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Meg Whitman Net Worth $3.5 Billion - The E-Bay Sensation

American corporate entrepreneur Meg Whitman net worth is $3.5 billion. Meg Whitman has held executive roles at a number of well-known corporations. She served as the president and CEO of eBay, Hewlett-Packard, and Quibi in addition to holding leadership positions at the Walt Disney Company, DreamWorks, Hasbro, and Procter & Gamble.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jan 11, 2023
American corporate entrepreneurMeg Whitman net worthis $3.5 billion. Meg Whitman has held executive roles at a number of well-known corporations.
She served as the president and CEO of eBay, Hewlett-Packard, and Quibi in addition to holding leadership positions at the Walt Disney Company, DreamWorks, Hasbro, and Procter & Gamble.
Whitman campaigned for governor of California in 2010 in addition to her business pursuits.

Quick Facts About Meg Whitman

NameMeg Whitman
Date Of BirthAug 4, 1956
Place Of BirthCold Spring Harbor
NationalityUnited States of America
Net Worth$3.5 Billion

Meg Whitman Personal Life

Hendricks Jr. and Margaret Whitman welcomed Meg Whitman into the world on August 4, 1956 in Huntington, New York. She attended Cold Spring Harbor High School as a teenager and graduated in 1974.
Whitman later enrolled at Princeton University to pursue a career in medicine, but after working as an ad salesperson for Business Today magazine for a summer, she decided to study economics instead.
Whitman attended Princeton for her undergraduate degree before enrolling at Harvard Business School to get her MBA in 1977.
Whitman wed Griffith R. Harsh IV, the University of California, Davis's chair of neurosurgery, in 1980. The pair lives in Atherton, California, and has two kids together.
Whitman established the Griffith R. Harsh IV and Margaret C. Whitman Charitable Foundation with her husband in 2006.
It donated a total of around $125,000 to charity in its first year of existence in 2007, the most of which went to the Environmental Defense Fund. In addition, the organization put $4 million into foreign hedge firms.

Meg Whitman Career

Meg Whitman at a conference
Meg Whitman at a conference
Whitman began her professional life with Procter & Gamble as a brand manager in 1979, the year she received her Harvard degree.
She then joined Bain & Company as a consultant and ultimately rose to the position of senior vice president.
Whitman joined the Walt Disney Company in 1989 as vice president of strategic planning.
She then worked for Stride Rite Corporation for two years before taking the helm of Florists' Transworld Delivery as president and CEO in 1995.
In 1997, Whitman was appointed general manager of Hasbro's Playskool Division. She brought the British children's television program "Teletubbies" to the United States as one of her initiatives while holding that role.
Whitman entered politics for the first time in a significant way in 2008 when she joined Mitt Romney's campaign finance staff as a member of the Republican party.
Whitman joined John McCain's campaign as the national co-chair when Romney withdrew from the contest.
She then co-chaired the finances for Chris Christie's presidential campaign in 2016, but when he withdrew, she supported Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee.
Whitman participated in presidential campaigns as well as her own bid for governor of California in 2010.
She spent a record $144 million on her own campaign, which she sponsored. Whitman campaigned on a program that placed a strong emphasis on the improvement of K–12 education, cutting state expenditure, and creating jobs.
In the end, Jerry Brown won the race over her. Later, in December 2021, President Joe Biden proposed Whitman for the position of US ambassador to Kenya.

Meg Whitman Net Worth

She has worked for several firms and is renowned for both her successes and failures. Meg Whitman, the finest CEO in the world, with a net worth of $3.5 billion.
The majority of the money was made while serving as CEO. When did she leave Procter & Gamble, should we inform you? She received a 200 million dollar separation payout.
She received an 800 million dollar severance payment when she departed Hewlett-Packard. she departed eBay. When she departed, she received a severance payout of about $500 million.
She was unable to stop HP from continuing to deteriorate. In fact, she increased the Pace throughout that drop.
She formerly served as oribi's chief executive officer. One of the worst tragedies in the previous ten years was Quibi. She also ventured into politics, where she failed once again.

E-Bay & Quibi

Meg Whitman wearing a black suit
Meg Whitman wearing a black suit
Whitman was appointed CEO of eBay in 1998, when the business had just 30 employees and annual sales of $4 million.
In the roughly 10 years she spent working there, eBay expanded to over 15,000 staff members and $8 billion in yearly sales.
Whitman created a new executive team for this purpose, divided the corporation into 23 areas, and assigned executives to each one.
2002 saw the IPO of eBay and the acquisition of PayPal. Three years later, it paid $4 billion for Skype, which it ultimately sold to investors for for $2.75 billion.
Even though Whitman left her position as CEO of eBay in late 2007, she remained on the board and assisted John Donahoe, the new CEO, into 2008.
Whitman led the short-form video streaming platform Quibi from its conception in the summer of 2018 until its formal debut in 2020.
Due to its inability to attract members five months after its introduction, the firm was thinking about being acquired or sold.
In the end, Quibi was shut down in December 2020, and Roku purchased its content catalog in early 2021.


In January 2011, Whitman joined the Hewlett-Packard Company's board of directors. In September, she was appointed the company's CEO.
She restored the company's research and development division's focus and HP's commitment to the PC industry in her first year in that post.
Whitman, however, had problems throughout the next years. Due to HP's drastically underperforming stock, she was ranked by Bloomberg L.P. as one of the most "underachieving" CEOs in 2013.
Whitman continued to serve as CEO but later resigned as the board of directors' chair in 2017. In February 2018, she ultimately tendered her resignation from the latter job.

Board Appointments

Over the years, Whitman has held board positions in a number of businesses, including DreamWorks, Procter & Gamble, the eBay Foundation, Zipcar, and Survey Monkey.
She also sat on the board of Goldman Sachs, but after serving there for 14 months, it was discovered that she had received shares in many of the company's managed initial public offerings.

People Also Ask

What Is The Salary Of Meg Whitman?

Meg Whitman earns an estimated salary of $500 Million per Year.

What Is The Height Of Meg Whitman?

The Height of Meg Whitman is 1.85m. (6’ 1”).

What Did Whitman Suffer From In His Old Age?

With Whitman, we might mark the onset of his old age to 1873 when he suffered the first of several strokes.

Final Words

Meg Whitman is a successful American businesswoman. Whitman built her wealth as the CEO of eBay and as the president and CEO of Hewlett-Packard.
She has had senior positions with firms including the Walt Disney Company, Hasbro, Proctor & Gamble, and Dreamworks.
She was also the California governor candidate for the Republican Party in 2010. Meg Whitman's net worth is predicted to be at $3.5 billion as of January 2023.
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