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Matthew Brown Net Worth, Career Highlights And Accomplishments In Mixed Martial Arts

American mixed martial artist Matthew Brown net worth is $2 million. From 2004 through 2008, he competed as a middleweight, and since 2008, he has done so as a welterweight. In October 2005, Brown won his professional MMA debut match against Ricardo Martinez. In February 2007, he defeated Douglas Lima to claim the vacant ISCF East Coast Welterweight Championship.

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Jul 10, 2023
American mixed martial artist Matthew Brown net worthis $2 million. From 2004 through 2008, he competed as a middleweight, and since 2008, he has done so as a welterweight. In October 2005, Brown won his professional MMA debut match against Ricardo Martinez. In February 2007, he defeated Douglas Lima to claim the vacant ISCF East Coast Welterweight Championship.
Matt Brown has fought for the UFC ever since he took part in the reality TV series The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rampage vs. Team Forrest in 2008. In victories against Mike Pyle in August 2013 and Jordan Mein in April 2013, he participated in the Fight of the Night and had the Knockout of the Night.
In May 2014, Brown defeated Erick Silva in the fight and performance of the night. In the Fight of the Night in July 2014, Robbie Lawler prevailed over him. He improved his record to 21-16 in November 2017 after defeating Diego Sanchez in the Performance of the Night. In 2018, he had an ACL tear.

Quick Facts About Matthew Brown

Full NameMatthew Burton Brown
Date of BirthJanuary 10, 1981
Place of BirthXenia, Ohio
HometownJamestown, Ohio
ParentsFather: Ami Bush-Brown, Mother: Billy Brown
Matthew Brown net worth$2 million
Childhood BackgroundLower-middle-class household

Early Life Of Matthew Brown

On January 10, 1981, Matthew Burton Brown was born in Xenia, Ohio. Jamestown, an Ohio village, is where Matt was born. His mother is Billy Brown, and his father is Ami Bush-Brown. Because of his upbringing in a lower-middle-class family, Matt often felt socially excluded. Ben Brown, Matthew's younger brother, and Matthew grew up together. In his early years, he overdosed on drugs after becoming addicted to several different ones. He did, however, once survive a close call with death. He thus earned the moniker The Immortal.
He had experienced some really trying times in his early twenties. He had no place to live or a job. He was also imprisoned for a number of legal reasons, such as robbery, aggression, and drug abuse. Matt said that formal schooling had never piqued his attention.
He and his brother received a home education. He, therefore, started his official education at an early age. After two years of homeschooling, he enrolled at his first school, Greeneview High School, and found it unusual.

The Siblings Of Matt Brown

Five of Matthew's nine siblings are boys, and he has two charming younger sisters. Joshua "Bam Bam" or "Bam" Brown, who was born on September 18, 1984, and who grew up on the Brown family's fishing boat and is often the expert on the sea when the family is there, is the firstborn child after him.
Solomon "Bear" Brown, the third child, was born on June 10, 1987. His family's job is to hunt for meat, so he often engages in animal tracking. He suffered an injury in May when a branch scraped his eye, causing corneal damage. He sought medical help right away, though he was wearing an eye patch. He is now working on making a movie of his own that doesn't entail doing hazardous tasks in the bush.
Gabe Brown, the fourth child, was born on December 15, 1989, and he is known as a talented artist and a challenging employee. While his mother was receiving medical treatment for lung cancer, he recently became sick with streptococcal infection.
The family refers to the fifth brother, Noah Brown (born July 18, 1992), as the gadget person since he mostly creates new inventions to make living in the jungle simpler. Snowbird Brown, the family's sixth child, and the first girl, was born on November 18, 1994.
Last but not least, Rain (November 23, 2002), the Brown family's youngest child and second daughter receives a lot of attention from her parents and older siblings. She took a stand on her own in the most recent season of Alaskan Bush People, requesting respect and responsibility from her family. Her full names are Merry Christmas and Katherine Raindrop Brown, and she goes by the nickname Rain.
Matthew Brown Fighting
Matthew Brown Fighting

Career Of Matthew Brown

Brown accepted his first bout on short notice while on a cocaine-fueled vacation to see his buddy compete. He entered his first battle without any training, purchased a mouthpiece from the shop across the street, boiled it in a restaurant nearby, and won.
That night, Matt Brown engaged in combat once again, but this time he was soundly vanquished. In a Japanese jiu-jitsu academy, where he also agreed to another fight under Muay Thai rules in two weeks, he got his first official training. By decision, Brown lost the match which was really a sanshou, and showed up for work that same evening. Later, he joined a Jorge Gurgel affiliate and underwent in-depth MMA training there.
Brown made his professional MMA debut in the autumn of 2005 and won through submission after compiling a 2-0 amateur record. On February 9, 2007, in Kennesaw, Georgia, Matt Brown defeated Douglas Lima to claim the ISCF (International Sport Combat Federation) East Coast Welterweight Championship when the referee halted the contest due to strikes at 2:50 in the second round.
Brown thought his career was over because of his financial troubles. But when the Ultimate Fighter auditions happened, he was chosen to be on the show. Then he began dividing his training sessions with Matt Hume between the Throwdown Training Center in Seattle, Washington, and Las Vegas, Nevada.
One of the 32 competitors chosen to battle for a six-figure UFC contract in The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rampage vs. Team Forrest was Matt Brown. He was eligible to compete after removing Josh Hall from the match through a TKO in the first round. To reach the quarterfinals, Matt Brown defeated Jeremy May by head kick KO in the first round. Amir Sadollah, the eventual winner, was his opponent in the quarterfinals, but he lost via triangle choke in round two.

