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Michael Avenatti Net Worth In 2023, Birthday, Age, Wife And Kids

American lawyer and businessman Michael Avenatti net worth is $4 million. The pornographic actress Stormy Daniels was represented by Michael Avenatti, who later filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump to have a non-disclosure agreement she had signed voided.

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American lawyer and businessman Michael Avenatti net worthis $4 million. The pornographic actress Stormy Daniels was represented by Michael Avenatti, who later filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump to have a non-disclosure agreement she had signed voided.
Avenatti has a number of well-known clients and has filed lawsuits against powerful corporate leaders as well as the National Football League. He had a prior legal dispute with The Apprentice producersMark Burnett and Donald Trump. In 2015, he participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans as a racing car driver. In 2018, Michael Avenatti provided The Rachel Maddow Show with video of a youngster in the care of immigration authorities.

Quick Facts About Michael Avenatti

NameMichael Avenatti
Date Of BirthFeb 16, 1971
Place Of BirthSacramento, California, U.S.
Net Worth$4 Million

Early Life And Education

Michael John Avenatti was born on February 16, 1971, in Sacramento, California. He grew up in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles, where he spent his early years and attended local schools. From a young age, Avenatti displayed a passion for sports and athletics, excelling particularly in basketball.
Following his high school graduation, Avenatti pursued his collegeeducation at the esteemed George Washington University in Washington, D.C. During his time at the university, he not only focused on his studies but also showcased his athletic talents as a guard on the college basketball team. Avenatti's involvement in basketball was an essential aspect of his life during this period.
After earning his undergraduate degree, he continued his education at George Washington University Law School, where he earned his Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree in 1999. It was during his time at law school that Avenatti's focus shifted toward pursuing a career in the legal profession.
Avenatti's early life and education laid the foundation for his future endeavors in law, sports, and ultimately, his prominent career as an attorney.


Michael Avenatti wearing a blue suit
Michael Avenatti wearing a blue suit
After completing his education at George Washington University Law School, Michael Avenatti embarked on a legal career that began with a focus on entertainment law. Joining the prominent law firm O'Melveny & Myers, he specialized in handling legal matters within the entertainment industry. This early phase of his career laid the groundwork for his later successes and would set the stage for his high-profile cases and media visibility.
The turning point in Avenatti's career came when he took on the representation of adult film actress Stormy Daniels in a lawsuit against then-President Donald Trump. The case garnered significant media attention, propelling Avenatti into the national spotlight and establishing him as a public figure. His involvement in the case brought him regular appearances on major newsnetworks, where he provided legal analysis and commentary on a wide range of topics, further elevating his visibility and influence.
Inspired by his newfound prominence, Michael Avenatti ventured into the political arena. In 2019, he announced his bid for the presidency as a Democrat, seeking to challenge Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Avenatti campaigned on a platform emphasizing progressive policies and vowed to fight against corporate interests. However, as the campaign progressed, Avenatti faced criticism and skepticism from some within his own party, and he ultimately suspended his presidential bid.
Despite his initial rise to fame and political aspirations, Avenatti's career took a turbulent turn. In 2019, he faced serious legal troubles himself. Avenatti was charged with attempting to extort millions of dollars from sportswear giant Nike, allegedly threatening to reveal damaging information about the company. Subsequently, he also faced accusations of financial misconduct during bankruptcy proceedings related to his former law firm.
As the legal challenges mounted, Michael Avenatti's public image suffered a significant decline. Once viewed as a potential contender for the highest office in the country, his reputation became tarnished, and his influence diminished. A cautionary tale of the complexities and consequences that can accompany fame and success, Avenatti's career trajectory serves as a reminder of the need for ethical conduct and accountability in all aspects of public life.

Michael Avenatti Wife

Michael Avenatti has been married twice however both marriages have ended in a divorce. He was first married to Christine Carlin for 13 years. In all, Michael Avenatti’s children are 3. In 2011, Michael remarried again to Lisa Storie.

Michael Avenatti Kids

Michael Avenatti has two children (daughters) with his first wife named Christine Carlin. He again had a son with Lisa Storie. His two daughters are Lauren Avenatti and Nicole Avenatti.

Michael Avenatti Net Worth

Avenatti's current net worth is reported to be $4 million. The fact that Avenatti has a history of winning litigation for over $1 billion for his clients. Avenatti has undoubtedly amassed a fortune from the fees he receives for providing his specialized services. Avenatti is renowned for living a lavish lifestyle. He has fantastic residences in a variety of opulent locations, flies on private jets, and drives all the posh automobiles.

