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Mandie Taketa - Career, Early Life, And Marriage

American actress Mandie Adell Taketa is also a fitness model, a yoga teacher, and a martial artist. Taketa grew up in Hawaii, where her father taught her martial arts. Mandie Taketa doesn't use social media very often.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Dec 04, 2022
American actress Mandie Adell Taketa is also a fitness model, a yoga teacher, and a martial artist.
Taketa grew up in Hawaii, where her father taught her martial arts. From a young age, she competed in and officiated at martial arts tournaments.
She was also interested in dancing, and in the end, the University of Hawaii gave her a full dance scholarship.
But she decided to go to Los Angeles and try to make a living dancing and acting.
Mandie Taketadoesn't use social media very often. She does have an Instagram account, but she doesn't post to it very often.

Quick Facts About Mandie Taketa

NameMandie Adell Taketa
BirthdayMarch 3rd, 1976
ProfessionActress, Fitness Model, Yoga Instructor, Martial Artist
Net worth

Childhood And Early Life

Mandie Taketa was born in Hawaii, USA, on March 3, 1976. Ronald Taketa, whose family is from Japan, is the executive secretary and treasurer of the Hawaii Carpenters Union. He is also her mother's guardian.
He used to be the head of the Honolulu Police Commission. When she was 30 years old, Taketa's mother, who was from Europe, got sick. She died 11 years after she started using an oxygen tank.
Taketa has been interested in dancing, martial arts, and performing since she was a child. Her father's involvement in her life had a big effect on her. She started learning martial arts when she was five, and Ronald was her teacher. She was interested in martial arts from a young age and not only took part in tournaments, but also acted as a referee for a few of them.
In 2009, her younger sister Kristie started competing in martial arts events. Taketa cared more about her dancing than about her martial arts skills. She learned to dance as a child, and when she graduated from high school, the University of Hawaii gave her a full dance scholarship.
She would go to school for one year and then quit. Then she went to Los Angeles because she wanted to be a professional dancer and actor.

Career Of Mandie Taketa

Mandie Taketa can dance very well. She has won gold medals in acrobatics, cheerleading, and paintball at the national level. She is also a famous bodybuilder who has won a number of fitness contests.
She is also qualified to work as a yoga teacher and as a physical therapist.
Taketa never really made it as an actor. In "ManBand! the Movie," which Irish director Dermott Petty made in 2007, she played a character named Vicky.
The movie was an independent comedy that dealt with many different topics, such as pop music, reality TV, and age discrimination.
She also runs a successful business. She has been a body technician at Adell Body Works since February 2003. Besides this, since November 1995, she has been the creative mind behind This Lifetime. She started Everything Did Productions in October 2011 and is now the CEO of the company.
Mandie Taketa with her ex-husband Wayne Brady and their daughter Maile Masako
Mandie Taketa with her ex-husband Wayne Brady and their daughter Maile Masako

Relationship With Wayne Brady

On April 3, 1999, Brady married his second wife, Mandie Taketa. From December 31, 1993, until September 21, 1995, he was married to Diana Lasso. On February 3, 2003, Taketa gave birth to their daughter, Maile Masako.
In 2006, after being married for seven years, they split up. Taketa filed for divorce on July 2, 2007, and it was finalized on April 14, 2008. Brady has said that Taketa helped him get through his depression.
They've decided to raise their daughter together. Taketa has actually bought a house in Brady's neighborhood so that they can be better parents together.

People Also Ask

Are Wayne Brady And Mandie Together?

After seven years of marriage, Brady and Taketa split up in April 2006. In 2008, they officially split up. Even though they broke up, the actor from How I Met Your Mother and the actress have stayed close and continue to raise their 18-year-old daughter Maile together.

Where Is Mandie Taketa From?

Mandie Taketa is a resident of Hawaii, in the United States, and she is 46 years old.

Who Is Mandie Taketa Married To?

Wayne Alphonso Brady is an American TV host, comedian, actor, and singer. He was married to Mandie Taketa, and in 2008, they split up.


Mandie is a well-known American writer and TV personality who has been taking over social media with her great acting skills. Jason Fordham and Mandie Taketa are in love with each other right now. And people say that the couple plans to get married soon in a private ceremony.
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