eisner, going from a faltering business to a Fortune 500 worldwide media behemoth with more than $25 billion in yearly revenues.

Disney Stock

Michael was granted the option to purchase 7 million business shares in 1989 when he agreed to a new deal with Disney at a ridiculously low striking price. Michael exercised his Disney options for $560 million in December 1997. A securities filing from 2002 revealed that Michael had 14 million Disney shares. These shares were valued at $210 million at the time.

Michael Eisner Wife

Michael Eisner and his wife
Michael Eisner and his wife
Michael Eisner's wife is Jane Breckenridge Eisner. They have been married since 1967 and have three sons together.

Michael Eisner Kids

Michael Eisner and his wife, Jane Breckenridge Eisner, have three sons together. Their three sons are:
  • Breck Eisner -Breck Eisner is the oldest of Michael Eisner's sons. He is known for his work as a film director and producer, with credits including the movie "Sahara" (2005) and directing episodes of television series.
  • Eric Eisner -Eric Eisner is another of Michael Eisner's sons. He has been involved in various aspects of the entertainment industry and is known for his work as a producer and entrepreneur.
  • Anders Eisner -Anders Eisner is the youngest of Michael Eisner's sons. He has generally maintained a lower public profile compared to his father and older brothers.

Paramount Pictures

Michael Eisner smiling
Michael Eisner smiling
Eisner received a fresh job offer from Paramount Pictures from Barry Diller, the same person who had first recruited him at ABC. Michael agreed, and soon he was leading the whole movie company as president and CEO. At Paramount, Eisner oversaw the creation of some of the most well-known movies of the time, including "Saturday Night Fever," "Grease," "Raiders of the Lost Ark," and "Beverly Hills Cop."
In addition, Eisner contributed to the creation of the TV programs "Happy Days," "Cheers," and "Family Ties." After a protracted relationship, Michael left Paramount in 1984. He was supposed to transition into a new position at the corporation as studio head, but Paramount passed him over in favor of another candidate. With few choices left, Eisner looked for employment with other businesses.

Michael Eisner Net Worth

The American businessman's net worth is an astonishing $1 billion, making him one of just two owners of third-tier football clubs with fortunes in the billions. Besides his stint at Disney, Michael has had a successful entrepreneurial career. He now serves as Chairman and owner of the English soccer club Portsmouth F.C.

Real Estate

Michael Eisner wearing a black suit
Michael Eisner wearing a black suit
Real estate worth hundreds of millions of dollars is owned by Michael and Jane all around the country.

Bel Air

The Eisner family has had a Bel Air estate for many years. In order to combine the two homes into a single complex, Eisner acquired his neighbor's house in 2012. The next estate, which sits on a 1-acre parcel of ground, cost him $8.2 million to build.


Malibu is the location of Michel Eisner's real estate portfolio's greatest gem. One of the most spectacular private homes in all of California, if not the whole globe, is the Eisner Malibu house. The Eisners later purchased four more properties over the course of many deals after purchasing the original plot in the 1990s with his wife Jane. This resulted in a five acre estate.
A private elevator in the Malibu estate on the bluffs leads to Watkins Cove, a little beach. The property has nine buildings totaling 25,000 square feet of living space, 16 bedrooms, and 28 bathrooms. There is also a private cabana on the seaside level. Along with having a view of the ocean, the estate's pool area also has an underground passageway that leads to a theater. Robert A.M. Stern, a prominent international architect, created the building.


They also have a ranch in Snowmass, Colorado, and a penthouse residence on New York City's Upper West Side.

Highest Paid Executive

Michael broke the record for the highest annual salary for a corporate executive in a publicly traded corporation in 1993. He received $203.1 million in that year. That equals earning $400 million in today's money when inflation has been taken into account. Disney stockholders were incensed at his bonus since the business had not done well the year before. In actuality, $203 million represented 70% of Disney's 1993 revenue.

Portsmouth F.C.

After leaving Disney, Eisner produced a few movies and held his own talk show, but his most illustrious achievement was the purchase and takeover of Portsmouth F.C., a professional soccer club in England. Portsmouth was on the point of financial disaster when Eisner took charge.
He apparently paid around 5.5 million pounds for the club, which is a bargain. To put it into context, consider that Paris Saint-Germain spent 200 million pounds for Neymar in 2017 - the same year Eisner bought Portsmouth F.C. Portsmouth F.C. is now playing in League One of the English Football Association, which is two levels below the top division.