Divorce And Finances

Michael Avenatti at a conference
Michael Avenatti at a conference
The couple's monthly costs exceed $65,000, according to court filings from Michael's 2017 divorce from ex-wife Lisa-Storie Avenatti. They pay for a Mercedes G-Wagon, a Ferrari Spyder, a private jet and pilot, as well as for dining out, shopping, entertainment, and $12,000 in nannies for their kid. They paid $14,000 a month for a Los Angeles condo and $100,000 a month for their property in Newport Beach.
Their Newport Beach home is worth an estimated $17 million. It was revealed in December 2018 that Avenatti had to sell his Ferrari, five timepieces, and his ownership stake in the private jet in order to settle $2 million in divorce-related obligations. The reports were labeled "demonstrably false" by Avenatti.
Michael Avenatti waving
Michael Avenatti waving
Patrick Dempsey and Michael Avenatti tried to save Tully's Coffee from bankruptcy in 2013 by purchasing the business. They knew each other from the racing world. The partnership eventually failed, leading to a legal dispute between the ex-partners and 50 lawsuits from unpaid suppliers.
A $10 million judgment against Avenatti's company was issued in 2018 by a bankruptcy court in the United States. The bankruptcy was caused by a lawsuit brought by an ex-partner of Eagan Avenatti who claimed he was due a $4.8 million settlement.
In an effort to escape these costs, as well as many millions more in overdue payroll taxes and other penalties, Eagan Avenatti LLP filed for bankruptcy. The Stormy Daniels case was one of 54 open cases the company is now pursuing when the former partner filed a request in an effort to get a portion of any future payments collected. Avenatti established a brand-new, wholly-owned legal practice named Avenatti & Associates in the meantime.
Federal law enforcement agents detained Michael Avenatti on March 25, 2019, and he was accused of financial offenses. He reportedly attempted to blackmail Nike for $20 million. Federal investigators assert that Avenatti informed Nike attorneys that he planned to present claims of employee wrongdoing at a press conference immediately before the company's quarterly earnings call.
Additionally, he reportedly asked Nike to pay him an "enormous" compensation to undertake an internal inquiry. He allegedly advised Nike that by making a $22.5 million settlement, the company could escape his probe and negative exposure. Additionally, the Feds accuse Michael of filing fake tax returns in order to secure loans from a Mississippi bank for $4.1 million and using client funds to pay for expenditures associated with his bankrupt Tully's Coffee Company, which totaled $1.6 million.
In connection with his previous 2022 conviction on wire fraud and aggravated ID theft charges for taking $300,000 in book advances from Stormy Daniels, Avenatti was given a further four-year jail sentence on June 2, 2022. This new term adds an extra 2.5 years to his jail when paired with his prior sentence. He also had to make restitution of $148,750.

Interesting Facts

  • Before pursuing law, Avenatti showcased his athletic abilities as a college basketball guard at George Washington University.
  • He obtained his law degree from George Washington University Law School in 1999.
  • Avenatti engaged in politics and served as a senior advisor to Senator Robert Torricelli during his 2002 re-election campaign.
  • Early in his legal career, he specialized in entertainment law while working at the law firm O'Melveny & Myers.
  • Avenatti shot to national prominence when he represented adult film actress Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against then-President Donald Trump over a non-disclosure agreement.
  • In 2019, he faced legal troubles himself when he was charged with attempting to extort millions of dollars from Nike by threatening to reveal damaging information about the company.
  • His former law firm also accused him of hiding millions of dollars in order to avoid paying creditors during bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Avenatti made numerous appearances on television, becoming a frequent guest on news shows to discuss legal matters and politics.
  • Known for his confident and outspoken demeanor, he gained both admirers and critics in the public eye.
  • Avenatti announced his intention to run for President of the United States as a Democrat in 2020 but later abandoned his campaign.
  • Despite his initial popularity, his public image faced scrutiny due to the controversies surrounding his legal cases.
  • Avenatti had a significant presence on social media, using platforms like Twitter to voice his opinions and engage with the public.
  • Over time, his reputation and legal troubles led to a decline in his public support and popularity.
  • The ongoing legal issues and controversies surrounding Avenatti's actions had a significant impact on his career and public perception.

People Also Ask

Who Is Michael Avenatti?

Michael Avenatti is an American attorney who gained prominence for representing adult film actress Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against former President Donald Trump.

What Is Michael Avenatti's Background In Law?

Avenatti obtained his law degree from George Washington University Law School in 1999 and initially specialized in entertainment law at the law firm O'Melveny & Myers.

Why Did Michael Avenatti Become Famous?

Michael Avenatti became famous for his involvement in high-profile cases, particularly his representation of Stormy Daniels in the lawsuit against Donald Trump, which garnered significant media attention.
Avenatti faced legal troubles himself, including being charged with attempting to extort millions of dollars from Nike by threatening to reveal damaging information about the company.

Did Michael Avenatti Have Any Political Aspirations?

Yes, Michael Avenatti announced his intention to run for President of the United States as a Democrat in 2020, but he later abandoned his campaign amid legal controversies and declining public support.


In conclusion, Michael Avenatti is a prominent American attorney whose career has been marked by both high-profile successes and significant legal challenges. His representation of Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against former President Donald Trump brought him into the national spotlight, making him a well-known figure in the media and public discourse.
However, Avenatti's legal career took a controversial turn when he faced his own legal troubles, including charges of attempting to extort Nike and accusations of financial misconduct during bankruptcy proceedings. These controversies had a notable impact on his public image and popularity.
Despite his initial fame and political aspirations, Avenatti's reputation suffered over time due to the legal issues surrounding him. His story serves as a cautionary tale about the complexities and challenges that can arise when one becomes a high-profile figure in the legal and political arena.
As with any public figure, it is essential to recognize that people's lives and reputations can evolve and change over time. The facts and events surrounding Michael Avenatti may continue to unfold, and it is crucial to stay updated with reliable sources to understand the most current developments in his life and career.
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