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Martin Amis Dies Aged 73 - Acclaimed British Novelist Dies At Cancer

Martin Amis, a well-known and important British author, died at his home in Lake Worth, Florida. The author, Martin Amis dies aged 73 years old. On Saturday, his director, Andrew Wylie, told the public that he had died.

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May 22, 202330 Shares551 Views
Martin Amis, a well-known and important British author, died at his home in Lake Worth, Florida. The author, Martin Amis dies aged 73years old. On Saturday, his director, Andrew Wylie, told the public that he had died.
Wylie said that the author died on Friday at his home in Florida. Kingsley Amis, who was also a British author, was Amis's father. Martin Amis was one of the most influential writers of his age, which also included his friend Christopher Hitchens, who died young, Ian McEwan, and Salman Rushdie.
His most famous books are London Fields, The Information, and Money, which is a satire about shopping in London, as well as his memoir Experience, which came out in 2000.

Martin Amis Dies Aged 73

Author Martin Amis dies aged 73

Martin Amis, a well-known British author, died at his home in Florida on Friday. He was 73 years old. In a post on Twitter on Saturday, his owner Penguin Books said that he had died.
The author, who was thought to have changed British fiction in the 1980s and 1990s, died at his home in Lake Worth, Florida, on Friday of esophageal cancer, his wife Isabel Fonseca said. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote:
Shocked and sad at the death of Martin Amis - the greatest, darkest, funniest satirist since Evelyn Waugh. If you want cheering up, re-read the tennis match in Money. RIP.- Boris Johnson
Amis's publisher said that his death is "an enormous loss to the UK's cultural landscape." The journalist Christopher Hitchens, who was a close friend, also died from the same cancer.
Amis wrote 15 books, but Money: A Suicide Note and London Fields are his best-known works. Martin Amis was a novelist, essayist, memoirist, critic, and the best stylist. His publisher, Vintage Books, said:
We are devastated at the death of our author and friend, Martin Amis: novelist, essayist, memoirist, critic, stylist supreme.- Vintage Books
For 40 years Martin Amis bestrode the world of UK publishing: first by defining what it meant to be a literary wunderkind by releasing his first novel at just 24; influencing a generation of prose stylists; and often summing up entire eras with his books, perhaps most notably with his classic novel, Money.- Vintage Books
He continually engaged with current events and the contemporary world, never afraid to tackle the biggest issues and questions of the day, in books including The Second Plane and his essay collection, The Rub of Time.- Vintage Books
At the same time his work often explored key periods in history, notably the Holocaust, which he wrote about uniquely and powerfully in novels such as Time's Arrow and The Zone of Interest.- Vintage Books
Throughout it all, his love of literature shone fiercely: Experience, The War Against Cliche and others all brought a light up to the world he'd inhabited his entire life.- Vintage Books
During his writing career, Martin Amis wrote 15 books. His three books about London, "Money: A Suicide Note," "London Fields," and "The Information," are his most famous works.
The dark humor and satire in Amis's work were often what made it stand out. In 2000, he wrote two collections of short stories, six nonfiction books, and a book about his life called Experience. He was known as a public thinker and a person who often said controversial things about politics and current events.
Money was his most famous book, and it is often called the most important book of the 1980s. The book takes place in New York and London, and it's about an ad director who wants to make his first full-length movie. It was inspired by Amis's time as a scriptwriter for Saturn 3, a badly received sci-fi movie starring Kirk Douglas that Amis himself worked on. He wrote about the Holocaust again and again over the course of his work, in books like Time's Arrow and The Zone of Interest.


Martin Amis, one of the best-known British authorsof his time, has died at the age of 73. The New York Times said that his wife, the writer Isabel Fonseca, said that he died of oesophageal cancer at his home in Florida. Most people know Amis for his books Money (1984), London Fields (1989), and The Information (1995). In his 50-year career, he wrote 14 novels, several nonfiction books, and a biography.
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