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Manolo Gonzalez Vergara - The Talented Son Of Sofia Vergara Who Spent His Whole Life In The Spotlight

Manolo Gonzalez Vergara is the only son of Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, who has subsequently joined the America's Got Talent judge panel for season 15.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jun 08, 2022
Sofia Vergara has progressed from a gorgeous Latina TV star in the 1990s to a modern-day television icon.
She is most recognized for her role as Gloria Delgado Pritchett on the long-running television program Modern Family, which has several Easter eggs for fans to locate.
Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, her only son, is always at her side.
Colombian actor, director, YouTuber, and entrepreneurManolo Gonzalez Vergara.
He was born into a celebrity family, so he has spent his whole life in the spotlight.
However, he is well recognized as Sofa Vergara's only son.
He has walked the red carpet countless times with his mother, but few people know anything about him.

Who Is Manolo Gonzales Vergara?

Manolo Gonzalez Vergara and Sofia Vergara smiling in a formal attire
Manolo Gonzalez Vergara and Sofia Vergara smiling in a formal attire
Manolo Gonzalez Vergara is a well-known actor and film producer.
He is most recognized for his performance as the DJ in the 2015 film Hot Pursuit.
The direction of the short comedy film was praised and become renowned as a result of it.
He is well known for being Sofa Vergara's kid.
Manolo Vergara was born in Columbia's capital city.
Sofia Vergara and Joe Gonzalez gave birth to him.
Manolo is his parents' only kid.
Manolo went to a local school before graduating from Emerson College.
He earned his bachelor's degree in film production after finishing his bachelor's degree and is now 30 years old.

Manolo Gonzalez Vergara Professional Career

Manolo may be the son of a well-known celebrity, but he has the same charm and sophistication as his father.
His mother, Sofia, is well-known in the field and does an excellent job.
Sofia describes her son as straightforward and kind.
His engagement in school and college activities has aided him in maintaining an open demeanor.
Furthermore, performing ads and promotions with her mother provided a platform for him.
Gonzalez made his debut at the age of five for the Spanish production Sonrisa Del Pelico.
In addition, Manolo may be seen in productions such as Guilty Party, Vandal, and others as part of his acting class.
Other noteworthy works include Hot Pursuit, Guilty Party: The History of Lying in Hollywood, and many others.
Aside from performing, he has done modeling for the New York-based magazine Paper.
There is no question that this remarkable man has more to offer, and keeping you all updated would be a joy.

Manolo Gonzalez Vergara Height And Weight

He has a height of 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).
He also weighs roughly 165 pounds (65 kilograms).
He also has dark brown eyes and hair. Manolo Gonzalez Vergara has shown the world that he is capable of following in his parents' footsteps.
So far, he has appeared in a number of films and television series.
Similar to his father, he has demonstrated his entrepreneurial talents by investing in a few worthwhile enterprises.

Manolo Gonzalez Vergara Is A Model

Manolo Vergara in a suit while sitting and holding a glass of drink and a girl holding a drink
Manolo Vergara in a suit while sitting and holding a glass of drink and a girl holding a drink
Gonzalez Vergara has been a model since he was a small boy.
During the 1990s, he appeared with his mother for a magazine advertisement.
Gonzalez Vergara, on the other hand, made his formal modeling debut in 2016.
In December 2016, he appeared in Paper magazine alongside fellow model Stevie DeFelice.
They were both drinking Bloody Marys while sitting next to a smashed mirror on the floor.
According to Entertainment Tonight, the picture was inspired by Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, and the shattered glass alludes to the film Broken Embraces.

He’s Pursuing An Acting Career

Isn't it in his blood?
Manolo really co-starred with his mother in Hot Pursuit, where he played a DJ.
He's also had his fair share of memorable roles.
He's now in a film called The Big Feed, which we deduce from his social media posts is about vampires, and he had a long-running role in the TV show Guilty Party.
He's also appeared in films such as Vandal, Destined to Ride, and #ThisIsCollege.
Manolo has also directed two short films, Waking Up and Post-Mortem, and has expertise on both sides of the camera.
His mother is highly supportive, always updating her Instagram with updates on his profession and new ventures.

Gonzalez Vergara Starred In Those Head & Shoulders Commercials With His Mother

Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care for the Winter | Sofia Vergara

Fans may have first spotted Gonzalez Vergara when he starred in advertisements for Head & Shoulders alongside Sofia Vergara.
Gonzalez Vergara and other extended family members danced in a brand ad in 2014.
Two years later, he appeared in a second ad with his mother.
In the advertisement, Vergara greets her kid home, and he is hesitant to remove his hat due to dandruff.

Manolo Gonzalez Vergara Net Worth

Manolo Gonzalez's net worth is around $100 million as of 2022.
He has been working since he was a youngster. Manolo Gonzalez began working at an early age since his mother was the son of famous actor and model Sofia Vergara.
He began working in many movies, short films, commercials, and other projects.
Similarly, Sofia Vergara's net worth is estimated to reach $180 million in 2022.

Manolo Gonzalez Vergara Social Media

Vergara is active on social media platforms like Instagram.
He is very active on Twitter.
His Instagram username is @manologonzalezvergara, and he has over 426k followers who appreciate his postings and express their appreciation through likes and comments.

People Also Ask

How Old Was Sofia Vergara When She Had Manolo?

The couple met as children and married when the actress was 18.
They had Manolo in 1991 but divorced two years later when he was two years old.
They have maintained strong relations, with Sofia previously telling Parade, that they are still great friends.

Why Did Sofia Vergara Name Her Son Manolo?

Not Sofia Vergara, who tells Regis and Kelly that she named her baby after the drug dealer in Scarface because he was "handsome."
When a celebrity says "Manolo," you normally think of Manolo Blahnik.
Not Sofia Vergara, who tells Regis and Kelly that she wants to name her kid after the cocaine dealer in Scarface because he was "handsome."

Did Sofia Vergara Have A Baby At 19?

Sofia Vergara married her college love, José González, at the age of 18, and at the age of 19, she gave birth to her only son, Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara.
Things didn't work out between Vergara and González, and they divorced a year later, according to This Is Insider.

Why Is Sofia Vergara Paid So Much?

The majority of Vergara's money came through endorsements.
Vergara has sponsorships with approximately two dozen brands, ranging from Pepsi and CoverGirl to Head & Shoulders, accounting for roughly half of her revenue in 2016.


If Sofa Vergara isn't walking the red carpet with her husband Joe Manganiello, you can bet her son, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, will be there to support her.
Manolo led his mother down the aisle during Manganiello's wedding, and the two appear to be quite close.
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