  • In 2004, he received the Steven J. Ross Humanitarian of the Year Award from the UJA-Federation of New York.
  • His name is associated with the California State University's college of education.
  • Eisner was given the "Honor Award" by the National Building Museum in 2001.
  • He was admitted to the "Television Academy Hall of Fame" on March 1, 2012.
  • In 2008, Michael Eisner received a "star" on the "Hollywood Walk of Fame."
  • In January 2006, the "Team Disney - The Michael D. Eisner Building," which contains "Disney's" corporate offices, was named in his honor.


Michael Eisner speaking
Michael Eisner speaking
  • The Eisner Foundation -Michael Eisner and his family established The Eisner Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of older adults, especially those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged. The foundation focuses on supporting programs and initiatives that address elder abuse, promote healthy aging, and provide opportunities for older adults to lead fulfilling lives.
  • Education -Eisner has made contributions to educational initiatives and institutions. He has supported educational programs aimed at improving access to quality education for underserved communities.
  • Arts and Culture -Michael Eisner has been involved in supporting the arts and cultural institutions. He has made contributions to organizations and projects that promote the arts, including theaters, museums, and artistic endeavors.
  • Healthcare -Eisner has been a supporter of healthcare-related causes. His philanthropic efforts have included donations to medical research and healthcare organizations.
  • Community Development -Eisner has also contributed to community development initiatives, including projects focused on urban revitalization and community improvement.

Lesser-known Facts About Michael Eisner

  • As a child, Michael Eisner's fascination with show business led him to put on puppet shows and plays in his parents' basement.
  • Eisner graduated from Yale University, majoring in English and Theater, before earning an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.
  • Before Disney, he worked at NBC, where he played a role in developing the network's Saturday morning children's programming block.
  • Eisner's career began at ABC, where he started as a page and worked his way up to senior vice president of prime-time production and development.
  • His partnership with Frank Wells during his time at Disney was instrumental in the company's growth and success.
  • In 1984, Michael Eisner was named Time magazine's "Man of the Year."
  • He authored books including his autobiography, "Work in Progress," and co-wrote "Working Together: Why Great Partnerships Succeed."
  • Eisner has produced successful Broadway shows, including the musical adaptation of Disney's "The Lion King."
  • Beyond entertainment, Eisner has shown interest in technology and digital media initiatives.
  • He has been involved in various philanthropic endeavors, with a focus on supporting education, arts, and healthcare initiatives throughout his life.

FAQs About Michael Eisner

What Are Michael Eisner's Most Famous Disney Movies?

Michael Eisner is credited with overseeing the production of several iconic Disney animated films during his tenure as CEO. Some of the most famous Disney movies released under his leadership include "The Little Mermaid," "Beauty and the Beast," "Aladdin," "The Lion King," and "Pocahontas."

How Did Michael Eisner Become CEO Of Disney?

Michael Eisner became the CEO of Disney in 1984 after being recruited by Roy E. Disney and other board members to help rejuvenate the struggling company. His previous experience in the entertainment industry, including positions at ABC and Paramount, made him a suitable candidate for the role.

What Were The Major Controversies During Michael Eisner's Time At Disney?

During his time as CEO of Disney, Michael Eisner faced several controversies, including disputes with Roy E. Disney and shareholders, as well as conflicts related to the company's creative direction. These controversies led to public debates and significant media coverage.

Where Is Michael Eisner Today?

He now serves as the CEO of the Tornante Company, through which he owns the Portsmouth Football Club in the United Kingdom. As 'Michael Eisner Aims to Set Price Record With Malibu Compound' in the print version of the April 29, 2022 newspaper.

Final Words

In conclusion, Michael Eisner is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, best known for his influential tenure as the CEO of The Walt Disney Company. He played a pivotal role in revitalizing Disney's animation division and oversaw significant acquisitions and expansions during his time as CEO.
Beyond his professional accomplishments, Eisner's interests spanned various fields, including technology, philanthropy, and Broadway production. His career and contributions continue to be of interest to many, and his impact on the entertainment industry remains noteworthy.
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