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Melissa Kennedy Net Worth - First Wife Of American Musician Travis Barker

Talking about Melissa Kennedy net worth is approximately $9 million. This individual, who is now 40 years old, was born in Fontana, California, in the United States of America. She is a well-known American actress who has also appeared in a few documentaries over her career. Melissa celebrated her birthday on July 27 of the year before, in 2020. She got together with her family and close friends.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Sep 21, 2022
Melissa Kennedy was born in 1982, and the 27th of July serves as the date when she and her family and friends gather to celebrate her birthday. This indicates that her astrological sign is Leo.
Talking about Melissa Kennedy net worthis approximately $9 million. This individual, who is now 40 years old, was born in Fontana, California, in the United States of America.
She is a well-known American actress who has also appeared in a few documentaries over her career. Melissa is well known in the public eye since she was Travis Barker's, drummer and musician for Blink 182, and his first wife.
Aside from that, her whole existence has been shrouded in secrecy, and it has been extremely hard to obtain any information on her.
On the other hand, you are here to provide you with an introduction to Melissa Kennedy that is based on certain facts and other guesses.

Melissa Kennedy Biography

As the former spouse of Travis Barker, an American singer, songwriter, and record producer, Melissa Kennedy has gained a significant amount of notoriety in recent years. Travis is the drummer for the rock band Blink-182, which he joined in 1998.
Melissa Lynne Kennedy was born on July 27th, 1982 in the city of Fontana, which is located in the state of California in the United States. The first marriage that Travis had was to Melissa Kennedy, and it lasted for a total of nine months when Travis filed for divorce in August 2002.
Later, Travis tied the knot with actress and former Miss USA 1995 titleholder Shanna Moakler on October 30, 2004. Their wedding was a gothic-style affair inspired by Tim Burton's film The Nightmare Before Christmas, and it was held on the eve of Halloween.
Shanna has crowned Miss USA in 1995. Landon Asher, who was born on October 9, 2003, and Alabama Luella were both welcomed into the world as products of Travis and Moakler's union.
Atiana Cecilia De La Hoya, who was born on March 29, 1999, is Moakler's daughter from a previous relationship with boxer Oscar De La Hoya. Atiana, who was once his stepdaughter, has a strong relationship with Travis.

Melissa Kennedy Education And Early Life

Melissa has not stated any of the schools that she attended on any of her social media profiles, which is one of the ways that you get to know your favorite celebrities. This is also one of the things that she does not disclose.
On the other hand, you can't just assume that she never went to school because she might have done so in the past but decided to keep that information to herself.
In addition, Melissa Kennedy has not revealed a single detail about her family, including whether she has any brothers or sisters. There is not the slightest hint that Ms. Kennedy has any other relatives than her parents.
In addition, no one has publicly said that they are her sister or brother. She prefers to keep her life secret so that the media won't find out any more juicy details about her.
Melissa Kennedy posing With Smiling Face
Melissa Kennedy posing With Smiling Face

Physical Stats Of Melissa Kennedy

Statistics that are visible to the naked eye are known as physical statistics. Melissa is a lady who is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs around 63 kilos, which is equivalent to 139 pounds. Her beautiful eyes and pale complexion are two further distinguishing characteristics that set her apart from the rest of the crowd.

Relationship Of Travis Barker And Melissa Kennedy

Here is where Melissa's life appears to have taken some public-appearing action. The drummer for Blink-182 and Melissa had been dating for some time before getting married. On September 22, 2001, the couple celebrated a lavish wedding ceremony.
This was about 20 years ago. Travis Barker's first wife was at the top of the list, and they appeared to be quite happy and in love. Melissa and Travis appeared to be quite close after their wedding, and their love appeared to be blossoming at the moment.
Their union did not, however, endure a full year. Less than a year after their lavish wedding, on August 6, 2002, Melissa and Travis announced their divorce. Their divorce's cause is mostly unclear because Travis and no one else discussed it.
The only information is that they had a happy marriage and that others were shocked by how quickly it ended. Who, after all, wouldn't? The two were childless.

Melissa Kennedy's Life After The Breakup With Travis Barker

Because Melissa Lynne Kennedy had a low-key existence following her breakup with the Blink-182 drummer, there is very little information available about her. Melissa claims to have been concentrating on her professional life and job in a result since 2002.
She is supposed to have abandoned everything and is now solely concerned with herself. She has kept her life and her other affairs quiet, which is understandable. On the other hand, Travis jumped right into the next relationship.
He married former Miss USA Shanna Moakler (1995) not long after. Luella Barker, their daughter, and Landon Asher Barker, their son, were born as a result of their marriage. The romance ended in 2008, and he moved on to a number of others before settling down with Kourtney, one of the Kardashian sisters.
Melissa Kennedy posing while Sitting in Studio
Melissa Kennedy posing while Sitting in Studio

Facts About Melissa Kennedy

Full NameMelissa Kennedy
Birth Date27 July 1982
Zodiac Sign Leo
Height5.5 Feet
Weight58.0 Kg
BirthplaceFontana, California, USA
Age40 years old
Home CityCalifornia
Net Worth$9 million

Melissa Kennedy Net Worth

Melissa Kennedy has been able to purchase opulent houses directly from him, and she enjoys lavishing countless millions of dollars on Melissa Kennedy's family. As of the year 2022, Melissa Kennedy has an estimated net worth of 9 million dollars.

Some Interesting Facts About Melissa Kennedy

  • In 2022, Melissa Kennedy is 40 years old. She was born on July 27, 1982.
  • The Blink-182 documentary included her.
  • Melissa has avoided drawing attention to herself.
  • Her sign is the lion (Leo).
  • She is 63 kg and stands at 5'8".
  • She used to be Travis Barker's wife at the age of 39.
  • Their union did not continue for a full year.

People Also Ask

How Tall Melissa Kennedy's Is?

Melissa Kennedy is actually about 5.5 feet tall (approx).

How Old Is Melissa Kennedy?

Melissa Kennedy, who was born on July 27, 1982, in Fontana, California, is now 40 years old.

How Much Is Melissa Kennedy Net Worth?

The estimated annual income for Melissa Kennedy in 2022 is $9 million.


As of 2022, Melissa Kennedy net worth is predicted to be $9 million. This includes her possessions, funds, and earnings. Currently, Melissa Kennedy's professional and personal lives are tilted due to her satisfaction with her current circumstances. Her future goals include inspiring her peers and future generations, as well as achieving many of her current goals.
There can be no doubt that Melissa Kennedy's career will flourish in the future. With our best wishes for her, she can only achieve greater success in her career and personal life. Let's hope for the best.
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