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Mandy Moore Reveals Her Son Has Gianotti Crosti Syndrome

Mandy Moore reveals her son has Gianotti Crosti Syndrome with Taylor Goldsmith. This condition causes blisters and spots on children's skin and is more common in boys than in girls.

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Mandy Moore reveals her son has Gianotti Crosti Syndromewith Taylor Goldsmith. This condition causes blisters and spots on children's skin and is more common in boys than in girls. At first, they thought it might be an eczema flare-up or poison oak, so they did everything they could at home to stop the itching. Finally, they went from urgent care to a pediatrician to a dermatologist to a pediatric dermatologist, where the child was identified with Gianotti-Crosti syndrome.

Mandy Moore Reveals Her Son Has Gianotti Crosti Syndrome

Mandy Moore Reveals Her 2-Year-Old Son Gus Has Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome | E! News

Mandy Moore's two-year-old son Gus has Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome, which is a rare skin disease that makes kids' skin blister and itch. The 39-year-old actress wrote on her Instagram Story about how her dog Gus, who she shares with her husband Taylor Goldsmith, woke up on Saturday with a strange rash that was hard to figure out at first, even though she took him to several doctors.
This sweet boy woke up with a crazy rash on Saturday am. We thought maybe an eczema flare? Poison oak? Allergy. We tried to deduce what it could be and did anything to help him find relief from the itch. Went to urgent care. Pediatrician. Dermatologist. pediatric dermatologist. All the while, he smiles and carries on with his day like the rockstar he is.- Mandy Moore
Turns out it’s a viral childhood rash that just spontaneously appears called Gianotti-Crosti syndrome. It sometimes accompanies a cold but not in Gus’ case. It’s all over his legs and feet and the backs of his arms but nowhere else. There’s nothing to do but a steroid cream and Benadryl at night. And it could last 6-8 weeks.- Mandy Moore
Gianotti-Crosti syndrome, also known as papular acrodermatitis of childhood, is a rare, benign, and self-limiting skin condition that primarily affects children. The syndrome is characterized by a distinctive rash of red or pink papules (small raised bumps) that typically appear on the face, buttocks, and extremities, particularly on the backs of the hands and feet.
The exact cause of Gianotti-Crosti syndrome is not fully understood, but it is believed to be associated with viral infections, particularly certain types of viral hepatitis (hepatitis B and hepatitis A), Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), cytomegalovirus (CMV), and coxsackievirus. The rash usually appears a few days after the child has been exposed to the triggering virus. Common symptoms of Gianotti-Crosti syndrome include:
  • Red or pink papules on the face, buttocks, and limbs.
  • Mild itching.
  • Generally feeling well without significant systemic symptoms.
The rash typically lasts for a few weeks and then spontaneously resolves without leaving any scarring. In most cases, treatment is not necessary, and the condition is managed by addressing any underlying viral infection, if present.
If you suspect your child may have Gianotti-Crosti syndrome, it's important to consult a healthcare professional for proper evaluation, diagnosis, and guidance on appropriate management. As always, this information is not a substitute for medical advice, and you should seek professional healthcare for any specific concerns.
Mandy Moore is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She gained prominence as a pop singer in the late 1990s with hits like "Candy" and "I Wanna Be with You." Moore transitioned into acting and became well-known for her roles in various films, including "A Walk to Remember," "Saved!," and "The Princess Diaries." She also starred in the popular TV show "This Is Us," for which she received critical acclaim and earned several award nominations.
Throughout her career, Mandy Moore has continued to pursue both singing and acting, showcasing her versatility and talent in the entertainment industry. Keep in mind that there might have been new developments or projects involving Mandy Moore beyond my last update.
Moore is married to Taylor Goldsmith, the lead singer of the band Dawes. They got married in 2018. August "Gus" Harrison, who is Gus, was born on February 20, 2021. Oscar "Ozzie" Bennett Goldsmith, who they called Ozzie, was the couple's youngest kid. He was born in October 2022.


Mandy Moore tells her fans about the "hard" health situation of her son. The This Is Us star wrote on her Instagram Story on Friday that her 2-year-old son Gus is getting better after having a "crazy rash" that at first didn't seem to have a clear cause.
The This Is Us actress also said that Gus was a "rock star" because he smiled and laughed all day long despite his illness. The actor has talked a lot about becoming a mother in public, and this summer she has been trying to spend more time with her family. In 2018, Mandy and Taylor got married. They also have a boy together named Oscar or Ozzie, who was born in 2022.
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