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Lindsay Lohan Shows Off Baby Bump In A Blue And White Theme Nursery

Lindsay Lohan shows off baby bump. The star of "Mean Girls" posted several pictures of her picture-perfect baby nursery on Instagram yesterday. The room is decorated in soothing white and blue colors.

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Lindsay Lohan shows off baby bump. The star of "Mean Girls" posted several pictures of her picture-perfect baby nursery on Instagram yesterday. The room is decorated in soothing white and blue colors. She put the room together with the help of Nestig Baby, a company that makes "furniture and decor for little ones," according to its Instagram. We don't know when she's due, but since she told everyone in March that she was pregnant, it should be soon!

Lindsay Lohan Shows Off Baby Bump

Lindsay Lohan Looks Ready to Pop as She Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump and Beach-Themed Nursery

Lindsay Lohan is about to have her baby with her husband Bader Shammas. On Wednesday, the star used Instagram to show off her growing belly and the nursery before the baby comes.
Everything is inspired by the beach and is so peaceful and playful.- Lindsay Lohan
She wrote in the captions of photos of herself and the pieces in her nursery, which were made in collaboration with the baby brand Nestig. One of the pieces was a white-and-tan hardwood crib with a mobile on its side that had puffy clouds, stars, the sun, and an airplane. In the pictures, Lohan is wearing a white knit dress and is smiling from ear to ear.
Lindsay's makeup was easy. She added a soft blush to her peachy skin and a bit of color to her lips by biting them. But her long hair was the real star of the look.
The post was about the new bedroom for the royal baby, which is Lindsay's first child with her husband Bader Shammas. We can't wait for the baby to meet its royal cousin, Prince Phoenix of Hilton, son of Paris. Another queen who knows a few things about how princesses wear their hair.
So excited to show you my nursery & the collection I designed with @nestigbaby! Everything is inspired by the beach and is so peaceful and playful 😊. I loved working with @nestigbaby to create my dream nursery - everything is handmade and perfect for any little one in your life!- Lindsay Lohan
Bader Shammas, a businessman, is her husband. This is their first child as a couple.
The star from the movie "Parent Trap" married Shammas in April 2022, two years after the two made their relationship public on social media. In April 2023, when they had been married for a year, Lohan paid respect to the businessman from Dubai. The Freaky Friday actress wrote next to a cute picture of her and her husband.
April 3, 2023 ❤️ 1 year today ❤️ Happy Anniversary ☺️.- Lindsay Lohan
Lohan and Shammas aren't the only ones who can't wait for their baby to be born. Lohan's family is also very excited about the "Rumors" singer's pregnancy.
Her pregnancy is really bringing her family closer together. Michael and Dina Lohan, Lindsay's parents, have been divorced for a long time and have had a rough relationship ever since. The two people who broke up have a daughter named Aliana and two boys named Michael Jr. and Dakota.
Lindsay Lohan is an American actress, singer, and entrepreneur. She gained fame as a child actress in the late 1990s and early 2000s, starring in several successful films such as "The Parent Trap" (1998), "Freaky Friday" (2003), and "Mean Girls" (2004). Lohan was known for her talent and promising career as a young actress.
However, over the years, Lohan's personal life and struggles with substance abuse began to overshadow her professional achievements. She faced legal issues, including multiple arrests and DUI (driving under the influence) charges, which led to several stints in rehabilitation centers. These personal challenges affected her career and public image.
In recent years, Lohan has made efforts to revive her acting career and pursue other ventures. She appeared in independent films and television shows, and she also ventured into music, releasing a few singles. Additionally, Lohan has been involved in business ventures, including launching her own fashion line and nightclubs.


In her most recent Instagram post, Lindsay Lohan shows off her baby bump. She has really stepped into her royal roots, with bouncy curls that have more class than Kate Middleton's bouncy blow. Added to the magic of a chestnut Rapunzel's hair.
The star showed off her baby's room and how far along she is in her pregnancy on Wednesday. Lindsay says she made the nursery with the help of Nestig, a company that makes furniture and decorations for babies and young children. She got ideas from the beach.
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