Personal Life Of Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown, also known as Matt Brown, has had both successes and setbacks in his personal life. He is an American mixed martial artist who fought in the welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He was born on January 10, 1981.
In Brown's personal life, one noteworthy event happened on May 15, 2016, in Curitiba, Brazil. Former jiu-jitsu teacher Rodrigo Botti assaulted him in broad daylight. The attack started in the hotel lobby where Brown was staying and progressed outside in front of multiple witnesses. Botti was fortunately detained by someone else until the police came, and the assault was documented on tape.
Despite his difficulties, Brown has found happiness in his personal life. He and Colleen Brown have two children together and are quite happy with their marriage. Brown's passion for his loved ones is obvious in his commitment to both his job and personal connections, even if specifics about his family life are kept confidential.
It's crucial to remember that people often keep their private lives private; therefore, there may not be much information about someone's private life in public records. But it's obvious that Matt Brown's private life includes both victories and the support of a caring family.
Matthew Brown Shirtless
Matthew Brown Shirtless

Matthew Brown’s Physical Appearance

Matthew Brown, sometimes known as Matt Brown, has a balanced build thanks to his medium height and modest weight. His images show that he stands higher than the average person, indicating an above-average height, even if precise measurements are not available.
However, it's crucial to keep in mind that it might be difficult to offer accurate information on his physical appearance without knowing his exact height and weight. Personal stories may differ, and physical appearances might alter over time.
Brown's physical condition is probably a product of his intense training regimen and dedication to his sport as a professional mixed martial artist. His athleticism and muscular build are as important parts of his physical presence as his height and weight, which together add to his entire image

Some Interesting Facts About Matthew Brown

  • American mixed martial artist Matthew Brown, also known as Matt Brown, competes internationally.
  • In Xenia, Ohio, he was born on January 10, 1981.
  • Matthew Brown's net worth is $2 million.
  • From 2004 through 2008, he competed as a middleweight, and since 2008, he has done so as a welterweight.
  • With a victory over Ricardo Martinez in October 2005, Brown made his professional MMA debut.
  • He defeated Douglas Lima in February 2007 to claim the vacant ISCF East Coast Welterweight Championship.
  • In 2008, Matt Brown took part in the reality television program "The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rampage vs. Team Forrest."
  • Since then, he has been taking part in UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) competitions.
  • Throughout his career, Brown engaged in significant battles, including the Fight of the Night versus Jordan Mein in April 2013.
  • He also won the Knockout of the Night in an August 2013 win against Mike Pyle.
  • Brown's fight with Erick Silva in May 2014 was both the fight of the night and the performance of the night.
  • In the Fight of the Night in July 2014, he competed against Robbie Lawler.
  • He beat Diego Sanchez in November 2017 and won Performance of the Night.

EVERY Matt Brown UFC Finish SO FAR!!

Matthew Brown Net Worth

Matthew Brown net worth is around $2 million. The success of his mixed martial arts profession is the main cause of his fortune. Brown has taken part in televised fighting shows throughout his fighting career, displaying his abilities as a competitor. His earnings have greatly increased as a result of his triumphs in various professional combat competitions.
Matt Brown has further profited from his fame by sponsoring a number of commercial goods and appearing in their advertising. These endorsement contracts have improved his financial situation even further.
It's crucial to keep in mind that net worth estimations might change, and the amount given is an estimate based on the information currently available. Matt Brown's net worth is a reflection of his successes in the fighting business as well as the various chances he has explored to increase his income.

People Also Ask

When And Where Was Matthew Brown Born?

Matthew Brown was born on January 10, 1981, in Xenia, Ohio.

In Which Weight Divisions Did Matthew Brown Compete In MMA?

Matthew Brown competed as a middleweight from 2004 to 2008 and as a welterweight since 2008.

What Notable Achievements Did Matthew Brown Have In His Mma Career?

Matthew Brown won the ISCF East Coast Welterweight Championship in February 2007 and had several Fight of the Night and Performance of the Night awards.

What Was The Name Of The Reality Tv Series Matthew Brown Participated In?

Matthew Brown competed in "The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rampage vs Team Forrest" in 2008.

What Is The Nickname Associated With Matthew Brown?

Matthew Brown is known by the nickname "The Immortal."

What Were Some Of The Challenges Matthew Brown Faced In His Personal Life?

Matthew Brown faced difficulties such as drug addiction, homelessness, legal issues, and overcoming a near-death experience.


American mixed martial artist Matthew Brown, also known as Matt Brown, made his mark on the MMA community. Brown had countless obstacles and disappointments in his personal life, but he showed incredible endurance and willpower to get through them. He battled his way up from the streets of Jamestown, Ohio, to the professional ranks, fighting in the middleweight and welterweight weight classes.
In notable battles throughout his career, Brown showed his grit and talent, winning awards like Fight of the Night and Knockout of the Night. His path has been filled with both victories and failures, including accidents and legal problems, but he has always been able to recover. The inspiring tale of Matt Brown shows the value of tenacity and the capacity to change one's circumstances.
Matthew Brown net worth is estimated to be around two million dollars. His moniker, "The Immortal," not only embodies his fighting spirit but also his capacity to overcome hardship and make a lasting impression on the mixed martial arts community.
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